Tired of seo promoting affiliate programs and not able to get conversions due to high competition?Want a low competition seo product to make money for lifetime?

Always wise to pick products that are upcoming and more potential for conversion.No need to spend time on researching for potential sales.

By promoting the most popular products, you may end up nowhere with the huge competition out in the digital market.

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About Spyfu Affiliate process

Spyfu Affiliate Program :Detailed Review

With this post,I will be guiding you through the product: Spyfu and the Spyfu affiliate program which can turn out to be a life-changing step to quick start your first affiliate sale with this high potential new SEO Tool.

By the end of the post, you are entitled to the full process of signup, Affiliate link Generation, and promoting. Will make your signup process as easy as 1.2…3 with the Spyfu affiliate program.

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Affiliate Program Basics

Keeping it simple, an Affiliate program means promoting other brand products, where an affiliate program is active using a set of defined terms like payment terms, promotion models.

Like all affiliate programs, Spyfu also launched an affiliate program, in order to engage more digital audiences through affiliate or influencers.

Starting an affiliate program for any product, product owners have great advantages.

Brand Awareness

Without any investment, your brand or product popularity and awareness will add a level up through affiliate promoters, without even spending a single penny.

No Promotional Investment

If the company have affiliate marketers, then brand or product do not require any additional promotion or investment as all promotion will be taken care by affiliate promoters.

Percentage Sharing of Sale

The product owner will only pay the affiliate promoters, a fixed percentage of the amount company receives, so gain no investment on promotion.

What is Spyfu Affiliate Program?

Spyfu Affiliate Program was launched to promote the SEO product Spyfu: A fully Packaged SEO Tool, with the ability of better ranking for the SEO professionals.

This affiliate program can be beneficial on a long run ,being a recurring payment schedule. Sell once earn for a lifetime with Spyfu Affiliate Program.

SpyFu Affiliate steps

How Spyfu Affiliate Program Works?

Great work by the Spyfu team for making Spyfu Affiliate as easy as 1.2. and 3, Like Signup, Promote Link, Earn Money.

Signup: If you are serious about making money, staying at home, being your own boss? this first step will be so special to you which lays the path towards a lifetime earning opportunity. Click Here To Sign Up, Don’t worry it’s free to sign up.

Promote Links: It’s time to say yeah, you made it and you are a step ahead then thousands of marketers, who are still searching for the best affiliate program. Once the sign-up process complete, you will be allotted a unique tracking link, through which you need to promote Spyfu SEO Tool. Clicks and sales coming through this link only, you will get credit, so make sure you use the right tracking link.

Note if you are new to affiliate marketing: Never copy and paste this tracking link anywhere outside of your website or blog.

Make Money: You are near to success now after all your hard work, your hard work always pays, Once sales are generated through your link, it time to get rewarded with payment, not one time, until your paid customer stays with spyfu, you will get paid. So one sale can make your lifetime earnings.

Payment Model

Usually payment model of most of the affiliate program is of 2 types:

One Time Payment Per Sale

Once you generate a sale, you will get a fixed amount ranging from $50 to $200, based on the product pricing like SEMrush and Bluehost ,at spyfu affiliate program uses the later option of recurring monthly payments.

Recurring monthly Payment

Spyfu offers recurring payments of 40% of the billing of your sale-generated customer every month. Spyfu charges monthly, suppose your referred customer chooses a $300 plan, then you will be paid $120 every month until your referred customer stays with Spyfu.

Best Of Spyfu Affiliate Program

You enjoy Promoting Spyfu if you are aware of the features or benefits of the Spyfu Affiliate Program

1.Recurring Payment of 40% Per Months

2.Easy Signup Process

3.Advanced tracking link

4. 365 Day Cooking Tracking method

5. Payments 2 time per month

6.High Conversion rates with 2.5%+

6.Payments on Paypal or ACH


You are almost digested well till now, if you have any doubt or clarification, support plays a crucial role to handhold on any issues.

Spyfu has email and chats support to respond to affiliate-related queries. Chat support may not be live always, so email support is better.

About Spyfu

Spyfu is an All One SEO Tool, with features like:


Spyfu designed pricing plans to meet a wide range of audiences with Basic, Professional and Team.




Spyfu Affiliate Registration

We saw detailed information about Spyfu Affiliate Program and About the product Spyfu, Now let us see the process of creating signup and getting tracking links to start earning.


Use the registration link to Create a new login.If having problem getting registered, try for Affiliates Program at SEMrush to get $200 per sale.

Potential to earn

Earning potential is on a recurring basis, more customers you get, the more monthly income for life.

Wrap up

Spyfu Affiliate Program helps to make huge passive income monthly, being monthly income, getting 1 or 2 clients itself will start your income. So go head start with one client to start your income

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