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Sephora Affiliate Program Review – A Beauty Bloggers Income Source

Are you a beauty blogger ? or eager to launch a blog on the beauty niche? then this article on Sephora affiliate program review worth a ton for you, to earn up to 10% on all products across Sephora, which is one of the best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

Sephora affiliate program has a wide range of products on cosmetics and beauty products, to promote on your blog. Sephora sells more than 200 brands with 13000+ products covering best selling beauty products.

Sephora sells almost all top brands and high-end luxury brands, which includes expensive ranges making affiliate income on the higher side.

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Sephora Affiliate Program Review

About Sephora

Sephora is a retail store,  evolved with a motto of making a beauty shopping experience. It is currently operating with more than 2,700 stores across 35 countries globally.

After the first store in 1998 located in New York, Sephora gradually increases the stores and now running 500+ stores in the USA.Sephora is owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, a leading luxury goods group

Official Website>>

About Sephora Affiliate Program

Sephora Affiliate program offers free registration to the affiliate and gives access to 13000+ products, in which affiliates will get from 5% to 10% depending on the category.

Sephora Collaborated with Rakuten, for promoting their products through affiliates, Rakuten is a third-party affiliate platform service, which makes product promoting easy, efficient, and rewarding.

Sephora Offers free shipping with a cart value of about $50

Why Join Sephora Affiliate Program?

For a beauty blogger, generating up to 10% on each sale gives great financial independence, Will see some of the reasons why you should consider joining the Sephora Affiliate Program

Sephora is one of the top used and best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers ,Brand name in the space of beauty products across the globe.Cookie time is in favour of the affiliate, when someone clicks on your links, they will have ample time to buy, which can be rewarded to you.

Care for affiliates is another big factor, which makes marketers feel comfortable and secure to run Sephora Affiliate Program.Offers and discounts from Sephora will make your sales skyrocket at some events.Sephora offers commission on all products in their catalog, exclusively for affiliate marketers.

Another great reason to be part of the Sephora Affiliate Program is the shipping policy, they offer free shipping with products above $50, which gives more savings to your regular customers.For promoting you get ready-made templates, which can be used for promoting without any modifications, you get this for free.

Join Sephora Affiliate Program>>


How to Join Sephora Affiliate Program?


First thing first, joining Sephora Affiliate Program is free and they don’t charge any fees or charges.Sephora offers affiliate registration at Rakuten Advertising(Linkshare), if you are already a member of Linkshare, you can search for Sephora and apply for membership.

If not a member of Rakuten Advertising, register as a publisher and you can apply for Sephora.While applying, it is required to share your website or content, where you will promote Sephora Products.

Once the application is reviewed and approved, you will be notified of the status on email, with the required training and tips to make Sephora Affiliate more rewarding.

With the approval, you are all set to join the best beauty affiliate program.

Sephora Affiliate Commission 

Sephora offers a commission of upto 10% on a wide range of products including luxury and expensive products from best beauty brands on the globe.Payments are sent out every month if you reach a threshold of 50$, as $50 is the minimum amount Sephora will send out.

Affiliate Payment Method

Once the threshold limit reaches, Sephora will check every month, once the minimum threshold, will be sent out with the payment method of PayPal, which is a safe and quick payment option to receive affiliate payments.

How to promote Sephora Affiliate Program?

At this time you have a clear understanding of the Sephora and Sephora Affiliate Program.But how to promote? soon as registering as an affiliate partner you will not get rewarded, you need to promote the products, you want to sell, embedding your affiliate links, then only you will be getting a commission when some buys with your link.

While promoting make sure you are abiding by all the terms of the Affiliate Program.

There are multiple ways, how you can promote affiliate products.

Important Note: Do not post affiliate links directly anywhere outside of your blog or website.

1 . Start a Blog

As a basic understanding, do not post affiliate links directly anywhere like social media or groups.This brings a point of owning a website or blog, the most ethical way of promoting is to write attractive blog content and publish it on your blog.

Important Read: How to start a blog in India, to start your blogging with ease.

These days owning a blog or website has been easy with less than a dollar per month.At Sephora, a one-time payment of $50 is enough to run your hosting for 4 years also.If you are a starter, then I recommend going for Hostinger, which is the cheapest hosting provider with the best security and performance.

Best available web hosting offer:  Hostinger offers 0.99$ per month.So it’s time to start your blog, user this Exclusive Link>>, to get even more discounts, under affiliate program discount.

If you are not aware of how to start a blog, the below resources will help you to handhold step by step.

1.Click Here >> to read How To Start A Blog From Scratch.

2.If you want to continue with Sephora, your niche will be Beauty Niche.

3.Do keyword research for free with SEMrush, related to beauty products. Example: “best beauty products for men”.Click on this Exclusive Link >> to get free trail

4.Read how to purchase a Cheap Plan at Hostinger

5.Follow the step-by-step process on how to install wordpress on Hostinger.

With the above steps you are all set with a blog, now you are free to publish unlimited content and add your affiliate links.

Now no restriction for your to post your blog links anywhere.

2 . Start a YouTube Channel

Another way to promote is by starting a YouTube channel and posting useful information about products so that you will get viewers.

You can convert viewers into a subscriber, by adding affiliate links in the video description.

You are free to add your affiliate links directly in the YouTube video description but is always recommend to add your more professional blog links.

Adding blog links will have 2 advantages

1.Increase Traffic to your blog.

2.Website or blog visitors will have more options to read your content and purchase more products.

3.Increase authority of your website with visitors coming in.

3 . Email Marketing

If you are new to blogging, this Email newsletter may not apply, as this promoting method who have subscribers.

With email marketing, you can make high sales from your subscribers, by sending offers, deals, and discounts.If you are new to blogging, as part of setting up a blog, create a subscriber form so that you can also increase subscribers.

Read Comparison between best email marketing tools:Aweber vs Getresponse

Use the free subscriber form from Aweber, you can use Aweber which is one of the best email marketing tools, which is free until 500 subscribers.Click this Exclusive Link >> to get for free.

Pros and Cons Of Sephora Affiliate Program

1.Wide Range of Products, which is easy to pick a product and promote.

2.High commission with luxury and expensive products.

3.Multiple stores across the globe.

4.Monthly Payment

5.Accurate Affiliate Tracking with Link share.


1.Minimum payout is $50.

2.Approval process is strict.

Wrap up

Sephora Affiliate Program is best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers and vloggers. Hope our detailed review helped to kick start your earning or ignited you to start a beauty blog and also helped with your question how to start a blog in India.


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