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WPEngine Hosting Review : Features, Pricing & More

WordPress is one of the best platforms for developing websites from scratch and publishing blogs and articles online. However, WordPress has several hosting plans that allow developers to host their websites and blogs. Hosting WordPress sites will allow them to load up faster and even be more responsive to users.


However, things will not go according to plan if you run out of a WordPress hosting plan. To prevent any slowdowns and errors in your work, WPEngine is here to solve all your needs. This WordPress hosting service is used by many big businesses to support theory websites and provide regular updates on them.


So is WPEngine good or bad? Read on to find out if it’s worth your time and money.

What Is WPEngine Hosting?

There are hundreds of WordPress hosting services available online. However, WPEngine is the most popular of them all. This is a web hosting service that is available only for the WordPress platform. It has many plans that are available for users to manage the hosting services of their WordPress blog.


It is the objective of web designers and blog publishers to create and manage websites that are well optimized. In addition, adding layers of security and a great UI is super helpful in making your website better by making it smoothly responsive and faster for navigation.

Features Of WPEngine Hosting

Is managed WordPress hosting worth the cost? Find it out yourself after learning about the primary features of WPEngine are:

1. Automated Migration

WPEnginen has an automatic migration tool that allows faster and simpler migration of your WordPress site from one host to another. Therefore, changing your host to WPEngine will only take a few minutes at max. All you need to do is enter the necessary credentials and you will be good to go.


2. Site Staging

If you don’t want to change your WordPress host yet, then you can test out the features of WPEngine without doing so. You can clone your site in WPEngine and test out all its necessary features before deciding on migrating your website to a new host. You can test all sorts of things like themes, and plug-ins, and even be able to catch bugs and errors.

3. Billing Transfers

If you work for a business or agency that develops websites for clients, then WPEngine has some great news for you. Say goodbye to the need to manage your client’s billing account for the WordPress host. Your client can now concentrate on creating amazing content since all billing details will be transferred from the older WordPress host to WPEngine.

4. Patching WordPress Cores

WordPress gets updated frequently, where older bugs and glitches get fixed and news features get added. Whenever a WordPress update or patch is released, WPEngine also launches its own slew of updates to keep up with the updated editions of WordPress.

5. Enhanced Security Management

If you consider the security risks of  VPS Hosting vs. Shared Hosting, then know that WPEngine has better security management. WPEngine has layers of protection for your WordPress website since it exploits it from malware attacks, exploits, and other features that provide Kernel-level protection.

6. Error Recovery

Errors can take place when using any WordPress host. It can happen anytime, during the time of migrating hosts or even when updating the content of the website. Whenever a system failure or crash takes place, WPEngine servers get notified immediately and errors are recorded so that the host engineer can be made better in the next update.

7. Offline Backups

One of the most common web hosting mistakes is not making any backups of your website data. This includes all data like webpage content, and even internal engine changes made in the WPEngine host. This hist will ensure your work by allowing you to stir back up versions of your webpage on WPEngine servers.

Review Of WPEngine Hosting

One of the most important things you need to know about reseller hosting is to know about the pros and cons of the web hosting service.


With many great features bundled in this WordPress web hosting service, the main advantages and disadvantages of using WPEngine are:


Some of the main benefits of WPEngine Hosting are:


  • Then website uptime far exceeds that of many other WordPress hosts.
  • The host has amazing customer care support.
  • This host engine creates offline backups of the website and its contents in its servers on a daily basis.
  • It provides real-time protection against both internal and external threats.
  • It has one of the best staging areas for testing out features before making the decision to change WordPress hosts.
  • When it comes to cloud hosting plans, WPEngine provides website hosting through Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.


Some of the main drawbacks of WPEngine Hosting are:


  • This WordPress hosting service does not help in selling website domains to creating new websites on the fly.
  • It only offers to host servers only on a few servers.
  • The pricing plans for using this hosting service are higher than its competitors.


WPEngine is one of the best website hosting services made specifically for WordPress. It has lots of plans for its user base that allows people to use this hoist engine to host WordPress domains for blogging. Read more: Finance Team, Blog Stellar.


Some of its main advantages include the power to provide real-time protection against threats, along with providing an excellent staging area for developers. However, it is pretty expensive and also has only a few selected host servers from users.


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