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Is Silicon Hosting, A Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting? Detailed Review

Web hosting is a service that hosts our website or webpage on the internet. Web hosting is an internet hosting service that allows us to make our website accessible via the world web.

Web hosting provides technologies or services that are needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the internet. The website is hosted and stored on the server.

When any users want to see your website, then they just need to type the domain in their browser. Their computer will look for a connection, and connect to your server.Your website is now visible to them. Web hosting is a service that helps to publish your website online. Web Hosting provides space on the server, and internet connectivity, typically in the data center.

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Silicon Web Hosting

hosting services by silicon

Are you a Startup Company, a medium-scale enterprise, or a giant company? Do you want an online presence? Are you searching for Silicon hosting review on the internet?

If yes, then this review article exclusively for you. Silicon hosting is the leading reseller web hosting provider in India. Silicon house is a highly specialized cloud computing and fully managed service provider in India.

Silicon House allows you to publish your organizations or individual website on the internet by providing you space on the server. Silicon web hosting runs hundreds of servers that serve customers from over 90 countries.

Silicon cloud hosting is a pioneer in developing fully automated virtual data centers integrated with the multi-location cloud. Their servers handle or power more than 7, 50,000.00 websites worldwide.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Silicon Reseller Hosting

Do you want space on the server to publish your websites? Reseller hosting can be the best choice for you.

Reseller hosting is a hosting service where businesses sell website space to other businesses or individuals. In simple words, reseller hosting is a service where hosting provider sells space and bandwidth to their user, and again that user sells their hard drive space and bandwidth to another user.

Reseller hosting is a service provided by the web hosting provider that lets you sell the hard drive space and bandwidth to other users with your label. Silicon Valley web hosting also works as a reseller hosting provider; that means they provide website hosting services to other users.

Thus, reseller hosting includes three parties, you, your merchants, and your clients. Reseller hosting means buying website hosting services from hosting provider and selling it to others.

Why Silicon Hosting Is Best For Reseller Hosting?

Silicon hosting is India’s leading reseller hosting provider that sells its hosting services to other individual or business firms. Silicon web hosting is best for reseller hosting because:

1. Silicon web hosting focuses on Innovation and transparency.

2. Silicon web hosting has fully automated virtual data centers that span over three continents.

3. Silicon web hosting powers more than 750000+ websites and handles 55 million emails every day.

4. Silicon web hosting gives the best plans and pricing.

5. Silicon web hosting is the 8th fastest growing website hosting provider in India.

6. Silicon web hosting continuously monitors and improves its processes to develop and deliver world-class products and services.

Advantage of Buying Hosting Services from Silicon House

Are you planning to launch your website? Are you searching for the best hosting provider for your business? So, here I am explaining the benefits of buying hosting services from Silicon House.

1. Saves Your Time and Money

Buy the hosting services from Silicon web hosting and save your valuable time and money. Silicon web hosting provides services of experts and is responsible for managing your server.

You don’t have to worry about managing your servers. Silicon house hosting provides enough time to concentrate on your business growth and development.

Silicon web hosting also helps to provide fully managed dedicated web hosting services in India that allow you to take care of your core business. Silicon Valley web hosting has a well-defined process, standard operating procedure, and skilled manpower that helps them to deliver services of the highest quality.

2. Backup Your Data

Your data is the backbone of your business. It is very essential to protect and secure important information related to your business.

With silicon hosting, you can back up your all data, and can easily retrieve it whenever it is needed. This is one of the important benefits of using Silicon hosting.

Losing your data means losing your reputation and losing your information. So, always try to use professional web hosting services that back up and recover your important data.

3. Provides SEO Services

Silicon web hosting also gives you SEO opportunities to rank your content on the internet. You can create your content as per your demand, and optimize SEO processes for a longer duration.

Free web hosting services fail to provide services related to SEO that make the users difficult to rank their website on the top of web results on the search engines. But, Silicon hosting thinks for your growth and provides you with these opportunities.

You get complete control over the SEO practices. Thus, Silicon Valley web hosting helps you to develop or grow your business through SEO practices.

4. Gives Design and Style to Your Website

Silicon web hosting not only provides space on the server but also provides great design and style to your website. Silicon house gives you unrestricted access to designing the website and its related technologies.

That means you have the design and infrastructure creativity. With this hosting, you can experiment with the different design layouts before finalizing the best design for your site.

But with other free hosting services, you may not have access to the design and templates. It makes your website unprofessional and boring.

5. More than Web Hosting

Silicon web hosting provides great support for media streaming servers, payment gateway and e-commerce server, SMS gateway servers, and portal hosting servers. So, when you buy hosting from it, you will not only learn web hosting and email solutions but many other facilities.

Silicon house provides high-end facilities like:

a. E-commerce Solutions

b. Live Web Casting Solution

c. SMS Gateway Solution


Silicon house hosting helps you to get equipped with the latest knowledge in the web hosting industry. You can comfortably earn revenues from new and latest avenues like e-commerce, live webcasting and streaming, and bulk SMS solution.

6. Provides Domains Control Panel

Silicon web hosting provides a domains control panel to its reseller partner. You can register domains instantly with the lowest cost in the industry.

You can get the world’s cheapest price for the domain name too. You can get .com/.net/.org domain name for INR 349, .in for INR 510, and for INR 260.

These domain names may cost you very expensive if you choose other hosting providers. Competitor’s pricing for .com is INR 450, .in is INR 800, and is INR 500.

7. Unlimited Space

You may get limited space or bandwidth with lots of restrictions when you publish your website using free web hosting services. You may have to face a lot of issues that may hamper your business activity.

But Silicon hosting gives you an option to choose any space of data space as per your requirements. Silicon hosting also helps to upgrade or downgrade the same according to the level of scalability of your business.

You can get satisfactory growth in website traffic that may boom your business. If you want unlimited space on the server, then it is better to go for this hosting service.

8.  Servers in Different Location

It is good to have a server in a different location because if one server goes down, then the secondary server will run, and the website will have zero downtime.

Silicon hosting has its servers in six locations and has three different data centers. So, you can choose the data center according to your location.

Silicon web hosting gives your mirror service for the high-end reseller package. No, any Indian hosting provider gives these services to their reseller partner.

9. Manage Your Data

Silicon House gives you complete control over your content management. Silicon house allows you to post articles as per your needs and requirements.

You will get unlimited ads to post in your content. You don’t have to take tension about the amount of data.

You can add any desired number of pages to your website. But you will not get these quality advantages from any normal web hosting services.

Are There Any Cons Of Buying Hosting From Silicon?

Silicon web hosting gives you a complete package to host your website. There are unlimited advantages of buying hosting services from it.

But as we know, if there is an advantage, then there is a disadvantage. So, it has a limited disadvantage. Its disadvantages are as follows:

1. Slow Customer Support

Silicon web hosting is India’s leading hosting service company. Silicon web hosting powers over seven lakhs websites worldwide.

But as per the complaint of an unsatisfied customer, Silicon house hosting has slow customer support. They may respond to your problem lately.

They may need to improve their support department and need to provide quick expert solutions to their reseller partners.





2. Expensive

Silicon House can be expensive than other normal hosting services. Silicon hosting charges a minimum of $89 per month and a maximum of $389 per month to host your website on the internet.

You can get cheaper hosting services, but it may have a lot of issues that may hamper your business. If you are a beginner, then you may feel difficult to buy its plans.

But it is worth spending money on Silicon web hosting services because it is not just a web hosting company but provides different advanced technology to boost up your business. If you want a quality hosting company, then you can go for it.

Why Is It Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting?

Silicon House is one of the cheapest and reliable web hosting services in India. You can publish your website online at just a limited cost. Silicon web hosting gives you a world-class hosting service at affordable pricing.

Silicon house has five options, and you can choose it as per your budget and requirements. Here is the list of five options of Silicon web hosting:

1. Nano

Under this option, you have to pay $89 per month, and you will get Intel Quad Core 8GB RAM, and 2 X 500GB SATA Drives. You will get 2 IPs, 5TB Bandwidth per month, and 100 Mbps port speed.

2. Eco

Under this option, you have to pay $109 per month, and you will get Intel Quad Core 16GB RAM and 2 X 1TB SATA Drives. Silicon house also offers 4 IPs, 15TB Bandwidth per month, and 1GBs port speed.

3. Pro

You need to spend $129 to get this plan. Here, you will get Intel Quad Core 16GB RAM and 2 X 1TB SATA Drives. Silicon house also gives 5 IPs, 20TB Bandwidth per month, and 1GBs port speed.

4. Monster1

You can get this plan by spending $199 per month. Under this plan, you will get Intel Dual Quad Core 48GB RAM and 2 X 1TB SATA Drives. Silicon house also provides 5 IPs, 25TB Bandwidth per month, and 1GBs port speed.

5. Monster2

Monster2 is an expensive plan of Silicon web hosting. You need to spend $389 to buy this plan. In this plan, you will get Intel Dual Hexa Core 64GB RAM and 2 X 1TB SATA Drives. Silicon house also offers you 5 IPs, 30TB Bandwidth per month, and 1 GBs port speed.

Payment Method

Silicon House accepts a wide variety of payment methods. You may have a lot of options to make a payment for your desired hosting package at silicon hosting.

They accept payment through credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Bank Transfers. You can visit their official site for complete payment options.

Just go to their official site, choose the best plan that fits your requirement, pay the amount, and follow the steps. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to buy its plans because its buying process is easy and simple.

Customer Testimonial

“Silicon House is one of the best reseller hosting companies in India. I have a digital e-commerce business, and I need advanced hosting services to run my day-to-day business activities. Previously, I was using XYZ hosting services, but it was a waste of my money.

They were just a money eater and never respond to my questions promptly. I was facing a lot of server problems which were hampering my business. Later on, my friend suggested Silicon web hosting. I was impressed with its features and pricing. I immediately purchase the Pro plans, and I am very happy and satisfied with its hosting services. Thank you, Silicon House for booming my online business.”–Harpreet Pokhrel.

The Alternative of Silicon Web Hosting 

Many hosting services give top competition to Silicon hosting. Some of the top alternatives of Silicon web hosting are:

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is another popular hosting service that exists since 2003. Bluehost handles over 2 million websites in the world.

Bluehost hosting services not only give you space on the server but provides you with every tool to uplift your website and your business. Bluehost is fast and has reliable performance.

You can choose a variety of themes and plugins that gives unique style and function to your website. It has a 24/7 support system, which means your all problems or issues can be handled quickly.

2. DreamHost

DreamHost is a top competitor of Silicon House. DreamHost is an America-based web hosting provider and domain name registrar. This hosting platform provides quality service to its customers.

They always make sure your website is fast and secure so you win the trust of your visitors and search engines. DreamHost has a super easy control panel that removes the headache of managing your web hosting. They do more than hosting.

They will supply all the tools and features to give you a world-class online experience. DreamHost has over 20 years of hosting experience, and mainly it is focused on successful sites for web designers, bloggers, developers, and online businesses.

3. HostGator

HostGator is a web hosting company that provides shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting to its clients. This platform was founded by Brent Oxley in October 2002.

HostGator will provide unlimited space, unmetered bandwidth, and unbeatable hosting. If you are not happy with their services, they will refund your money in the first 45 days.

HostGator is very serious about privacy, so it protects your website and data by removing malware and restoring your site. HostGator also gives you SEO opportunities to improve your search rankings to boost traffic.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is another best alternative to Silicon house. Hostinger is an employee-owned web hosting provider and the internet domain registrar that powers over 29 million websites worldwide.

Everything you need to publish on your website is provided clearly. You will experience fast and speed performance of your website that will surely grow your business.

Hostinger has a user-friendly interface that means you can use it with little to zero experience in website development. Hostinger gives you a wide variety of tools that will satisfy advanced users and website developer’s needs.

5. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is another popular and leading website hosting company that is faster, secure, and eco-friendly. You will get multiple hosting options in one platform; this platform fits your all needs and requirements.

You will get solid State Raid-10 arrays for fast page loads and maximum redundancy. GreenGeeks also offers container technology, account isolation, proactive monitoring, and daily backups for a stable hosting experience.

GreenGeeks also pays great attention to your security. GreenGeeks will keep your website with custom security rules and zero-day vulnerability fixes. And, also you can comfortably scale computing resources when you want to.


1. Is Silicon House Best For Beginners?

Obviously, Silicon web hosting has a user-friendly interface. You can easily set up and run your website without asking for help from others. Just follow the steps and publish your website.

2. There are lots of hosting plans. How do I choose the right one?

You will get a lot of plans and pricing, compare all the plans, and choose the best one that fits your needs and requirements.

3. What is Shared hosting?

In Shared hosting the servers are shared between different users, and each user gets the shared amount of bandwidth.

4. Define Managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is an environment that caters to WordPress websites.

5. What is Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting allows you to use the resources of different servers, instead of confined to one location.

6. What are the payment options?

Silicon House supports a wide variety of payment options. You can pay for its services through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal. You can choose any of the payment methods according to your convenience.





Thus, Silicon Hosting will satisfy your needs and requirements by providing world-class hosting services at an affordable price. Silicon hosting provides fast, secure, and reliable services to uplift your business.

Silicon house provides reseller hosting services with free payment gateways, free SEO tools, free Softaculous, free direct admin, and many more. Silicon web hosting also works for the privacy and security of its clients. So, your website and data have complete protection.

If you are web designers, developers, digital entrepreneurs, or bloggers, then you can choose this fast and reliable hosting service to publish your site online. List down your requirements, compare the price, and choose the best plans to get a world-class online experience.

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