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How to Use Hubpages Effectively For Publishing Your Article and Make Money

What is Hubpages all about, and how to use Hubpages? Can you use Hubpages to make money, or what are other alternatives to Hubpages?

These are the most frequently asked questions I encountered when I started searching to write a review on Hubpages.

So I decided to clear such queries in a single piece of post, so you don’t have to search for hours fruitlessly about Hubpages.

After days’ of effort and hours of burning the mid night oil, I have been able to write an article that gives you most necessary information that you need to know about Hubpages.

So ,without much rambling let’s get started!

What is Hubpages?

Hubpages, a multi-site blogging platform, was launched in 2006. Started as a single site blogging platform, Hubpages began growing exponentially and transformed into a multisite blogging platform in 2016.

A multisite is a platform which enables to create and manage multiple sites from a single dashboard.Hubpages, exploiting this feature, allows bloggers around the globe to create their sites on Hubpages, publish their written content, and share with the world.

Basically, Hubpages runs on a user-generated business model quite similar to YouTube, except Hubpages deals with the written content.

Hubpages also allows users to post questions and answers in the Q&A section with a feature of commenting on others content and follow other users as well.

Hubpages boasts itself with 30 million viewership, and over 700,000 articles have been published on more than 46,000 sites on

All in all, answering the question, what is Hubpages all about? Hubpages is an multi author blogging platform for passionate writers and enthusiastic readers.

Hubpages offers them the opportunity to connect with one another by following other writers and allowing the writers to share their work with a dedicated community of readers.

How To Make Money At Hubpages?

how to make money at hubpages

The next question pops up in your thoughts: Hey! we have heard that you can make money from Hubpages. Is that true? Can you make money on Hubpages? The answer is a big YES.

Hubpages provides an opportunity for passionate writers to share their quality content on Hubpages site but , who would be interested if such efforts bear no fruit— read money.

In order to attract talented writers and encourage them to put in their best effort, Hubpages rewards the writers with a revenue-generating opportunity.

Revenue Making Process At Hubpages

Hubpages generates its revenue through ads, which depends upon the traffic Hubpages sites receive. The more high-quality and engaging content will ,the more traffic that writer and will attract.

So eventually, all it comes down to the content user (or you) create and how much of the traffic that content manages to attract. The more traffic the more chances of ads being displayed on the site.

Hubpages shares the revenues on the 60/40 mechanism with users claiming 60% revenue against 40% share of Hubpages.

You can share your content via Hubpages to any social website such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to increase your articles’ reach and boost your revenues.

Another important aspect is that Hubpages has a $50 minimum amount threshold before which you cannot receive a payout meanwhile you can only receive the money via a PayPal account.

That means if PayPal does not operate in your country, then you should not expect to see any of that money.

Opportunity For Earning Passive Money

First of all, you have to sign up for HubpagesEarning program that will set up your payment mechanism with Hubpages.

As a result, you will be now eligible to choose any of the three, or all three, Hubpages’ earning programs for making money.

Different Programs For Income Generation

Content Giveaway

Hubpages organizes several contests in a year based on content writing. By participating in the contest, winners can earn cash prizes through your established payment method.

The cash prizes range from $10 to $500. So such contests present unique opportunities for users to earn quick money.

Ad Programs

Hubpages has special partnerships with a number of Ad sources and brands thanks to Hubpages’ reputation as a quite large publisher. These ad sources want their brands and product ads to be run on your content sites.

The number of ads and the rate of ads depends on the traffic your content attracts. The more impression and traffic your content gets the better amount of revenue you will receive.

Affiliate Programs

Hubpages has also affiliate programs with Amazon, AdSense, etc., which enable to you work earn relevant product links in your articles. These programs track referrals from your articles and the purchasing activity that results from them.

On each purchase, via your referral, you will receive a commission pre-defined by Hubpages and seller companies like Amazon. The commission may vary from product to product usually ranges from 1% to up to 10%.

Nonetheless, Amazon affiliate program can make you decent amount of money if you have a knack for pitching product sells and converting them into real purchase.

How To Use Hubpages?

Of course, after learning that they can make money from Hubpages, people readily want to learn how to use Hubpages. Because if necessity is the mother of invention, then money is the father of learning (pun intended).

Using Hubpages is not as difficult as it may seem, rather it is as simple as it can be. What you need to do is to visit the website and sign up for an account.

Don’t worry joining the platform is absolutely free, there is no upfront fee or later hidden charges.

After joining the account, you need to create your site on Hubpages that is called the “Hub” while you will be called a “Hubber”.  You can create your Hub based on more than 20 predefined categories created by Hubpages.

Subsequently, you would give the Hub a suitable title and an appropriate description. And you are done with creating your site on Hubpages. Now you can start posting content and articles on your hub. You can include any suitable images, relative videos, and links to make your content more engaging.


Learning how to use Hubpages and how to publish your article on it would be easy if you know about HubTool.

HubTool is an online writing interface provided by Hubpages. It enables the “Hubbers” to make their content more engaging and interesting to readers.

With the help of HubTool, you can edit the text of your articles, as well as you can add images, videos, polls, maps, tables, and many other elements.

HubTool allows you to enjoy the following features:

  • Adding a Title
  • Adding an Author Biography
  • Adding an Article Summary
  • Updating Ad Settings
  • Adding Capsules
  • Editing Capsules
  • Reordering Capsules
  • Hiding Capsules

Hubpages Boot Camp

For a newbie writer, there is a screening process to vet out competent and passionate authors, who are serious in their endeavour to write on Hubpages. Hubpages call it Hubpages boot camp.

In order to graduate from the boot camp authors must produce and publish five featured articles (read about featured articles here). After passing out of the boot camp you will be able to monetize your articles and content.

Thereafter, once you start posting your content, you would start getting your viewership and would start getting ads thus revenue would start generating.

How to use Hubpages effectively?

Adding Suitable Title

The title of your content is the first and foremost thing a reader encounters. A suitable and interesting title for your article intrigues the reader to click on your article and read it.

That is why it so important that you choose your title after thorough research that interests your reader and hence increases viewership of your content.

Adding Clear And Concise Summary

A clear and concise summary is the next important aspect of increasing your content viewership. These summaries are displayed on search engines, feeds, listings, and Hubpages carousals. A summary helps a reader to judge, from search engine results, whether the contents of the article are worth the time to read.

Put simply, a good summary can play an important role in influencing a reader’s decision to click on your article from the search engine results page.

Publish Evergreen Content

Choosing the topic of the article you want to write is arguably one of the most important parts of content creation. You should definitely write on topics that are evergreen.

Those topics in which people will always be interested to find out, at least for a foreseeable future.

Conversely, you need to avoid the topics that go out of style quickly, like news. For example, if you write about the final of the football champions’ league, it would definitely be a hot topic for a short period of time.

However, next year there will be another league and the relevance of your article would fade away.

Instead, you should write about some durable like, most ideally climate change. The discussion on the topic is not going down for a decade at least. And so its relevance among the readers. That will help you sustain steady and long-lasting traffic to your content.

Deliver In-Depth Researched Content

Research is the cornerstone element in the process of article writing. No man can say that he is all-knowing or prescient. You cannot possibly know about everything and every topic.

Illustrating this with the example that supposes you are writing a review about a technology product. In order to give your reader an in-depth review, you first need to do extensive in and out research such as features, durability, and price.

Moreover, you will also need to search for customers’ experiences so that your readers would get a comprehensive picture to decide whether to buy that product or not.

Therefore, thorough research is as important as writing the article itself. Research is like fuel to your rocket that is required to reach the moon. Without the fuel you cannot think of the possibility of reaching the moon; similarly, without good research, you are less likely to reach your targeted audience.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engine optimization can play a significant role in getting more traffic and hence achieving better revenues. Search engine optimization helps you with improving the ranking of your article ranking in the search engine results.

The more targeted words you include the better your ranking will be. Nevertheless, you should remember that SEO cannot replace the importance of quality writing.

Moreover, Hubpages provides the users several great templates that assist you to optimize your content in the Google search engine.

All of this search for keywords and hassle for search engine optimization would definitely help you get a traffic boost on your hub.

How Much Money Can Expect from Hubpages?

Before you learn to use Hubpages and start publishing your articles on in it, you should understand the fuller picture.

If you think that Hubpages will help you maintain a sustainable livelihood, well you are on the wrong platform. Hubpages is not a platform like YouTube where you can earn a considerable amount of money.

Yes, there were times in the early years of the previous decade when users used to make a relatively good amount of money (not as much as people make on YouTube).

However, over the period of time, Hubpages has lost its value in the rankings of Google search engine. As a result, now it does not attract as many ads and brands as it used to have.

If you start writing for the Hubpages, well then don’t expect to see any significant earning for up to two years. Even when you start seeing after a couple of years, it would not be more than in the range of $50 to $100 in a month.

Those who earn more than that work extremely hard and put a highly insane amount of effort into that.

Therefore, if you are planning to rely on Hubpages as a primary source of income, I would strongly advise you against it. It can be nothing more than the possibility of earning passive income over time.

If you really want to earn some considerable money from writing online, you can easily do that by creating your own blogging website and can earn far more revenue than from Hubpages.

What To Expect From Hubpages

Though you cannot make money for living from Hubpages, content published can be used as a portfolio for submitting to your upcoming proposals.

Submission of articles at Hubpages,  has higher authority, as Hubpages follow multiple reviewing policies to publish the article which is of high quality, getting approval of your article at Hubpages is a great achievement as content writer.

So, publish and add weightage to your career and freelancing opportunities.

Featured Article At Hubpages

To understand how to use Hubpages, you should also understand what a featured article is. Featured articles are a set of articles, approved by Hubpages, that epitomises the high-quality writing style of Hubpages.

Featured articles are made available to search engines, showcased in popular and related sections, displayed on topic pages, and assessed for inclusion on Hubpages’ Network Sites.

On the other hand, normal articles would still be available for readers via sharable URL and to followers of that particular writer.

Hubpages determines the featured status of an article through a quality assessment process. Several parameters contribute to the process of quality assessment of an article. These parameters include:

Ratings  By Automated Metrics.

Automated metrics are shaped up by a combination of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning algorithms. The algorithm produces the ratings of an article on pre-defined metrics.

These ratings then play a significant role in determining whether the article should be granted the status of a featured article.

Reviews From Hubpages Moderator

Hubpages also employ human moderators to check the quality of the articles and determine their status for a featured article.

The ratings of the moderators were then incorporated with automated metric ratings for a better quality assessment process.

Search Traffic Of The Content

The status of a featured or normal article can be changed over a period of time. And the search traffic on an article can play an important role in changing the status.

Considerable traffic over a period of time on your article would increase the chances of your article being upgraded from normal  to the featured article.

Criteria For  Featured Article

To increase the chances of your article becoming a featured one, you need to strive for a score of 8 on a scale of 10 on the Hubpages scaling parameter.

For improving your scale rating Hubpages does provide a set of guidelines.

Following are some of the characteristics that will help you with creating a featured article:

  • A clear and relevant titled article
  • The article should be argued with concrete facts and figures.
  • The article should also contain supportive media including images, videos, polls, tables, quizzes, and maps.
  • The structure of the article should be user-friendly— containing numerous descriptive subheadings.
  • The article should be free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • There should not be any unrelated or spamming links within the article.

Providing readers, the alternative of Hubpages.

After learning how to use Hubpages, and having detailed Hubpages review you should have the knowledge about other multisite blogging platforms, and how they are similar and different from Hubpages.

Hubpages is by far the top-rated multi-blogging website. But that does not mean there are no other options available for bloggers and writers. You can write for Hubpages and other websites at the same time to give a boost to your income.

Here are some other alternatives to Hubpages that you would like to write for:


InfoBarrel works pretty much similar to the Hubpages. You make money out of articles you publish and through affiliate programs. They also have a minimum payout threshold of $50.

Moreover, InfoBarrel has also screening processes similar to Hubpages’ boot camp. In order to pass the assessment process, authors must need to get their first 10 articles approved after that you can simply publish your article without any need for approval.

However, InfoBarrel does offer a better revenue-sharing mechanism. Its Google AdSense revenue sharing is 75%/25% against Hubpages’ sharing mechanism of 60%/40%.

Nevertheless, Hubpages is quite ahead of InfoBarrel in traffic, and the income generation race gives writers a chance to earn better income at Hubpages than at InfoBarrel.


Wizzly is another website that allows writers to turn their passion into a money-making profession. Nonetheless, Wizzly has a slightly different method of revenue sharing.

That is, initially you would be provided 50% of the share from Google AdSense revenue until the first 50 articles are published. After that, your share will increase to 55% and subsequently to 60% once they reach the milestone of 100 articles.

More importantly, the traffic numbers of Wizzly also make it a solid alternative to Hubpages.

Lastly, learning how to use Hubpages is far easier as compared to Wizzly since it is less user friendly for a newbie writer.


DailyTwoCents has one incredible feature that it allows as minimum as 100 words per single post whereas Hubpages recommends you to write at least 800+ words per article.

Writing 100 to 200 words per post allows you to publish multiple posts per day; on the other hand, there is a downside to it that such 100 words posts would not be indexed by Google’s search engine.

That means you have to rely on sharing the articles on Social media or other websites.

Moreover, DailyTwoCents have rather a fixed formula of payments for its writers i.e. $1.5 per 1000 unique views. If you have a considerable social media following then you stand a great chance of earning considerable amount of money.

One another advantage with DailyTwoCents is that you continue to receive passive income on articles you have written a long time ago.

Not to mention, you avail yourself similar benefit of passive income with Hubpages too.


There are some of the most frequently asked which require quite brief answers but they will help you further better understand the usage of Hubpages.

What is Hubpro?

Hubpro is basically a professional editing tool provided by Hubpages. There are two kinds of editing services Hubpro provides: Basic and Premium.

Hubpro basic provides some fundamental editing services, like correcting grammatical or spelling mistakes, to Hubbers.

Meanwhile, Hubpro renders some enhanced editing facilities such as fact-checking, the addition of media, etc.

Will I no longer own the content that I post on Hubpages?

What you publish on Hubpages belongs to you. That means if you wish to delete or unpublish an article from your Hubpages site you can do it on your own.

You can also publish the same article to your own blogging website if you want. Google algorithm will soon crawl and find out that your article has been moved, and will update the changes.

Which subject should I choose to write on?

The choice of subject largely vary from person to person but a general guideline is as follows:

  • Focus on subjects that are already not explored much.
  • Subjects on which there is a growing interest and addresses these interests.
  • Subjects that have significant interconnectedness but have not yet been addressed in a manner they should have been.
  • Subjects that provide compelling solutions to real-world problems.

What are HubScore and Hubber Score?

The HubScore of an article reflects the quality of that article, very much similar to Google’s page ranking. Hubber Score on the other hand designates the collective quality of your articles as a Hubber.

Simply put, the Hubber score represents the aggregate of the score of all of your articles, and the contribution your articles provided to the Hubpages community.


In this article, we have tried to provide as much details about Hubpages as we could and an honest Hubpages review.

We tried to solve most of the burning searches and queries about Hubpages such as, can you make money on Hubpages, what is Hubpages all about, how to use Hubpages, and how to publish your article on Hubpages.

All in all, Hubpages is a great platform for part-time writers as well as passionate writers. The income generate through Hubpages do provide some extra drive to a writer’s will to write.

Even though you cannot make a living off this platform, Hubpages is a great platform to express your writing talent and explore your passion.

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