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Scribbr Plagiarism Checker Review with Pricing, Features & Alternatives

Have you ever wondered why your articles don’t rank high on the Search Engine Results Page? You might have worked hard preparing your write-up but you forgot to check whether it is plagiarised or not!

Plagiarism is one of the main reasons that gives a bad impression of your website and also degrade your ranking on the search engine, make sure you keep track of search engine ranking with SEMrush using Free Trail.

Plagiarism often results in loss of visitors because you have wrongfully pictured your thoughts using some others content, even you get content from freelancer of fiverr, make sure you check for plagiarism.

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Therefore, as an SEO expert or content/academic writer, you should be very cautious about plagiarism and use the help of professional services such as Scribbr Plagiarism Checker, alternatively you have an option to use Grammarly for free, to write error free and unique content.

Write plagiarism free content ,and see the organic search engine traffic flowing to your site .Make sure check your page quality as part of audit if you are not seeing any results with your content.

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How Scribbr Works?

Scribbr is a well-known tool for content writers and academic writers to check the authenticity of the content. Not only does it identify the copy & paste material but it provides you a detailed solution to tailor and master your research work, assignments, articles or essays.

Scribbr shows an overall percentage at the top right of the document that has been evaluated. This percentage beside highlight the copied sources, also detects similar word/sentences or paragraphs which are also counted as plagiarism. This literally make your content unique.

What’s more professional about this software is that, it gives plagiarised content and shows alternate approach to rewrite your content to make meaningful and unique.

Scribbr uses a different color coding for each plagiarised source, example, if the content has been copied from five sources, then it will be highlighted in five different colors and the description of which will be mentioned at the right-hand bar of the screen.

The picture below shows the plagiarised content detected using Scribbr software, here you can see that the percentage of each content , this is useful as many writers allow 1-5 % plagiarism, and therefore it’s important to know when you are crossing that limit.


  • Pricing starts from $25 as a startup fee, try free at Grammarly
  • Supports over twenty languages.
  • Proofreading and editing tool.
  • Customized email reports to improve the content quality.
  • Citation Generator.
  • It uses tools powered by Turnitin software.
  • Customisable similarity report.

Pros Of Scribbr

  • Has multiple sources such as journals, books, publications and other official documents to compare the plagiarism report of the content.
  • There is an option to check auto plagiarism within the document.
  • This tool does not only provide plagiarism reports but also similarity reports which makes it one of the best tools available on the market.
  • Proofreading and citation services are also available for the writers and students, making it easier for them to create their work.
  • More than three hundred articles are available on their platform to help you write scholarly articles.
  • Multiple formats and multiple files can be uploaded to at the same time, which makes it a time saving tool for your work needs.

Cons Of Scribbr

  • No trial version of the software is available like Grammarly

Why Scribbr?

Thousands of content writers and students prefer Scribbr for their writing purposes as it provides a total three sixty-degree solution, so it’s not just a plagiarism checker, it’s a quality content creating software which is proven to be better than others.

You can also check your quality of content to see if the content ranks on search engine, you can use free content analysis tool at SEMrush.

It has many handy features to make your documents professional, from proofreading and editing features to citation and editing tools, Scribbr deliver the best results, therefore it proudly boasts its hundred percent customer satisfaction offer; if you are not satisfied with the results, scribbr offers to re-edit/assess the documents, just to put a satisfied smile on your face.

Consider a situation- you’re asked to prepare a content by your educational institution or client, you wouldn’t want yourself to be caught stealing someone else’s content work,If you express someone else’s idea it would put your reputation at risk.

This is where the Scribbr Plagiarism Checker comes! Read more to know how this tool helps you transform your write ups.

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Large Database

The database of any plagiarism platform determines how efficient the results of the plagiarism report will be, the more authentic sources of the database there is, the more supreme is the result.

Thanks to Scribbr, it sources its information from the following sources:

Internet Archive

In its essence, this database is used to outline the plagiarised content on different web pages. The summary of the database that are used for this purpose is mentioned as:

  • About 22 million pages are added every day.
  • 91 billion pages of current and archived web pages.
  • 102 million pages refined and updated on a daily basis.

Premium Scholarly Publications

If you want to compare your work with the research work that has already been published, then Scribbr has solved this issue for you, there are tens and thousands of international publications through which you can compare your work. Some insights into this database is mentioned below:

  • More than 95% among 10,000 of the best journals are included in this database.
  • A data bank of 82 million subscription articles.
  • 47 thousand subscription journals.

Plagiarism Detection

Many of the other plagiarism platforms detects only the copied content, but not with this one; Scribbr detects all kinds of plagiarism. If a paragraph is paraphrased or synonyms are used to avoid detection.

Scribbr will get it. Secondly, it will also detect plagiarism if the sequencing and the style of the content is kept the same.

The Editors

The editors are cherry picked who are the top performers in their field. So, when you upload your documents, let’s say you choose to proofread a thesis related to the field of history, an editor will be assigned who has a qualified degree in History and the one who is expert in the field.

All the writers go through a validation to make sure the content they create is top notch.

Improvement Model

A strict routine is followed containing the following checks to make sure you receive a quality work.

  • Is the spelling correct?
  • Is there a consistency in your document?
  • Are the tenses and punctuations used correctly?
  • Is the formatting according to the required style?

All of these questions and more, are answered while editing your document so that there is no stone left unturned.

Add-Ons for Content Creation

Scribbr provides you a complete guide for becoming an erudite writer. Along with it, there are also tips for research methods and work citation.

Thousands of articles and videos are available at their website which are very useful in case you have started your academic journey and are facing difficulties contemplating a satisfying write-up for your academic and client needs.

The best thing about all of this is that it is available all for free, you don’t need to sign-up for this. Scribbr truly believes in the success of the content writers and students and hence its knowledge sharing.

Statistical Data

Collecting statistical data and arranging the facts and figures according to the generally accepted criteria involves complex intricacies.

There is a dedicated section in their website just to help the content writers and students achieve the pinnacle of their research for free.

Multilingual Support

It supports more than twenty languages, so you don’t have to worry if you are not very good at English language. These languages include German, French and Spanish among others.

Auto plagiarism checker

Many of the times it happens that the same message or paragraph is repeated in your work many times which is also counted as plagiarism.

While many of the plagiarism software do not count it as plagiarism but in fact it is a type of plagiarism and should be avoided.

Scribbr guides you when and where the auto plagiarism occurs in your documents so that you make a sound and meaningful write-up.

Privacy Perseveration

Privacy is a major concern at Scribbr, whatever documents you upload on scribbr, it will not store it and in fact you can delete them anytime you want. This makes it a good tool in case you are worried about your precious work being compromised.

The documents you provide are auto deleted within a year, so there is nothing to fear regarding your privacy because that’s what Scribbr takes seriously.

Time Saver

Scribbr is really a time saver as it lets you upload multiple files simultaneously, saving you the time for uploading your documents separately. Secondly, it supports both PDF and Word files, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the same file format.


Complete support is offered through email, phone and help forum. A good thing about them is that they fully support their clients through calls which is visible in the form of five stars reviews on their website.

Refund Policy

Scribbr ensures that you get value for money and that you are completely satisfied with their services. For this, there is a refund policy.

You can get your payment back within a maximum of five days. Although this time line can be shortened if you pay through iDEAL.

100% Happiness Challenge

Scribbr believes in complete customer satisfaction, that’s the reason why they go an extra mile to satisfy their clients.

If you have an issue or are not happy with your work, just fill the form at their website and you will be contacted in no time to resolve your queries.

Sincerity, honesty and dedication are the principles which Scribbr follows, therefore, even after providing the specialized service the customer is not satisfied, Scribbr offers a refund policy as discussed earlier.


Scribbr offers discounts for Institutions seeking bulk work of more than 25 plagiarism checks. This offer is great for institutions seeking to reduce their downtime while checking the student’s thesis, assignments, research works or anything else.

One thing to note is that for this specific feature, you may be contacted by either Scribbr or Turnitin’s representative. This is because, generally, Scribbr is a student-oriented solution while Turnitin is for the Mentors.

Alternative & Comparison

Although the other tools mentioned below are different in their usage, but still, a comparison of these tools will let you decide the perks and benefits of each.

Word Tune Scribbr Grammarly Business
Starting form $10/month Starting from $25 one-time setup fee Starting from $19.95/month per feature
Free trial offered Free trial not offered Free trial offered
Best for marketers, students and writers Best for student and academic institutions Best for general purpose use.
Multi language Bulk uploading Contextual Guidance

These were the price breakdown, now comes the timeline. You have three options: within 24 hrs, within 3 days & lastly, within 7 days.

The per word rate increases by reducing the timeline, therefore it will be twice for 24 hrs delivery and one and a half times for a three-day completion.

So for example, you have five hundred words; you have selected proofreading & editing and plagiarism checker, your total costs would be as follows:

  • $0.017×500= $ 8.5 for proofreading
  • $16.96 for plagiarism
  • $25 one-time start-up fee
  • Total=$51

The above costs vary depending upon your profession, to get more information on the pricing strategy, visit their rate calculator on their website.

Types of Documents

There are numerous types of academic documents with content that are accepted, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Thesis
  • Paper
  • Resumes
  • Personal Statements
  • PhD. Dissertations
  • Motivation Letters
  • Research Proposals

Besides this, almost every type of academic documents are supported.

Getting Started

To get started with Scribbr you need to sign up first. This is done by filling up the online form at their website. You need to enter some basic initials such as your email id and name.

Uploading Documents

Uploading the document is as easy as ABC. You can select either PDF or word format to upload your documents.

After uploading the documents, you will be asked to specifically select the pages you want to select and will charge you only for those selected pages and not the entire document.

Features and Services

Before you move on towards payment, you should know what you actually want? Do you really need plagiarism services or do you just need the proofreading services or both? To cover this, let’s dive deep into each feature.

Proofreading & Editing

In this one, your editor will correct your document keeping in view the following aspects:

  • Grammatical Errors: This includes the use of punctuations, tenses, active & passive voice and typing errors.
  • Redundancy: Often, content writers and students make the mistake of over using some words in their text which gives an unprofessional look to the document, resulting in a poor-quality write-up. Your editor will remove those redundancies and fine tune your work.
  • Suggestions: There will be suggestions and tips for alternate write-up and better-quality content that the editor will insert in the document. These changes will be visible in the track changes of the word file.

Structure Check

The editor will check your submitted work to see if it is properly organized and well structured. Any repetitive paragraph or information which does not constitute the main body of the text will be removed.

These changes will be mentioned in the track changes of the word feature.

Structure Check report is also available, which will further help you to analyze what you should focus on in sections of your document. It will also help you analyze if you have missed something important to address.

Clarity Check

In this feature, the Editor focuses on the logics behind your story and sees whether your story gives a clear message or not. The editor will provide useful insights for the arguments you have mentioned inside the document.

Layout Check

Editors in this feature will look after the general aesthetics of your work which includes the page number, table of contents, paragraph & font formatting. This is really useful as sometimes; writers and students forget to place page numbers or table of contents or they don’t know how to do so. This special feature will give your document an overall all professional look.

APA style formatting

By Selecting this feature, your document will be converted to APA style. This includes all of the indentation of the paragraphs, table formatting, footnotes formatting and automatic table of contents.

Many of the institutions require the student’s thesis assignments to be submitted in APA format, therefore, this feature is very useful.


Citation is a tricky thing, if you are not good at it, you might miss the essentials of formatting. Different citation formats such as the APA, MLA or Chicago require different data to be reflected in a different fashion when you create a citation, therefore, either properly learn to cite or leave the hassle to Scribbr.

The industrious editors will bear this responsibility to professionally cite your work, as this is what counts when it comes to technological and journalism works such as journals, thesis, books etc.


One of the best parts about this software is that it has a separately dedicated part of its process in which the edited document is sent to you for approval.

You have to check the suggested editions and comment using the track changes option in the word if you need anything changed.

The editor will do as directed, this process tends to resolve many queries as sometimes the editor’s approach and customer’s requirement may find conflict, therefore it’s only for the good that Scribbr has a strong approach to hear the client feedback.

After this step, your thesis/research work will be finalized and delivered to you within the deadline.

Comprehensive Price Analysis

Although the starting set up fee is $25, further pricing depends upon the number of words you want to get scrutinised and additional features.

The price breakdown is basically divided into two major categories namely University/College and PhD/MBA.

Suppose you are a student and you have uploaded a manuscript of five hundred words that you need in seven days, then all you have to do is simply upload it and select what you need to be done to the document. Your options will be as under:

  • Proofreading and editing English: Costs $0.017 per word
  • Citation and editing: Costs $2.75 per word

These above are standard features, the additional features are as follows:

  • Structure check: costs $0.0075 per word
  • Layout check: pricing based on the type of service
  • Plagiarism Checker: costs $16.96

Quick Note: Freelancers from Fiverr ,charges more than this amount.

Payment Method

Scribbr allows you to pay through a variety of methods online. Following are the payment methods:

  • MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Diners, American Express, JCB and Discover. The transaction charges for these payment methods varies from 2-4%
  • There are other options such as Paypal, AliPay and We Chat, all with varying degrees of transaction charges.
  • iDEAL allows you to pay without any transaction fee.


Is there a limit for the file size?

You can submit a 40 mb file size for proofreading and a maximum of 400 pages for a plagiarism check

How will I get notified when my work gets completed?

You will be notified via email and text message as soon as your order is ready for approval.

Can I cancel my Order?

It depends, if the editor has started the work, then you will have to pay for the work up till it has been completed but if an editor has not been assigned then you will not be charged.

A 360 Degree Solution

It is now clear that one needs a proper guidance before writing any of the academic work because if the student’s work is found to be bogus or plagiarised, it may lead to poor grades.

School, collage or university, a student’s writing skills in the form of essays, theses and research work define the grade and in turn the success of him/her.

To achieve this, one must look forward to a plagiarism checking platform which should not just be a simple plagiarism checking tool but an all-rounder.

That’s where Scribbr comes in, it provides proof reading, citation, grammar and formatting help that makes the student’s work a class apart.


With all of the Scribbr’s features intact, one can easily achieve his/her dreams to become a top performing student.

From Scribbr’s all-around customer support to customized reports to improve the quality of the content; there is no doubt that Scribbr has reached another level in the world of academic excellence, also try Prepostseo or  Grammarly for free as an alternative.

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