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Bluehost Affiliate Program Review: How to make upto $1500 per month with Bluehost ?

Really affiliate marketers make huge money with Bluehost Affiliate Program?Why Bluehost is one of the best web hosting affiliate? to get answer for this question, I will walkthrough this detailed Bluehost affiliate program review. Read through the end of this post to get an exclusive link for discount coupon of Bluehost Hosting.

Yes, with Bluehost, per sale you can make $65 to $100 based on the signups generated, let us see how to make such a huge amount of money, steps to register for Bluehost affiliate program, what are the efforts required from us to make passive income by promoting bluehost services.

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Bluehost offers best hosting affiliate that enables you to earn $65 , You get paid one time per customer other than the usual commission on sales.

It is free to join with top-notch affiliate program and the most accurate tracking system. Bluehost Affiliate is a hosting affiliate preferred by most of the popular bloggers and influencers.

Bleuhost Affiliate Program review

Bluehost offers different kinds of hosting plans such as:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Shared
  • Woo-Commerce(For Ecommerce sites)

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Benefits Of Joining BlueHost Affiliate Community

  • Free to join
  • Unlimited earning without any restrictions.
  • Bluehost is already a best hosting provider with high CTR(Click Through Rate)
  • Bluehost offers ninety days cookie life
  •  WordPress recommended Best Hosting Service
  • WordPress offers reseller programs ,with ready made setup for Online Business.

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How DoesBlueHost Affiliate Program Work?

Bluehost Affiliate Dashboard for tracking clicks

Bluehost affiliate starts from applying for the affiliate program.

To join the Bluehost affiliate program, you will have to Click Here ✔️ to open Bluehost Affiliate login or signup page.You will be required to enter your desired user name and a strong password on the affiliate login information, provide information like website details and contact details wherever required,

You have to provide your PayPal Email address in the affiliate payment section to receive payments for the sales you generate.After filling in all the required information, click on the sign-up button ,Ta-da you are on the track.

Now it’s time to check for a confirmation email from Bluehost Affiliate Team , to get access to Bluehost dashboard for affiliate marketers with your affiliate link .

Example :

The dashboard is accessible once your application to join the Bluehost affiliate process is approved. The approval is by the Bluehost affiliate team.

You will then see your dashboard with the settings, links, stat, and the help tab. It 100% free to sign up for the Bluehost affiliate ,no hidden charges applicable.

You are required to give information on the tax declaration form on the Bluehost affiliate program when signing up.

The declaration forms are divided into two as;

  • W-9 form for the United States citizen or business
  • W-8BEN for a non-United States resident or business.

It takes 24 hours for the Bluehost team to activate your account. It is activated after selecting the right form filling, and submitting it for review.

Once Bluehost approves your application, you will be assigned with a tracking link, you can get tracking link from Bluehost Affiliate Dashboard.

Now, it’s your turn to promote bluehost services and programs through the tracking link, read in this post “How To Increase Bluehost Affiliate Program Sales?“, to get insights of bringing more traffic to your tracking link.

Upon completion of successful signup through your affiliate link ,you will be paid an affiliate amount up to 100$.

When Do You Get Paid on Bluehost?

You earn $65 for each customer you refer to the Bluehost. You can also make $100 more of commissions when you refer more customers to the host consistently.

Bluehost takes 45 to 60 days to review and process all its sales. Payments are made in the second half of the month ie., within date 16 and the last day of the month.

First payment gets released when two referral signups complete successfully. However, there is no restriction on your future payments ,even on a single sale payments are released.No additional deduction from your earnings before and after processing payment through PayPal.

Sales Breakdown on Bluehost

You make $65 per sale as part of bluehost affiliate earnings, when you begin to promote the program.

You can also earn $75 per sale when your sales get to five or ten every month and $100 per sale when you make 10 to 15 sales a month.

You will earn up to $120 per sale when you reach more than twenty sales in a month, as well as make $150 per sale when you start getting more than 50 sales in a month.

You will have an Affiliate Manager assigned ,to work with you to improve your sales.

Request a higher payout per sale from your manager when you begin to see a jump in sales to make more money each day.

The earning potential of the Bluehost affiliate program has no cap on the number of sales you should make on Bluehost and the number of sales you make in a month determines your earnings.You can make as high as $25,000 monthly, depending on your marketing appeal.

Reasons For Promoting Bluehost

You should promote Bluehost Affiliate Program services to your website visitors and audience for the following reasons;

Bluehost Offers Discounts Regularly

Bluehost Pricing

The affiliate program has special discounts like 66% Instant Discount now, with a Free Domain and a coupon.All you need to do is start your WordPress Blog on Bluehost Web Hosting that will land you on the featured page with Bluehost discounted prices to apply for the Bluehost coupon.

The discount pricing details for readers include 36 months at $2.95 per month, 24 months at $3.95 monthly, and $4.95 per month for a year.Choose a plan that suits your budget and website needs by clicking on the get started now button. Proceed and choose your free domain name.

Finally, choose the number of months of hosting you want, type your account and payment information to make the payment.Login to your cPanel and install WordPress using 1click installer after you receive an email from Bluehost with the details once you make the payments.

Best Tracking System

Tracking is done on every click on Bluehost and payment is made for every referral that goes through.With usage of advanced and customized technology tracking of your sales are accurate which ensures the payment for the sales you generate.

Best For Beginners On A Low Budget

If you have a limited budget, Bluehost is the most suitable because it offers affordable and convenient plans that begin at $2.95 per month with Free SSL and One-Year Free Domain.Saving on hosting is easy if you use our Link to do signup for Bluehost.

High Return Per Sale

The Bluehost affiliate program offers $15 more commission on all sales in a month.It applies even if you made a single sale better than its competitors like the SiteGround and HostGator that offer $50 per sale.

The standard commission on the Bluehost affiliate program is $65 per sale. The more sales you make in a month, the more payout you get.Therefore, to earn more from the Bluehost affiliate program, use your affiliate links to get more successful referrals.

Bluehost Is A High-Converting Affiliate Program

You get more than five sales on every specific post on Bluehost of one hundred visitors.Meaning you get more than a 5% conversion rate when promoting Bluehost.It is the most preferred web hosting affiliate program by many bloggers globally because of its high conversion rate.

WordPress. Org Recommends Bluehost

It is easy to persuade your online following to use BlueHost Hosting by dropping the name of the WordPress recommendation.You can make more sales from the Bluehost Affiliate Program because it is among the three web hosts endorsed by WordPress.

How To Increase Bluehost Affiliate Program Sales

For you to make money on Bluehost, you need to make a ton of sales every month. How then do you increase your sales on Bluehost?

Use Bluehost to set up an affiliate website.

Set up an affiliate website of Bluehost because the program bars you from promoting using their affiliate links due to whack clicks on social media.Offer education and promotion to your following to increase your sales on the Bluehost affiliate program.You also get a better overview of your Bluehost dashboard, cPanel, features, and uptime when you host your affiliate on Bluehost than other web hosts.

The Bluehost affiliate program has an identity. Therefore, you gain your audience’s trust by telling them that your website is on Bluehost.Bluehost pricing plans start from as low as $ 2.95 per month, thus easier to launch your website on Bluehost.

Create A Solid Content Strategy.

You will need to create great content to make a ton of sales from Bluehost. A great content marketing strategy will help you earn more from the program.

What kind of content can skyrocket your sales from Bluehost?

Prioritize making posts on Bluehost affiliate program hosting plans.

You should write reviews on the hosting plans the Bluehost affiliate program offers. They comprise the VPS review, dedicated hosting, and WordPress to increase your sales from Bluehost.These contents are educational, easy to create, and can generate traffic for you. For your audience to trust you, add more details like screenshots to convince them and increase your sales.

Create Deals and Discount Posts.

Consider writing posts with deals and discount with keywords like discount, coupon, offer, and black Friday deals to get more sales.Everyone loves discounts. You will make incredible sales if you give these offers.Click here >> to see how i published a blog post on Bluehost India Coupons

Compare other Web Hosts to Bluehost in your posts.

You can introduce new web hosts to your audience by creating posts that compare Bluehost to other relevant web hosts like SiteGround, HostGator, and WPX hosting.Buyers research a lot before buying anything online by comparing a particular product to a similar one.

Start a Blog Post

Always target beginners when promoting any affiliate program. They often buy a product from you if they find your content valuable.Write on topics newbies like to research about that sells like why Bluehost. Make sure you also research ways of educating your audience and selling.

Best read : Zero-to-hero 10 step guide on how to start a blog in India

List posts that Mention Bluehost

To convince more people to try Bluehost, write long lists of the web hosting affiliate programs and tag Bluehost as your best.Lists work magic when you are aiming at boosting your sales. Write posts like ‘cheapest web hosts for WordPress, Best managed WordPress hosts, and so forth.

Traffic Sources

You cannot make more affiliate sales as a marketer without website traffic since it the currency online.It is vital to note that you need numbers that translate to sales and not useless traffic to your websites.

Here are some of the most effective ways of promoting affiliate products that attract numbers of value to your website;


SEO works like Google that sends high-quality visitors to your website and has high traffic conversion.Pick high Cost per Click (CPC) to skyrocket the numbers of sales you make.You can as well as performing a keyword search for every blog post you write.

Use SEO tools like Semrush, The Best SEO Tool.Read Detailed review of SEMrush, to know the power of best SEO Tool.

Social media

The future of business is online and we all can attest to the power of social media.Network with other bloggers on Facebook and join groups to get more numbers. You can share links to your posts on Facebook and create posts that can be useful for marketing.

You can also try paid ads for two to three months on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to increase your Bluehost sales.


Quora brings you numbers that convert to sales to your online platforms. For this reason, it is the most preferred by bloggers of all kinds and affiliate marketers.You can bring traffic to your sites by writing answers on particular topics to get more upvotes by including your blog post links to your answers.


You can create video tutorials on YouTube to attract traffic that converts to sales on YouTube.

Alternate Affiliate Web Hosting Programs

We have other affiliate programs, though, few of them match Bluehost that can be alternatives options for marketers.These alternative affiliate programs comprise of SiteGround, HostGator, Namecheap , WP Hosting,Hostinger and so forth.

This article gives comparisons between the top three best alternatives to Bluehost as discussed below;

Bluehost VS SiteGround Affiliate Program

SiteGround offers powerful security features with just a click to their installations and free SSL.The hosting commences with a fee as low as about $4 whereas, Bluehost affiliate program hosting plans start from $2.95 per month. SiteGround also offers a 30 days money refund guarantee.

SiteGround affiliate program comprises of;

  • 1-5 referrals at $ 150 per sign up
  • 6-10 referrals at $75 per signup
  • 11-20 referrals at $100 per sign up
  • 21 and above referrals at $125 per sign up

Bluehost VS HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator is a sister company to Bluehost. They are both owned by the Endurance International Group (EIG).However, HostGator offers a 45days money refund way more than Bluehost affiliate’s 30 days money refund warranty.

Customer assistance support by HostGator affiliate program customers is unreliable and, their security features not as par whereas, Bluehost has the best security features and customer care.

HostGator payout structure entails;

  • 1-5 referrals at $50 per sign up
  • 6-10 referrals at $75 per sign up
  • 11-20 referrals at $100 per sign up
  • 21 and above referrals at $125 per sign up

Commission rises depending on the sales you make every month and offers $65 per successful sale.

Bluehost VS A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

When you send someone your affiliate referral link on the A2 hosting affiliate program, they have up to 90 days to purchase as it offers 90 days of cookie life.Payment on the A2 hosting affiliate program has a limit of one hundred dollars made at the lapse of 45 days of approval.

Payment Methods

One must have a PayPal account if one wants to become an affiliate because it is the only mode of payment across all programs offering website hosting.


What is the Bluehost?

It is a program that offers reliable tracking, dedicated affiliate managers, and earns you a minimum of $65 for every successful signup.It is also free to join.

Is Bluehost for blogging?

Yes. It is mostly used by bloggers and marketers.

How does the Bluehost affiliate program work?

You only need to sign up for the Bluehost affiliate program from the website for free. It works on the basic model of affiliate marketing.Generate your unique affiliate link, promote Bluehost using the link, and get paid for every successful sale upon your application is approved.

How to generate a Bluehost affiliate link?

An email is sent to you with your affiliate link once your application for joining the Bluehost affiliate program is approved.You can also sign in to the Bluehost affiliate dashboard, where your affiliate link under the link section is.

What is the Bluehost affiliate commission rate?

You will get a $65 commission for each successful sale you make. However, it rises monthly depending on the sales you make in a month.

Below is the payout structure for Bluehost sale;

  • one to five referrals at $65 signup
  • six to ten referrals at $75 signup
  • ten to fifteen referrals at $100 signup
  • twenty and above referrals at $ 120 signup
  • fifty and above referrals at $150 sign up

What is the Blue host affiliate minimum payout?

There is a one-time $100 minimum for the first two sales you make.

Which website hosting programs pay well?

  • Kinsta up to $500 with 10% recurring commission
  • Flywheel up to $500
  • Can you make money on the Bluehost affiliate program?

You can make over $1500 monthly and over $5 million in commission from the Bluehost affiliate program.

  • What are the Bluehost affiliate program payment methods?

You get paid between sixteenth and 31st every month through PayPal.

Wrap Up

The information above is all I had for you regarding the Bluehost Affiliate Review .I hope the information and the knowledge shared here will be helpful ,while choosing the best affiliate web hosting program.

Your choice of Bluehost affiliate programs can never go wrong with exemplary customer support, advanced tracking system, easy to use dashboard , timely payout, with its renowned brand.

I would highly recommend you to start a blog ,follow zero-to-hero 10 step guide at How to start a blog in India ,and publish quality content on Bluehost affiliate program ,which is one of the great way to kick start your affiliate earning.

As promised ,discount coupon of Bluehost Hosting Discount Coupon.Discounts will be in-build with this link.

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