How to skyrocket your Affiliate Sales with WordPress Affiliate Plugins?

WordPress Affiliate Plugins Comparison will help you to pick a correct plugin as per your requirement.

Individuals and brands are using it to increase their sales revenue. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income online.

It is recommended to use the Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins, which can increase your affiliate income from your website. 

Are you new to affiliate marketing?

You recommend unique products and services on your site?

Then you can earn a commission when a person buys using your affiliate links.

Initially, it is vital to know about WordPress Affiliate Plugins Comparison. Such Understanding determines  the concept of Affiliate Marketing.

Next is to find out How WordPress Affiliate plugins work?

Now,Knowing What are Mostly Used WordPress Affiliate Plugins?

Finally, it is important to know why you use Plugins and how to boost your Affiliate sales.

About Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate marketing is a concept.  In concept; salespeople gain sales through commissioning the affiliates for promotional campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing can be through any means of promotion be it social media or personal websites.

Successful sales through the web earn salesmen commissions.

The rate of successful sales determines the commissions. Additionally, through the referral link.

Most people get used to surf the internet daily. Hence the reason affiliate marketing consideration as a strategy for promoting businesses.

It is a global concept. The affiliate marketing concept gives birth to WordPress Affiliate plugins. Using WordPress as a plugin helps to manage these programs.

WordPress Affiliate Plugins

WordPress is a popular CMS. It is very popular in the market. Because of its wide selection of plugins that support the management of affiliates. 

It is a system that manages content- plugin designed. It enables users and web developers to improve their capabilities. This makes it better than the core installation.

 A plugin is a piece of software that has a group of tasks on a WordPress website. They expand functionality and add new qualities to your WordPress websites. There are different affiliate plugins you can use to grow your business. It does not matter the size of your organization.

WordPress Affiliate Plugin has features that support the sales team. One of the highlights is the Affiliate management capability.

It supports to track affiliate performance and commissions efficiency. Second, it helps in sales and conversions reporting. The sales team can see the sales achieved through the affiliate program.

Finally, it supports the generation of referral links. You can create unique referral links.

Plugins allow access to the webs you are marketing, the products, and services. WordPress Affiliate plugins make online marketing attractive.

Reasons to use WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Flexible templates

Why choose to use WordPress Affiliate Plugins? Not only do they manage your programs, but also have templates that are flexible with a dashboard.

You can design and customize with affiliates to your required preference. WordPress Affiliate plugins can integrate with all platforms.

They are in memberships, with other plugins like e-shop, e-commerce, and associations.

When you are beginning a new website and have a few affiliate links, it is simple to manage.

As your site grows and the number of your pages increases, it will become hard to keep track of all the affiliates.

This is the reason WordPress affiliate plugins are useful.

Meets your requirements.

WordPress Affiliate plugins downloads are more than a billion times. Many plugins available means it meets requirements.

Moreover, it has the capacity and functionality for additions. It is not easy to determine future needs now while developing and building your website.

But, with time, the changes are inevitable—like extra channels or marketing mix. WordPress Affiliate plugins allow for the addition of any features like membership areas.

Easy to incorporate into your website

WordPress Affiliate Plugins are available to everyone. They are free. They are easy to install into website by ‘selecting plugins’ and then ‘add new’. Features of WordPress plugins have filters and hooks.

They enable developers to incorporate their desired functionality. Also, they provide you with a list of plugins. This gives you a choice for your web.

Increase in Sales revenue

The main goal of using WordPress Affiliate plugins is to increase your sales revenue. Whether you are a content creator or a starting a new program. WordPress Affiliate Plugins are critical for your revenue. 

There are several WordPress affiliate plugins available in the market. To assist both brands looking to start up new programs and content creators.  

Also to those who want to promote products and services.

Automatic links

Make the process automatic by auto-linking keywords. The links in your articles associated into the keywords which enhances the SEO of your site.

Redirects for your affiliate links

WordPress Affiliate plugins create. The links are in such a way that they direct your customers to your sales page. While there, they can get to see your products and buy. 

Grows a loyal following

WordPress plugins aid you in growing a loyal following. WordPress affiliate plugins improve the design of your site. Which allows it to attract and build a following of loyal fans hooked on your content.

Effective communication

Plugins make communication effective. They help to interact with your potential customer, visitors, and fans. This is through means such as chatboxes, typeforms, and newsletter signups.

Using WordPress plugins to boost Affiliate sales

These are the used WordPress Affiliate plugins that increase your business revenue.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a top WordPress Affiliate Plugin. It is easy to use. Pretty Link turns long affiliate links into readable and easy to remember.

Hence the name Pretty Links. Also, it creates interesting affiliate links. Pretty Links eases the hassle to manage server-side redirects.

 It enables you to brand and advertise your links by use of the Pretty Bar feature. A built-in performance metric tracks the activity of your links.

Short and pretty links make better impressions.  The attractiveness makes people click on them. Pretty Links’ cloak affiliate links in your email marketing campaign.

You can also add them to your OptinMonster pop-ups. This boosts affiliate revenue while creating relationships with your customers.

Affiliate Royale

When you want to launch an Affiliate Marketing Program, it boosts your sales and your brand. Affiliate Royale makes it easy to design and put in place a good affiliate marketing plan.

 All this from the beginning to the end. When you use Affiliate Royale, you get a set of powerful affiliate link tracking tools.

They analyze the efficiency of your campaign. You can see clicks, payments, and sales in graphs on Affiliate Royale’s dashboard.

 It is easy to use and can adapt to include data for your goals and expectations.

Affiliate Royale has a plug and play design. It makes launching your affiliate marketing campaign fast.

You need to install the plugin. It only takes a few minutes. You can build a functioning affiliate campaign for your WordPress site.


MonsterInsights is a useful Google Analytics tool that gives practical insights. They help to improve your WordPress site’s performance.

You only have to enable its affiliate link tracking feature. Then you can get access to in-depth reports. They include the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns.  

The information on the pages that bring in greater revenue and traffic is visible. It displays this on your easy-to-read dashboard.

MonsterInsights is compatible with other e-commerce tools. These include word press affiliate plugins like ThirstyAffiliates and AdSense.

Because of this, you can integrate into your other marketing tools. You achieve a big-picture approach to your Affiliate Campaigns. This gives an edge to your business strategy.


OptinMonster is the best lead generation software. With OptinMonster you can increase your leads. Grow your email subscriptions and boost your sales by using their simple platform.

It is great for all WordPress link tracking initiatives. OptinMonster lets you make customized customer engagement campaigns. All this by using pop-up chats, lightboxes, and floating bars.

This and other interactive components that site visitors can interact with. All you have to do is add the needed Affiliate Links into the elements.

Then you let OptinMonster’s smart tools work its magic. What makes OptinMonster such a crucial part of a successful WordPress affiliate plugin? It has to be engaging content.

OptinMonster does not spam visitors with annoying generic pop-ups as most sites do. Instead, it deploys several smart targeting tools.

 It creates them to track and predict visitor behaviour. This ensures that each individual engages with content they can relate to.

Relevant content turns leads into loyal fans and finally, customers.

Thirsty Affiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is another Affiliate Link Manager. It transforms any existing WordPress web page from failing to an excellent one. It turns it into a fantastic source of passive income.

ThirstyAffiliates is one of the most in-demand WordPress link manager plugins. Its straightforward layout makes it effortless to use. You can launch an affiliate marketing campaign in a few minutes.

You do not need any complex WordPress experience.

With a few clicks ThirstyAffiliates allows you to conceal long affiliate links.  It also allows you to put links into your WordPress content.

You can view performance reports on the platform dashboard. This enables you to analyze the success of your affiliate marketing campaign.


AdSanity is an Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress. With its amazing accessibility. AdSanity delivers power and simplicity.

It gives users the ability to put affiliate banners in widgets, sidebars, and posts. AdSanity gives you control. You can manage your affiliate advertising campaign how you want.

The choice of what you can display on your WordPress site guarantees. You also choose which visitors see which ads.

If you add this to its great performance and link tracking tools, it shows why AdSanity is a favourite. Great for anyone looking for a clear-cut WordPress affiliate plugin. Great for generating affiliate revenue.


AffiliateWP is one of the easiest to use WordPress Affiliate Plugins. You can control and track your affiliate links on your site. It gives live reporting of affiliate visits, earnings, and affiliate registration.

Additionally, it allows you to control your affiliates from your dashboard. What makes AffiliateWP so good is its extensive list of features.

These features include designing, tracking dashboard, and registration.


WordPress Affiliate Plugins Comparison helps identify Best of  WordPress Affiliate plugins. The concept of Affiliate marketing is growing in popularity. The success rate is the lasting results.

Affiliate plugins have added the significance in the marketing process. Their functionality and features have empowered website builders. Marketers have evolved their way of increasing their sales revenue.

WordPress plugins are easy to use. They are accessible by anyone. They has changed how businesses run in a fast-paced business environment. Information on WordPress Affiliate plugins available.

 WordPress Affiliate Plugins are great resources. They allow your websites to function.   The strategy is to find out and choose quality plugins for installation.  WordPress Affiliate Plugins attest of quality.