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Bluehost Review :Is Bluehost Web Hosting The Best?

With more than 2 million websites globally, Bluehost set a trend in the web hosting space offering quality and cheap pricing with best-in-market discounts.Bluehost offering services with a wide range of web hosting plans. To take the Hosting to the next Bluehost added marketing category to serve SEO users.Bluehost is now beginner-friendly and established agency-friendly, catering to the need from basic to advanced.


Bluehost since 2003, established to become one of the global leaders in proving reliable and cheap web hosting.

You can get started with your own website or blog even a online shop within less time with any Bluehost plan from shared hosting to advanced hosting packages.

Bluehost strives to make new innovation in the services like digital marketing and training needs and always focus right form the small business, Their value-packed hosting packages feature unlimited bandwidth,  CDN Integration,Free Domain with any Hosting plan, andFree SSL Certificate with all packages. Bluehost plan starts from $2.95/mo

Bluehost Pricing

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Recommendations By WordPress

If Creating a website or a blog is under your radar to start, then Bluehost is one out of 3 hosting service providers recommended by WordPress.Their basic shared hosting plan for one domain costs only $2.95/mo. Based on the need and requirement, if you want to host multiple, adding just a few dollars will serve, Bluehost cover a wide range of hosting needs to a different audience, from beginner to most advantages developer tools that offer free open source.

About Bluehost?

bluehost features

Bluehost is a trendsetter, I could say in the space of Web Hosting, It is a large customer base Web Hosting agency known for the specialized WordPress Hosting.

History Of Bluehost

Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth Founded Bluehost in 2003 in Utah and was acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010. During Suhaib Zaheer who was CEO in 2017, WA office was Shutdown as part of consolidation process of operations. Now officially located in Burlington, MA, Hosting a vast base of over 2 million websites

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Why Bluehost

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Hosting Types and Plans

Quick Facts

  • Bluehost provides you with more offers and discounts than you expect on shared hosting plans.
  • Here are the top Bluehost features:
  • User Friendly, customized cPanel
  • Full bag of Add-Ons
  • Effective site builders
  • Free Professional email addresses
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Advanced Technology For Faster Load Times
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Security features.

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Shared Hosting plans

The Basic Starter Shared hosting plan comes with 50GB of storage, unlimited data transfers, Free Domain Name Transfer, Free Domain name for the first year, SSL Certification, and can host one website in a starter shared hosting plan.Plus package starts from $4.95 with unlimited storage, unlimited websites, and unlimited emails.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting Plans

These are advanced plans that give the additional edge of premium touch. Bluehost has a VPS hosting plan with 30 GB SSD Storage,2 GB memory,2 CPU cores, and data transfers up to 1 TBBluehost dedicated servers are built on a Linux operation system and the plan comes with 500 GB SSD RAID Storage,4 CPU Core,4 GB RAM, and 4 TB of monthly data transfer.

Managed WordPress hosting

Bluehost packaged managed WordPress hosting with 3 plans

  • Build
  • Grow
  • Scale

The Build is a plan designed almost as a shared hosting plan, the recommended plan is Grow.Grow plan is designed to give almost premium WordPress experience with premium tools and one-click integration to tools required to skyrocket your website speed which will help in Google ranking. Grow Plan is added with 24/7 support, wherein Build Plan is having limited support hours.Being managed hosting, Bluehost offers a wide range of required features with pre-setup WordPress, free plugin updates, advanced cPanel, automatic site backups, and CDN among the top known.Being managed host plan, the Bluehost support team will have access to your terminal to manage the servers and also to make sure all servers are up

Want to try Bluehost ?

All hosting plans at BlueHost come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Scale Package For Ecommerce

Scale plan is designed to run an e-commerce store on WordPress, this plan is best for users who already have a store or wanted to start a store on WordPress.with this plan you will get all advanced features with all premium themes and plugin with payment integration with 24/7 support from Bluehost

Bluehost: Not Just hosting

With Bluehost, it’s not just hosting, they offer more than hosting. Hosting at Bluehost gives an edge of smooth rolling of the steps even by newbie also , and for advanced users can take additional advantage of advanced tools

Creating a Website

These days creating a website is as easy as having a cup of coffee, Website setup completes in less than a couple of seconds, thanks to technology and to WordPress for leveraging the option wisely and providing an easy setup process. Many ways to launch your website using different platforms like WordPress.

Bluehost Marketplace

Marketplace helps to take our website to the next level for security to speed. Bluehost Marketplace helps with a wide range of tools and toolsets like website builders, Backup restore, and a lot more to add-on to your website.

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No one wants a hosting that goes frequently down, uptime is a crucial factor for making our website or blog reach a successful destination. While choosing a web host, one factor to look at is uptime. Hosting uptime means, show much time your website is up.As per the ideal benchmark of all web hosts uptime is 99.93%.Bluehost clears this benchmark easily with its robust hosting service considering the last 12 months of data.

Page Loading Speed

Page load defines how well we are collaborating with the visitors, visitor cannot wait for more than 3s as per some researches. An increase in the page load will increase the bound rate, low conversion, and effecting loss, like people, these days don’t have more time to wait.Bluehost records an average response time of 700 ms on their Basic Shared Hosting plan. With an Advanced plan, the loading time can even be decreased to load website pages fast.

Secure And Reliable

Bluehost offers a free inbuilt feature to scan your website daily for any virus or malware also doing 24/7 monitoring on the servers.

Free SSL

Bluehost offers free SSL on all plan they are offering, Getting free is great, but why it is required and what if don’t choose SSL.

SSL is a Secure Socket Layer, which is one of the security protocols, Once SSL activates, a secure layer will be created, this layer is used for secure information from user request to server and server to user. This helps in securing the communication between the user browser and the server.

Option For Free SSL and show to user that User browser is safe and secure.SSL is treated as one of the ranking factors by Google, so this shows the importance of installing SSL.

Activate Free SSL On your Site and Show Users Your Website or Blog Is Secure

Backup and Restore

As per Bluehost, Bluehost offers daily, weekly and monthly backups, but they want users to manage their own backups as backup taken at server levels are not guaranteed for restore purpose.

Bluehost makes it easy to take backups and manage backups on your own, with third-party backup tools like Site Backup. Site Backup tools with free membership give the option to save backups to a local disk. Pro version of Site Backup Tool can take the backup to the cloud.

Bluehost Support

In the support category, I strongly recommend Bluehost Support being one of the hosting providers that run a 24/7 support system with all available communication modes from live chat to email with ticketing portal and OnCall support. Even easy setup process for newbie also at Bluehost at times you may involve support for any issues you come across.Any support system is run by the trained individual by Bluehost, Overall support is satisfactory with some issues by support personal style of resolving the issue. However, to try if the support works out for you, the 30 Day Money Back process helps you to cancel anytime during 30 days.

Knowledgeable Articles

This section is most liked by newbies who want to start a website for the first time. knowledge-base articles are like a handholding process, with each step with related screenshot, it will be just watching and operate with such great articles Bluehost have with continuous updating based on the updates or changes.

30 Day Money Back

To display the platform robust system with all systems in line, Bluehost allows 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed Feature with all Bluehost plans, However, there are some important terms to look for, related to this Scheme.

This option is applicable within 30 days as the name suggests, for more terms important to have a quick peep at this section at Bluehost which keeps update keeping users in view.

The best thing to point out is, it will be a no-hassle process with no questions or explanation required, refund will be processed for the days left in 30 days. You can avail of this option with any hosting plan and most importantly this refund is not applicable for Domains. As you get a free domain worth 10$ with the hosting plan, Domain charges are not refundable.

Bluehost FreeBies

I like this concept of Bluehost a lot for giving aways freebies for first-time hosting plan buyers.You will be getting 150$ worth of value, which can be used for running ads in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.As we discussed multiple times, Free Domain with each hosting plan is a great freebieFree SSL and CDN Integration which saves more.You will also get a Website builder to make a website with a quick drop and drop facility.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost


  • Robust Hosting With 2 million+sites worldwide
  • Multiple Plans matching to all audience from Starter to Advanced
  • Best Uptime beating the benchmark
  • Top Loading speed with starter plan, Load speed vary based on the plan we choose.
  • Priced to bottom at 2.95$ to reach the starters
  • Free SSL and Free Domains with all plans at Bluehost
  • Single Click Installation of WordPress and multiple other CMS platforms
  • User-Friendly Bluehost Control Panel
  • 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed to best feature to Test the platform
  • 24/7 Support on all communication ways from chat to call support options.


  • Renewal changes are on the higher side.
  • Chat support taking a long time at times where there are high loads of support Queues.
  • Starter Plans do not have any Backups taken at the server, user needs to take on their own.

Wrap Up

Website Setup at Bluehost is a super fast and easy process with user-friendly control panel, which best match beginners.Bluehost plans ideal design keeping all the audience in view to reach from Starter to Advanced, so it wi easy to pick the best suitable plan

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