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Meesho App Review: Top #1 Reselling App – Earn Money Online With Zero Investment

Wanting to start a business from the comfort of your home and without any investment?

Meesho App is the one-stop destination when thinking to start or set up a business online from your home without any investment. This detailed Meesho App Review, will help you to get started earning money from home.

Everyone dream to have a business where they are their boss with no restriction and full freedom. Meesho app has 100% genuine and positive reviews, making it secure and safe for beginners to start their own business.Start your own business with Meesho today.


Great Start

Start with your business with Meesho App now.

It is a platform where anyone can easily start their business from the comfort of their home. Women, housewives, students looking to work part-time and make passive income, can make use of Meesho and earn some income to fulfill their basic needs in the starting phase.

Detailed Meesho App Review

What is the Meesho app?

The word Meesho came up from the word “Meri Shop”. Meesho is a reselling platform that allows people to resell and purchase their products. Basically, the app is designed for people who wish to set up their business online without any investment.

This app focuses primarily to help housewives or people who wish to work from their homes and earn money online and add an extra source of income to their lives. Meesho allows all Indian women to pursue and achieve their dreams and goals and help their families with an extra source of income.

Now, all you need is an internet connection, and a mobile or laptop and that is it you now own a business and just patiently wait for orders to come and then see the magic happen. You can earn up to Rs.25,000 just by referring others to your products or sharing them on various social media.

You can also start your own store, by creating a e-commerce website.Bluehost hosting is know for it speed and security of online shopping site.Use this Exclusive Link, to get a 66% discount coupon inbuilt in the link.

Thinking of what can you purchase from Meesho?Meesho provides a variety of fashion products like Men’s wear, women’s western wear, Women’s ethnic wear, jewellery & accessories, bags & footwear, home decor items, kids items, electronics, etc.

Meesho: India’s first reselling platform

If you don’t have a business but have items to resell?Then you can use Meesho as a reselling platform and start your business with zero investment. Meesho is India’s first-ever reselling platform which allows you to resell and others to buy your products so that you can make a profit.

Meesho is India’s first reselling platform that allows people to sell the products acquired from a local wholesale supplier and selling these products to the customers with some added margin.

The reselling was also happening offline but it was limited to some areas whereas now with Meesho, people can resell their products across the country online and is not limited to some areas.

Reselling is one of the easiest ways to earn money by spreading the word of your business using social media, get orders and earn money. You can earn money just by sharing the products on Instagram, Facebook, or even Whatsapp groups.

Meesho reseller reviews

Meesho has currently 1 crore+ resellers who are reselling their products on their platform and earning money from them. According to the Meesho reseller reviews, these resellers earn up to Rs. 25000 from just reselling and sharing products on various social media apps.To resell products, you should go through the categories of the products present on Meesho. Select the one which you think will surely sell or are trending products. Then share them in your social media apps and earn profit from them.

We can sum up that Meesho is a better platform for the resellers to sell their products which they have or acquire through a supplier and earn a better income. Meesho has many benefits which you can use and make some passive income.

Opportunities at Meesho

Meesho is providing opportunities for new businesses to come up and join their platform so that new employment opportunities are built which will eventually lead to better employment opportunities in the country.

Meesho does not only has business opportunities but it also hires people for their platform to make their platform better for use of the people. With that said, Meesho also hires various software engineers and marketing managers to make this platform, even more, better for use, and people can trust and experience quality- time worth spending.

Collections @ Meesho:

Meesho has an exclusive range of items in various categories like fashion, electronics, household items, beauty, kitchen items, etc. and for all genders be it men, women’s or kids. They have over 300 categories of products to choose from and all of these are quality products checked & approved by Meesho.

Women’s ethnic wear

Meesho has a curated collection of women’s ethnic wear from sarees, suits, Kurtis, accessories & jewellery. Here you can find various types of sarees like cotton sarees, chiffon sarees, Anarkali Kurtis, Silk Kurtis, Cotton Kurtis, cotton suits, blouses, dupattas, and whatnot.

Check out their amazing ethnic wear collection. This ethnic wear collection can be paired with beautiful accessories and jewellery available at Meesho too.

Women western wear

Meesho has some of the best women’s western wear collections. They have also a collection for different types of wear like inner wear, top wear, bottom wear, and even sleepwear. These include designer dresses, tops, leggings, jeans, skirts, gowns, and a much more superb collection.

Jewellery and accessories

Meesho has an elegant collection of jewellery which includes mangal sutras, anklets, earrings, studs, bangles, necklaces, etc. It has the trendiest collection of jewellery and accessories. This jewellery is best suited with ethnic wear to give you an elegant and ethnic look.

Accessories uplift the look of any outfit. Meesho has such a great collection of accessories be it smartwatches, backpacks, bracelets, etc. This collection is super affordable and can be styled in the way you want. Meesho also has the trendiest hair accessories, sunglasses, etc. which will enhance your styling sense.

Men’s fashion

The men’s wear collection at Meesho has so many varieties in terms of colors, sizes, designs, style, etc. They have the trendiest designs of t-shirts, shirts, trousers, sweaters, jeans, etc. They have all types of wear for men too from inner wear, sleepwear, top wear, bottom wear to footwear.

Here you can find the best men’s ethnic wear collection which has sherwanis, kurtas, ethnic jackets, etc. at affordable rates. This men’s collection also provides footwear like sandals, casual shoes, formal shoes, etc. of good quality and at an affordable rate.

The collections also provide sleepwear like vests, track pants, etc. It also has designer shirts, T-shirts, pants, trousers, jeans, and many more products. For more details, you can check them out on the website.


Kids’ clothes are always difficult to find but Meesho has an amazing and cartoonist collection for infants to children (of age 2+ years). They have rompers for infants along with all baby care items like diapers, baby powder, etc.

They have a collection of soft toys, footwear, watches, etc for children as well. They have a collection of cartoonist T-shirts, shirts, pants, skirts for young boys and girls.

Bags and footwear

Meesho has a collection of the trendiest and sleek bags for women which will surely enlighten your fashion sense. They have sling bags, clutches, handbags, etc. They also have unique designs in footwear in flats, bellies, and juttis.

For men, they have wallets, gym bags, backpacks, etc. along with a great collection of shoes.

Beauty & Health

As per the current situation, health has become the no.1 priority for everyone and Meesho also believes in it and so they have various sanitisers, oral care, and products related to feminine hygiene to help people buy these products to keep them safe and healthy.

Meesho also has beauty and skincare products that are handpicked for the best quality of makeup and cosmetics. These include makeup and skincare products for the face, eyes, lips, nails like nail paints, eyelashes, face masks, lipstick, deodorants, etc. Check out their website for more information.

Home & Kitchen

Looking for home essentials but can’t find the one you want? Have a look at our beautiful and aesthetic home essentials like curtains, doormats, bedsheets, showpieces, table cloths, etc. You will surely find the one you wish to have and that too at affordable rates.

Meesho also has a huge collection of kitchenware like crockery, kitchen tools, etc. Along with that, it also has a nice home decor collection which includes stickers, clocks, showpieces, etc.


Who doesn’t want electronics in this technologically advanced world? Meesho has various appliances like home appliances like air coolers, fans, etc. It also has grooming appliances for both men and women both which include a straightener, curler, hairdryer, etc.

It also has a collection of smartwatches, mobile accessories like mobile case and covers, mobile holders, and many more. Want to buy it you can check it on their website.

Meesho product reviews

The products available on Meesho are of 100% good quality according to the prices of the products. Regular quality checks are conducted by Meesho so that the quality is maintained and there is no compromise in the quality of the product for the customers.

You can refer and check to Meesho products reviews and decide accordingly before buying it. This will make sure that you are paying for the thing you are looking for and is of good quality according to the price of it.

Meesho also has return policies where you can return the product if you did not like it or if the quality is poor. They will either get it changed or replace it or you can order a fresh piece.

Meesho also has its terms and conditions so it is advised to have a look and make sure that follow and keep them in mind when you place an order.

It is also advised to choose the product which is most favourable to your choice and read all the details of the products before ordering it so that you are aware of the quality and thing you are paying for.

How To Make Money With Meesho

The first step is to register your account. For registering as a supplier, you will need a GSTIN number and a bank account. After registering, you will be allowed to access the Meesho supplier panel.

Now all you have to do is add products, control the inventory, prepare orders and check the payment status.

Adding products of 1 or more than 1 design is called a catalog so now you can create your catalog. The more the products in the catalog the more orders you will get. You can upload single or multiple catalogs together easily using the Meesho supplier panel.

Once you have your catalog ready, the resellers will start sharing these products on various social media handles like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Once you start receiving orders, Meesho will send you a notification via email and on the Meesho supplier panel too. Then you have to follow the delivery steps like labeling the order and packing the product, give to Meesho’s delivery partners.

Once the package is delivered, the payment of that order is deposited into your bank account from the 15th day of order delivery.

Tools For Business on Meesho

Using advertisements you can promote your listings and help it to reach out to the appropriate customers that will increase your sales and help you earn profit.

These advertisements will improve your visibility by appearing in the top search results and as a result, will increase sales.These advertisements will help in bringing new customers to your catalog which help you get noticed and increase your sales.

These advertisements help you reach out to the right customers and make your product leave a positive impact which leads to an effective increase in sales.

Make use of the product recommended by Meesho. Check out the trending products list and grow your business by referring to these recommendations. Use these recommendations and sell products that are searched more or are shipped more.

This strategy helps in increasing the sale because when you sell products that people are looking for on Meesho it is likely that your products will get notice and you will receive orders.

Meesho also recommends prices for the products that you wish to sell just like product recommendations.

This helps to increase your product’s visibility and sales in comparison to other sellers on the platform. Meesho also has a quality dashboard that keeps you updated regarding why the customers are returning your products etc. to increase sales and lower return.

Why Meesho For Business

There are plenty of reasons why one should start their business on Meesho.Meesho is a platform where you can set up your business free of cost and without any investment,

But, Meesho charge fees to set up your business.As a reseller, you can earn some profit just by sharing some products available at Meesho on various social media apps from the comfort of your home.

For a supplier, Meesho provides the lowest commission rates (less than 1.8%) across the entire online e-commerce platform.

Secondly, starting a business on Meesho is very easy. All you to do is create a list of your products and add the details about the products and publish them.

Selling on Meesho costs you zero shipping charges which means Meesho has free shipping for their products, unlike other platforms. The payments from Meesho are safely and timely transferred to your registered bank account which makes it secure for transactions.

This app provides a platform for all small to large businesses to grow using Meesho. It does not differentiate between branded or unbranded businesses, small or large businesses.

Meesho App For Mobile or Laptop

Downloading the Meesho app is very easy. It is just like downloading any other normal app. Just go to the google play store( in the case of an android phone) or apple store (the n case of iOS).

Then just search Meesho and click on the result obtained then click install and register yourself and start selling.

You can also visit and click on the black button on the upper right corner which will directly take you to the app. Then click install and signup to start your business.

Meesho app for Laptop

You can download the app from blue stacks or the Memu emulator. Just open bluestacks, search Meesho and you will find Meesho then click install and then register once it is installed and start reselling!

If you do not wish to download it on your laptop or PC then you can directly go to the website and start your business. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned above and register.

Meesho Alternatives


Want to open an online store but don’t have products?

Oberlo is a platform that helps you find products from different suppliers across the globe and add them to your online inventory. Oberlo gives you access to a variety of different items and products like electronics, cosmetics, toys, and many more.

Oberlo is an app that works collaboratively with Ali Express and Shopify and allows you to easily  connect your online shop and import thousands of items directly from Ali Express to your Shopify store and provide a variety of products for your customers to buy and purchase.

Oberlo Features

With Oberlo, you can easily add products from AliExpress to your online store and helps you connect your store to AliExpress so that your store gets noticed and you start getting orders.

Talking about the products, Oberlo allows you to customize your products and you can even change your product suppliers if you desire to.

Oberlo makes your work easy by automatically updating your product listings or inventory.It also has a feature of automated pricing.

Once your store is all ready and you start getting orders, Oberlo also allows you to track and fulfill your orders automatically and you can also track and monitor your sales.

Oberlo has a unique ePacket delivery that cut shorts the delivery time and delivers your product faster.

Where can you find it?

You can find Oberlo in the Shopify app store or even use its chrome extension from the chrome store.

Oberlo just like Meesho is determined to help people grow their business and succeed in their e-commerce journey!


Shopmatic is an e-commerce platform just like Meesho and Oberlo that allows you to make your unique website or an online web-store that has logistics, marketplaces, domain names, payment solutions, social media all integrated into it.

Shopmatic is the only website that offers 4 completely different and new innovative ways to do e-commerce. These include- Shopmatic Social, Shopmatic Chat, Shopmatic Webstore, and Shopmatic Marketplaces. For more details, you can check out their website!

Shopmatic Features

Shopmatic also provides solutions for you in various ways:

You can sell on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook by directly allowing your followers to buy from your Instagram feed or Facebook groups.

If you are a retailer or a Kirana store owner, you can easily multiply your sales by selling them online and digitally expanding your business.

Shopmatic benefits the small and medium enterprise and commercial associations to make their brand or products reach maximum people and increase their sales

Shopmatic provides a variety of features just like other e-commerce platforms like Meesho and Oberlo which include free web hosting, free support, payment solutions real-time shipping unlimited webpages, free HTTPS & dedicated SSL, and many more.

The only difference is that Shopmatic does not provide any free service or free trials. All the services it provides have a subscription plan which you can pay for according to your convenience.

Shopmatic Support

Shopmatic believes in helping customers with their issues, grievances, and queries. It provides them assistance through customer support that includes live chat support, phone answering services, and e-mail customer service support.

Shopmatic has an aim to remove and filter out all the complexities and improve the environment for a smooth and hustle-free e-commerce business.



This Meesho app review is all about starting and supporting new businesses to start and grow with the emerging business sector. With this Meesho app review, we wish that maximum people get to know about Meesho and can start their own business.

Follow this Meesho review and you will be able to earn up to Rs. 25000. Hoping that is Meesho app review was helpful and informative!

Concluding, Meesho has brought various opportunities altogether which will secure many families’ financial conditions. So what are you waiting for start your own business with zero investment in Meesho now!!!!

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