How ConvertKit Email Marketing Is efficiently? Top 10 Reasons.

Aren’t your customers responding to your emails? Maybe they haven’t even opened your email, or promptly erased it or overlooked and set them apart as spam. 

This is because when they open the emails, it leads them to more sales and not any other marketing tactic.

If you are looking for something to change your email marketing game, you need to check out ConvertKit. 

We can give you not just one or two, but ten valid reasons to take up ConvertKit as your email marketing software. 

Features To Know About ConvertKit

They are as follows:

#1.Tag-based segmentation platform

If you have been using a list-based email system till now, the first reason for you to take up ConvertKit is the tags.

Segmentation will help you organize and group based on their actions, interests, etc. and give them a personalized vibe by tagging them based on what they opted for.

Tags can be a powerful tool to change your email marketing game. With the help of ConvertKit, you can tag as many customers as you want without double counting across the different lists.


This is another essential feature of ConvertKit that draws more people towards it. Sequencing, or auto-responding, is as crucial as tagging.

When sequencing using ConvertKit, you can create as many sequences as you want, related to anything; the sky is your limit.

Moreover, sequencing is very intuitive. When any of your subscribers don’t fit in with a particular sequence, ConvertKit allows you to exclude them based on their tags automatically., thus making it more straightforward for you.

In addition to this, you can choose the time and day you want to send out the sequences, as per your convenience.

#3.Link Triggers

After tags and sequencing, link triggers are another unique tool to figure out the interest of your subscribers and to understand their behaviours.

For any link that you share in your emails, you can set an automation to apply tags to your contact when they click that link.

Moreover, you can have as many of these as you want. Tagging your links to the blog it fits in is one of the simple yet best ways to getting your subscribers interested.

This will also help you to get an idea of which topic is the most interesting to your audience, and make your email marketing more effective.

#4.Landing Page

The landing pages on ConvertKit are classic. They may not have as many templates as the other email service providers in the market, but the ones they have, according to your budget, are easy to set up, clean and straightforward.

If you are not okay with the number or type of templates, you can easily switch to some other third-party tool and yet connect to ConvertKit easily.


After the landing page options, you need to take a look at the webform options as well. The webform options in ConvertKit are even better than the landing pages.

With the help of webforms, you can do a lot of things, such as creating a form, adding it to any sequence, sending gift vouchers, and redirecting it to the ‘Thank You’ page.

These web forms cannot be designed in a lot of different pre-designed templates that will easily blend in with your website or blog design.

The webforms can be either in slide-in forms, pop-up forms, exit-intent forms, etc. 

#6.Marketing Automation

ConvertKit has RFM based marketing automation, where R stands for Recency Ratings, F stands for Frequency ratings, and M stands for Monetary grades.

This kind of marketing automation focusses more on their customers. This marketing automation feature helps you in doing smart marketing automation, even if you don’t have a lot of budget and steep learning abilities.

It will not only help you to stop being dependent on someone else for doing your work but also allow you to learn how things work.

 #7.User Interface

Another reason to choose ConvertKit over other email service providers is its clean user interface.

It has a clean and modern interface and does not allow unnecessary whistles and bells disturb you.

Just imagine how wonderful it will be to have a clean and intuitive interface free from all kinds of digital clutter and fluff! 

#8.Free Trial

Before buying something, it’s best to have a free trial, be it anything. It allows you to check if it fits in with your requirements and solves your existing problems.

You can get a ConvertKit exclusive free trial from ConvertKit Certified Experts and explore all its features for 30 days.

The free trial lets you take your time to decide if you want to buy it or not. 


Since you have to decide between buying it after the one-month free trial, you need to have an idea of its price.

As compared to the other sophisticated email platforms, ConvertKit comes at affordable prices. The prices start from 1000 subscribers at $29 per month.

If you have got more than 1000 subscribers, then the price would go up to $79 per month, only for 5000 subscribers.


Apart from all these, ConvertKit also lets you keep track of your different initiatives and top referrers, thus helping you to improve.

This is probably the best feature this email service provider has in store for you. To keep track of the different initiatives that might be going on, like partner promotions, ConvertKit sets up campaigns.

Whereas, the top referrers get automatically tracked to your landing pages and forms.

You are getting these kinds of insights to help you understand how to improve your marketing and where to spend more marketing time.

Did you see why we recommend ConvertKit? It’s not every day you come across email marketing tools that are so simple yet robust.

It is the full-featured email service provider you need to give your email marketing a boost. 

What are you waiting for? Get your free trial of ConvertKit and experience all the fantastic features that are listed above by yourself.

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