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Nexcess Hosting Review : Features, Pricing & More


If you have a WordPress site and you are thinking of doing the WP hosting works through Nexcess, this article is for you. You would be amazed to know that Nexcess is a subordinate of Liquid Web. Well, it is a host that has excellent potential to serve the plans of WP as well as WooCommerce hostings.


So, here is a comprehensive review of Nexcess where you can learn about its features. As a result, you can understand what makes web hosting good. Moreover, you can come to know about its pricing as well as the user’s experience. So, check out the following points to understand more.


Nexcess: Pricing


No matter when you are using the Nexcess web host, you have to buy it. So, it is vital to know about its price primarily. Well, you would be happy to know that the entry-level pack of Nexcess (also known as Spark) costs something around $20 per month.


Now, if you are willing to use the Nexcess host, you have to pay the charges on a monthly basis primarily. It is quite simple that the manufacturer follows a monthly billing cycle.


Nexcess: Features


Before you come to know about the features of Nexcess, make sure to know why dedicated server web hosting will be involved in our business. This can develop an interest in taking the Nexcess services. As a  result, you would be more eager to know about the features. Have a look at the point below:


1.  Features Related To Performance


Nexcess gives the following features when it comes to performance. Have a look at the following list:

Automated server-level caching: The server-level caching of Nexcess is automated. As a result, you can expect to get your hosting work on a rapid basis.


Better image compression: The image compressing ability of Nexcess is quite commendable. Now, it also comes in the built-in format. So, you can expect better work from its end.


Auto-scaling: The auto-scaling technology is also present in the Nexcess that enhances proper web hosting on a site when its traffic is very high.


Integrated CDN: The integrated CDN makes Nexcess the best when it comes to content delivery. Proper content delivery makes sure the site remains in its best condition on the internet.


2. Security-Related Features


Every site hosting system needs to have proper security and maintenance setups. Well, you can count upon Nexcess in this aspect too. Here are some security and maintenance-related features of Nexcess that you should know. Have a look:


Automatic Plugin And WP Core Updates: While you use Nexcess, you can expect to get Automatic Plugin and WP Core Updates. This can tactically restrict all types of update problems that happen on a specific live site.


Backups: Now, if you have a concern about why professional web development is more important, probably,  you are keen on backups. Well, as a Nexcess user, you can be sure about automated daily and on-demand backups. These backups allow you to access all types of data related to your live site.


Free SSL Certificates: Nexcess hosting is one of the top-notch systems as it provides free but authentic SSL certificates for your website. Now, you can expect your site to be on the lead in terms of security.


Malware Monitoring System: Malware is a curse to a website. So, as a WordPress site owner, you should be keen on checking and restricting the presence of Malware on your site.


It is yet another most beneficial feature of Nexcess that you get what you want. With proper Malware monitoring, you can expect your site to be safe at all times.


3. Other Features


Here are some other features of Nexcessm that you can count on when it comes to Nexcess. Take a look:


E-mail Hosting: Email-mail hosting services also come under the features of Nexcess. However, you can only find it in the advance plan and not the basic one.


Stencil: The Stencil feature helps you as a user to create a lot of plug-ins and themes. These are basically present on a pre-configured basis.


Nexcess: Features For Woocommerce Hosting


The features for Woocommerce Hosting in Nexcess are as follows:


  • The Nexcess Store Builder Tool
  • Elastic search
  • Woocommerce-optimized caching


Apart from these features, you can also get a lot of plugins. Here is the list:


  • Astra Pro
  • Jilt Email
  • Dokan Pro
  • Glew Reporting
  • Beaver Builder


Nexcess: User Experience

As per user experience, you can consider Nexcess as one of the best hosting systems in the market. Here are some facts that relate to the topic and you need to know:

Nexcess has its own custom dashboard for WordPress site management. The dashboard has a simple design and the users can get easy access to the features. So, this is obviously a plus point when it comes to Nexcess.


Now, for the darker side, the dashboard of Nexccess has no presence of some features that most other hosts in the market provide.


Final Words


If you are new to owning a WordPress site, the best you can do is take Nexcess as the hosting system for a  start. The ups for this system are the price and the features. Moreover, you can get the right interface to work. Read more: Wp Blogger Tips & Follow The Fashion.


Now, you should consider some of the downs of the system like the lack of access to features. Well, in this case, you should remember that all software in this world has some downsides. So, it should not be a problem.


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