Top 8 Websites For Online Micro Jobs In India

Where to Find Online Micro Jobs In India?How to Find?

These questions may be scrolling when you hear a word online jobs.

From Now ,when you hear online jobs, you should think about making money with Online Micro jobs in India.

This article is going to solve your questions and make you start working .

Micro jobs give people extra benefits to pay rent, expense & other spending money and showing way for the young generation as the first step of independence.

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Online Micro Jobs in India can be of  many types,Listed some of them, which are useful to start a micro job right now.

1. Writing Blogs: A blog is an informational website that depends on written content. In general, bloggers write from a personal perspective. If you have a good command of the language, then you can write a blog for others.

2. Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistant is the independent employer who works to perform outside, provides at the office clients, and also administrative services to the officials.

3. Content Writing: if you have excellent writing skills, you can do work for private businesses as they need content for their websites, social media, and print media.

4. Website Designing: Those persons who can do exceptional graphics using graphics software can offer their services to businesses that want their website design

5. Data Entry: Data entry is the process of broadcasting information through an electronic medium. It can be done online and offline.

Data entry work is much time-consuming. It is a necessary and vital task for many organizations.

You will need access to a computer, internet service, and strong detail-oriented skills, to perform this work.

6. Administrative Tasks: In general, administrative tasks are part of the daily activities of a business, which include answering calls, sending and receiving messages, manage files, and clients.

If you have excellent typing and good communication skills, then you can offer administrative tasks to businesses.

7. Surveys: For most top micro job surveys in which individuals can do in their spare time. Companies do online survey to pay individuals for their honest feedback and reviews. 

Your earnings from micro jobs depend on the type of skill you have and work you perform. Typically, payment of Online micro jobs in India start from as small as 5$ .

The remote Writer is also a type of Online micro jobs in India. Remote Writer means you have good knowledge. You should work as a communicator.

Being an isolated writer, you have to spread ideas and awareness to the target audience—remote Writer Work from home with Wi-Fi connectivity.

BloggingElite - 4662 433854BloggingElite - 4662

This different type of Remote writing

  • Medical Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Proposal Writer
  • Report Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Writer
  • Freelance Writer

Who performs micro-jobs through an online platform that connects employers around the world.

Anyone can be a worker as a stay at home mom, A student who needs extra spending money.

The micro worker can be working as a freelancer. You can work according to your time and need while the possibility of earning is also limitless.

Online Micro jobs in India are becoming the first choice of the young generation. It allows them to become independent and to live a stress-free life.

The technology helped them to get easy access to the freelancing—several students and homemakers around the world doing work from home.

Here are some websites where you can find Online micro jobs in India:


The Fiverr is most popular among the freelancer. Here you can do offline and online work that is called GIG. It is entirely free to join and select services according to the choice.

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The main work which you can get from Fiverr is social media handling, graphic designing, video editing, and animation, writing, etc. 

#2. Seo Clerks

This is also a great online website for micro jobs where you can offer & avail services at any cost. This works similarly to the Fiverr. On this platform, you mostly get work related to writing and blogging.

#3. Gig bucks:

you can offer services related to graphics, music, designing, advertising, and many more at the rate ranging from $5 to $15.

#4. Envato Studio:

Envato is known for video editing, Themes Design, audio Experts, scripts, etc.

#5. Zeerk:

In Zeerk, having a range for services between 2$ to 100$.the quality of service is excellent. Here you can find a better price than Fiverr.

#6. Truelancer:

Truelancer is common in Indians where you can use various services like translation services, logo design, web design, voice-over, iOS Designer, Android App Developer, etc.

#7. Guru:

Guru is an excellent Platform to find micro jobs, and if you know to code, you can do web design, Script design, writing, and translation in Hindi and English both language, designing in photoshop, coral draw, etc.

#8. Upwork: 

Upwork provides highly expert people from different fields. They mostly select people and allow them to access the platform to only those who are experienced and expert.

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This site is helpful to hire content writers, website developers, SEO Experts, etc.


Online Micro Jobs in India , one of the most likeable concept all time. Due to multiple difficulties, companies are moving towards cost cutting.

If you are one of them,Now time to chill and be your own boss and start working with Online Micro Jobs in India and start earning based on your skillset.

These jobs not only benefit the one who is doing the job but also to the people who offer the jobs. moreover, one gets to learn a lot from these jobs.

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