HostGator Website Hosting, Why Choose Hostgator?

Why Choose Hostgator?

You will know why to choose Hostgator by the end of the article.

Do you know server response time effects the speed and performance of the website?Search Engines hates slow loading websites , and will not get ranked.

Hostgator provides best server response time which can help your website to load faster, which will result in ranking of your websites in search engines.

One of the leading web hosting providers is HostGator. The companies mostly trust it for offering millions of user-friendly domains to entice the demand of the world.

Hostgator is used for the various web hosting services required for blogs and websites. 

Hostgator offers both user domain name registrations and hosting services.

Using the cheap web hosting dealsyou can set up the HostGator with ease.  

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#1. Step by step guide to process HostGator

Step 1: Determine your requirements 

∙ Clear the facts , do you already have a personally-owned website, or you’re starting from scratch?

∙ Do you need to transfer the website from any previously owned site? 

Once you know the answer, that’ll surely make the installing process clearer and straight forward. 

Step 2: Change the DNS 

If you have a registered hosting and Domain with Hostgator ,then DNS name servers points to valid IP address without any Manual Intervention.

If you have purchased Domain from Different Domain Registrar ,like Hostinger or BlueHost and Purchased Hosting with Hostgator, Then DNS Name Servers updation should happen at Domain Purchaser Site and point to the Hosting provide IP Address.

It takes around 24 to 48 hours to successfully storing of information in DNS to resolve the issues on the server of HostGator.

If DNS Names are not reflecting even after 48 hours then support team is the first point of contact to check the issues.

Step 3: Upload the website link to get working

You can use the IP address to register to the website. It is easy to use the user name and password sent to you. This will successfully set up the FTP running on Port 21. 

Once you see FTP is connected, you can replace the default place holder with the respective page link to upload the HTML link of the website.

*Note: If you do not have any email address, you should configure one to set it up with HostGator using the Cpanel.


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Step 4: Note down the list of the useful links

Once the DNS Name Server propagation completes, then there will be a list of services provided to the page before you click on the “format” option. 

A list of links will be shown on the page, before propagation and after propagation, which will replace your previous information with the new ones. 

Step 5: Get in more from your HostGator hosting account.

You need to request the site builder account using the link click on to see the demo of the site builder. Click on:

There are numerous free templates available on the account where you can choose one of your choices.

Referring your friends to this site will gain you additional benefits to enjoy timely. 

HostGator, cheap web hosting deals service providers are available 24/7 on all the 365 days of a year. You can get in touch with them in case you are stuck in midway.  

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#2. Reviews on HostGator

The feature-packed for the HostGator web service provider is one of the top choices, states the users.

It is fully packed with quality cloud, virtual private server, boasting best quality clouds, resellers, and other dedicated server packages.

These sorts of features are not provided by any other cheap web hosting deals.  In short, HostGator is a shared pack of sturdy web services available in it to meet the demands related to the hosting services. 

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#3. Pros of using HostGator

  • It has unlimited strength, storage, and bandwidth 
  • It is a free website, with free domain, script transfers, and MYSQL
  • You will get 45% of the money back on any difficulty.
  • You will get 99% of the server uptime, and it is guaranteed.
  • It is customized against DDoS attacks.
  • There is a free SSL certificate with the Let’s Encrypt. 
  • You can get assistance from the support team on a 24/7 time limit via phone, live chat sessions, or even ticket system.
  • You can enjoy up to 2.4x faster service, with regular, timely backups, manual removals, and even easy restoration processes. 
  • It takes one click to connect with the WordPress installation attached to HostGator.
  • There is plenty of storage plans in HostGator. You can enjoy unlimited storage facility here. more than 250,000 can be combined to enjoy the space
  • As it is categorised as cheap web hosting deals, HostGator users enjoy the purchase of 1, 2, 6, 12, and 24 to 36 months service package. Once you buy one of your comforts, you can enjoy amazing services. 
  • Numerous other programming languages are supportive tot his web hosting service provider. It includes PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and Pythons are also allowed. 
  • The performance speed of the HostGator is swift and faster.

#4. Cons of using HostGator

The only limitation of the HostGator is that the cloud and managed WordPress comes with as respective faster speed, extra other feature, and security.

These sometimes lack the power of performance in HostGator. The competition between website hosting is regularly.

The expectation of the upsells along the way of using this often depresses the user. HostGator doesn’t add this feature to its usability. 

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I hope you got the solution for the Question Why Choose Hostgator?

Using HostGator is one of the best ways to enjoy unlimited web hosting services with ease. Since the performance rate is higher, this is often recommended by a large number of users.

Everyone wishes to enjoy a high-speed web server. Less speed is very annoying. 

HostGator does no lag behind in offering some extra better experience to its users. It has replicated the same fast testing tests for other service providers’ pages.

It is even measured in 3 diverse tools worldwide and proved to be extremely amazing when it comes to user-friendly.

This web hosting server is absolutely a good way to learn and process your web servers. There is no way around to interrupt the features. Enjoy the services.


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