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Instamojo Review: Is It Worth Creating An Online Store At #1 Payment Gateway?

Do you face problems while selling products and collecting payments with your eCommerce business? Looking for an easy payment gateway? If yes, then this article is for you.

Before going ahead with Instamojo, very important to understand about features, pros and cons ,which is covered in this detailed article on Instamojo Review

It is now easy to receive payments online with Instamojo. Apart from payments, Instamojo also takes care of shipping products. You can achieve a great height if you are willing to sell products, because Instamojo handles and facilitates your online business.

Start your online store with Instamojo ,without any hosting and save a lot with Instamojo advanced ecommerce store.

You can create your Instamojo account within a few minutes.Every seller with a bank account can easily create their account. It also has a special feature called Instapay that helps you to receive your payment directly to your Instapay account, without sharing your account details. Now it is super easy to conduct e-commerce business in India.

What Is Instamojo?

Instamojo is a Bangalore-based Indian company that helps you to sell your products and helps to collect your payments. Apart from selling your products and collecting payment, it also handles your all shipping and delivery issues.

In simple words, Instamojo is an advanced application that provides an easy way to sell your goods and helps to collect your payments from your potential customers.

This payment gateway provider offers splendid solution to digital entrepreneurs and also simplified the e-commerce platform for millions of Indians. Authors can easily sell their eBooks, photographers can easily sell their images, musicians can easily sell their albums, and freelancers can easily sell their services. Thus, Instamojo plays a vital role in selling all your digital products and also takes care of your payments.

Apart from entrepreneurs, customers or consumers also receive top-notch service. With the help of the Instamojo account, the customers can easily get the desired products they are searching for, and they can directly pay the amount. This service encourages people to go cashless by using an online payment gateway.

Instamojo Features

As we have already discussed the basic information about Instamojo. Now let’s look into the amazing features of this best payment gateway in India.

E-commerce Compatibility

Instamojo plays a vital role in developing or enhancing the Indian e-commerce industry. You can easily create your online store and sell your products directly to your potential consumers.

Now you don’t face payment issues, as Instamojo collects the payments from your consumers and directly deposits them to your Instamojo account. This service is changing the face of e-commerce by providing its top-notch service to its millions of Indian consumers.

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Selling your goods to any corner of the country facing no difficulties is possible with the help of this platform. Just create your online store and upload your digital products.

When the buyer connects to you, then he/she can pay for your goods via the Instamojo payment gateway. Now, Instamojo handles your all delivery and shipping issues and delivers your goods to your buyer in the most effective way.

Faster Payout

Instamojo helps you to receive your payment within few minutes directly to your account. You can also use special features of Instamojo called Instapay to receive the payment without linking your bank account.

After receiving your payment to the Instamojo account, you can easily send funds directly to your linked account. Within three working days, you will get your funds to your linked account. But you can process your payments only on business days, not on the weekends.

It is a quick and advanced payment gateway that helps you to collect your payments by sharing smart payment links or by pasting a one-line code on your webpage or blogs. You can also customize your payment links according to your needs and requirements.

Instamojo has solved the payment issues of online businesses by providing an easy and faster payment gateway to the Indian population. It is also helping our country to go digital.

Alerts and Notification

Instamojo application provides alerts and notification service to their user that allows you to track your all transactions. It let you add features such as SMS and Email that allow you to receive all the alerts and notifications of your successful transaction.

This service helps you to control your monetary transaction and provides 100% safety to your funds. You will receive instant alerts or notifications to your handset whenever you receive orders or payments from your customers.

This application never compromises the safety of its users and provides effective service. It let you know every activity by sending alerts or notification to your mobile.

But if you don’t want to receive frequent alerts and notifications, then it also allows you to disable this service. You can turn on or off the notification as per your requirements.

Robust Analytics

Instamojo application helps you to understand your customer engagement. It allows you to see real-time activity on your payment links, and online store. It also allows you to see sales insight.

Via a dedicated analytic application, you will get an overview of your sales performance and the activity of the user. You can also compare the performance of your store with your other competitors. You will receive all the sales and payment break-up reports directly on your Instamojo dashboard.

You can see and manage all the incoming payments in real-time. You can also break down payments via the sales channel.

With the help of Instamojo, it’s easy to see activity on your payment links. You can easily see the link visits and the payment you have received. You can also check the payment link configuration right from the Instamojo dashboard.

Accurate Invoices

It is very easy to conduct online business with the help of the Instamojo application. Now, you can easily send the invoices to your customers using an invoice generator and collect the payments on the go.

You can get invoices for every successful payout that gets settled in your bank account. It’s very easy to calculate your taxes. You can download monthly invoice reports directly from your Instamojo dashboard.

This platform will release all invoices before the 10th of every next month, i.e. you will get the invoices of June before the 10th of July.

Thus, Instamojo helps you to conduct your e-commerce business transparently. With the help of invoices, you can track your all transactions, and easily calculate your tax.

Transaction Data Management

Instamojo helps to manage your all transaction data safely in its database management system. You will get every data of your successful transaction on one dashboard.

You can easily access all the old and new transaction data managed by Instamojo on its database management system. Management of your all transaction data helps you to evaluate your financial position, and you can easily calculate your taxable income.

Apart from transaction data, Instamojo also collects your personal data on its DBMS. But they only use your personal data whenever it is needed, as per the law.

It is very easy to earn by conducting e-commerce business using this platform. You can get all your transaction data in one click. It will provide transparency to your business.

Multiple Payment Platforms

Instamojo supports 100+ payment modes so that you can easily collect all the payments to your account. Multiple payment platforms mean catering to all of your consumers.

Instamojo supports all the leading payment modes so that you miss no sale of your products. The main motto of Instamojo is to uplift the e-commerce business of India by providing multiple payment platforms to collect the payments of the customers.

It supports multiple payment platforms, but it keeps the customer payment experience simple and intuitive. You don’t need to use a different payment mode to receive your payments.

Just create one Instamojo account and start your e-commerce empire. This platform has solved the big problem of digital entrepreneurs.

Simplified Integration

Instamojo has very simple integrations that help you boost up your e-commerce business. The integration is not so much technical; it is very simple and easy.

Anyone can easily use the Instamojo integration to automate the business task and can save time. Simplified Instamojo integration helps to engage your customers and offers value to them. It will definitely increase your brand loyalty and repeat customers.

Its simple and effective integration helps you to control and manage your customer’s data. You can easily get unique lifetime data of your customers, sales and turnover data for your business, geography and demography data, and many more.

Thus, its simplified integrations help all digital entrepreneurs to manage their stores more effectively and efficiently. Use its simple integrations and develop your e-commerce business by providing effective products and services to your customers.

Maintain Multiple Bank Accounts

Instamojo helps you to maintain multiple bank accounts. That means you can transfer your funds from the Instamojo account to any desired bank accounts.

It gives you a lot of payment options. You can transfer your funds to any bank accounts as per your requirements. It allows you to link multiple bank accounts because the company wants to uplift the e-commerce business of India.

You can easily transfer the funds to your accounts. It will receive within three days of every transaction. But it can process the payments to your bank accounts only on business days but not on the weekends.

If you have multiple bank accounts, then you can link all the accounts. You can choose your desired accounts and can process your payments every business day.

Instamojo Marketplace

Instamojo marketplace helps you to automate payments on your marketplace. It provides more flexibility and control to marketplace payment processes.

Instamojo markets place allows third-party vendors to sell products on the marketplace platform. It auto-creates and manages vendor accounts via API.

Instamojo marketplace collects payments from the end customers on behalf of the vendors. It also helps to split and disburse payments between multiple accounts.

Instamojo marketplace auto-calculates marketplace owner’s commission on every product sold. Thus, it gives flexibility and control to marketplace owners.

Dispute Resolution Board

Instamojo application allows you to sell your products directly to your customer and receive instant payments to your accounts. You may face some issues while communicating with your buyers.

With the help of the resolution center, your buyers can easily reach out to you if they have any post-purchase queries, clarification, or if there are any issues. You can start a case by clicking on the sales and customer tab so that you can access to dispute resolution center.

The dispute resolution board resolves the disputes between you and your customers and provides fair decisions. It helps to maintain a healthy e-commerce business by solving the issues between your customers and you.

The dispute resolution board examines the entire issue. After examining the issues, they will provide perfect decisions that will solve all the queries or clarification.

Steps To Get Started With Instamojo

Let’s talk about the steps to get started with Instamojo. There are three steps that you need to follow to sell your products to your potential buyers.

Step 1: Create Your Instamojo Account

The first step is to create your Instamojo account. You can create your Instamojo account within a few minutes.

Provide all the mandatory information, like your email address, phone numbers, bank accounts, pan number, business name, business address, and so on. After providing all the information, you will be logged in to your Instamojo dashboard.

Step 2: Create Your Online Store

After creating an Instamojo account, you need to create your online store to sell your products. You can create your brand new store within a few minutes.

Go to the Online Store section on the left-hand side of your dashboard, and click on Store Details. Now you can edit your profile, and your logo or favicon.

You can edit or add pages as per your requirements. You can also add your social media to the store homepage. After creating your online store, add your products, categories, and images of your products.

Step 3: Sell the Products

Now your all products are live in your online store. Your potential buyers can easily look at or buy their desired products within a few clicks.

Instamojo also takes care of your delivery issues. It collects all the payments from your buyers and deposits directly to your Instamojo account.

Instamojo Plans and Pricing

Instamojo plans and pricing are very suitable and according to the budget. It charges certain prices for providing the platform to conduct your online business.

Let’s discuss the Instamojo plans and pricing in more detail.

Instamojo provides two plan options. They are:

  1. Free Plan
  2. Subscription-based paid plans.
  3. Free Plan

Under the free plan, you can create unlimited products in your store. You will also enjoy the easy shipping facilities.

You will get a pre-integrated payment gateway. That means you can collect the payments from your buyers directly to your account.

  1. Subscription-based Paid Plans

Here, you need to spend some money to create your advanced online store. Under the subscription-based paid plans, they offer three options.

  1. Premium Monthly subscription: A premium monthly subscription will cost you INR 1499 per month.
  2. Premium Yearly Subscription: A premium yearly subscription will cost you INR 7499 per annum.
  3. Starter- Yearly Subscription: Starter-Yearly subscription will cost you INR 2999 per annum

Under premium plans, you can get everything included on a free plan. Plus, you can link custom domains to the store.

You can access all the premium themes for your store. You will also get wholesale and referral discounts, and cart abandonment reports.

Pros of Using Instamojo

There are lots of advantages of using Instamojo to conduct your digital business. In this 21st century, everything is going digital. It is an excellent decision to conduct digital business to satisfy the needs of your consumers.

Some of the primary advantages of using Instamojo are:

  1. It provides an easy payment gateway and provides security to your funds.
  2. It takes care of your delivery or shipping issues.
  3. It helps you to conduct your online business and helps you to achieve your height in the digital world.
  4. It provides both free and premium plans to its users.
  5. It has a user-friendly interface. You can easily use this platform with little or no guidance.
  6. It provides different analytical reports to boost up your business.
  7. It handles the disputes between you and your buyers. And provide fair decisions to solve the problem.
  8. It creates your account within a few minutes. It is a quick and advanced application.
  9. It provides all the transaction data in your dashboard.
  10. It has a smart, real-time payment routing algorithm.

Cons of Using Instamojo

Where there is an advantage, there will be some disadvantages too. Instamojo also has very few cons. Let’s talk about the cons of Instamojo.

  1. It has annoying customer-care support. You need to open a ticket for every minor problem.
  2. It verifies the documents in a hurry. The verification process is not up to the mark.

Instamojo WordPress Plugin

Instamojo has a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce that allows your customers to pay for your products on the platform. It is very simple to install the WordPress plugin in your seller account.

Before installing the WordPress plugin, you need to install the WooCommerce plugin. After installing the plugin, make sure it is activated.

The WordPress plugin cannot work without activating the WooCommerce plugin. Now you need to search for ‘Instamojo Payment Gateway for WooCommerce’ on the WordPress plugin directory.

Install the plugin following the necessary steps. After installing the plugins, activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins ‘menu in WordPress.

How To Start Online Store at Instamojo?

Are you a digital entrepreneur? Or you want to conduct an e-commerce business? If your answers are yes, then Instamojo can be the best platform for you to sell your products online.

Setting up your online store on Instamojo is a quick and easy process. It has a user-friendly interface; you don’t require a developer or IT help to create your account and online store on Instamojo.

You can easily start your digital business from your home without investing a single rupee in creating a website. You can easily create your online store on Instamojo for free—there is no cost of setting up an online store.

There are three steps to start Online Store on Instamojo. They are:

Step 1: Create Online Store

Before creating an online store on Instamojo, you need to sign up for an Instamojo account. Within a few minutes, you can create your Instamojo account. Now go to your dashboard, and click on the Online Store section to add product, and customize your store.

Now click on Store Details to edit your profile, pages, logo, and favicon, as per your requirement. You also get an option to link your social media pages to the store homepage.

Customers can see your Social media icons on the footer of your store homepage. They can easily go to your social media pages when they click on the icons.

Step 2: Add Products

Now you need to add products and categories to your online store. To add a product, click on the ‘Add Product’ option appearing on the top of the left-hand side. Now choose what kinds of products you want to add. You may have physical goods, digital goods, event tickets, or others.

After choosing your products, you need to fill in the details of the products. Add the title of your product, brief description, product category, variants, Redirection URL, SEO elements.

Step 3: Customize Your Store and Add Images

Instamojo lets you customize your store according to your needs. Click on the ‘Store Settings’ and then click on ‘Themes’. You can edit your theme as per your needs by clicking on the ‘Edit Theme’ section.

Now you can choose the elements you want. Elements include: slider, image, banner text, customize a home, and customize URL.

To look attractive, you need to add high-resolution images of the products. To add banner images of your products, go to the ‘Store Setting’, and click on ‘Edit Theme’.

Now you need to click on the ‘Slider Image’ option and then go to the ‘Image 1’ option. Now you can upload high-resolution banner images of your products.

You can add a maximum of 3 images of each product you want to sell. To add images, go to the ‘Add Product’ section’, and choose the type of product. After choosing the type of product, you can add the images of your products by clicking on the ‘Add Image’ option.

Instamojo Alternatives


Razorpay is one alternative of Instamojo that allows you to collect, and disburse payments via its products suite. It is an Indian Payment solution company that provides all the payment modes to its users.

You can access all the payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and other leading mobile wallets. Razorpay allows you to add payments to your website or application with an easy checkout option.

To collect the payments, you need to create a payment link or payment page and share it with your customers. This application provides transaction data that allows you to track and manage your fund’s movement.

Razorpay provides complete security to your funds because it is secured by an industry-standard, 100% PCI DSS compliant and certified solution. It supports 100+ currencies, you can collect payments from any part of the world with real-time currency conversion.


PayU is another Indian payment solution company that gives your buyers the best payment experience from any part of the world. It also supports multiple payment options. You can collect your payment from your customers through different leading payment modes.

This platform is useful for both online and offline businesses. You can easily set up an online store on PayU, and can easily collect a payment within a few minutes with no coding.

You can share payment links with your customers via SMS, email, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Just set up your online store, and collect your payments from customers around the world.

You can easily integrate payment gateway on all platforms. You can also create or set up BharatQr for your store and can easily accept payments from your potential buyers


Stripe is another alternative to Instamojo. You can use Stripe payment software and APIs to receive payment, send payout, and manage your business online.

You can receive payments from your parties around the globe within a few clicks. The company also helps to beat fraud by providing and managing your transaction data.

Using stripe payment, you can send invoices, issue virtual and physical cards, and much more. It has the most powerful, and simple APIs—you don’t need to spend a month integrating payment functionality.

In simple words, Stripe payment is a fully integrated suite of payment products that can help you manage or conduct your business more smoothly. Thus, Stripe combines a payment platform with applications that allow you to receive or disburse your payments in the most effective way.


PayPal is an American company that helps you to pay or receive money. Using PayPal, you can easily pay online without sharing your financial information with the seller.

You just need an email address to get started with PayPal. It is quick, simple, and more secure.

PayPal is used almost in every part of the world. You can easily shop at thousands of stores around the world in a few clicks.

PayPal is a quick way that let you pay for your goods and services. It is a mobile wallet that is very secure, transparent, and easy to use.


2Checkout can be your choice if you are interested in selling physical or digital products to your potential buyers. It gives you a platform to conduct your digital business and also helps you collect your payments from your buyers.

2Checkout is a monetization platform that provides height to your digital business and also makes the global sale much easier, You can tackle the complexities of digital commerce globally.

You can sell your products globally without payment processing headaches. Using the 2Checkout platform, you can easily sell your products online and accept payment globally from any part of the world.

It provides you a secure, simple, and user-friendly buying experience. You can also track your funds, data, and evaluate the financial position of your digital business in just a few clicks.

Razorpay vs Instamojo

Are you confused between these two platforms? Razorpay and Instamojo are the best payment solutions that collect your payments from your clients.

Razorpay simply gives you the platform to collect your payment through payment links, payment pages, or payment buttons. You cannot create your online store and conduct digital business on the Razorpay platform. It is quick; you can get your payment within 12 working hours directly to your account.

Instamojo is an advanced platform that allows you to sell anything that can be delivered. It also provides a simple, secure, and transparent payment gateway. It allows you to collect your payments directly to your Instamojo account. It also has a faster payout service, but it always processes your payments on business days, not on the weekends.


Instamojo is a Bangalore-based, full-stack transactional payment platform that allows digital business to collect their payments using multiple payment modes. It provides a simple and secure platform to receive your payment.

This platform can be your best choice if you are thinking to run your digital business in India. Instamojo provides a suite of services or products that allow you to create your brand new online store.

It has a user-friendly interface, you may need little to no guidance to create your brand new online store. It also provides necessary analytical reports to boost your e-commerce business to the next level.

Now, conducting e-commerce business and collecting payments from your buyers is very simple. You can choose this platform to collect your payments and to grow your digital business in India.

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