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Is Quora A Good Platform For Affiliate Marketing?

There’s no point in denying that Affiliate Marketing has certainly gained plenty of popularity in the past few years. In fact, more and more people are exploring the opportunities that becoming an affiliate provides. The best part? You can become an affiliate without any experience or expertise, for that matter.


Naturally, once affiliate marketing became popular, it was only a matter of time before marketers would start looking for platforms. Yes, Instagram and other social networking sites have already proven to be great affiliate platforms. However, whenever any industry expands, the search for more mediums also expands.

Bringing Quora Into The Picture: 

Who hasn’t heard about Quora? Whenever there is a crazy (or even sensible at times) question, search engines automatically point towards this platform. So yes, Quora is a social networking platform of sorts, but it is very different from other sites, especially in how it functions.


Founded somewhere in 2009, Quora was designed with the purpose of launching a community-oriented question/answer platform. Simply put, it’s a platform where literally anyone can post a question while community members can type out their personal answers to the question.


For instance, if you visit Quora and ask a random question like, ‘why are cats afraid of water?’, you will find so many answers, primarily personal perspectives, as John Bremner answered,


“My beautiful Mikki was an exception to cats hating water. He loved splashing in puddles. He used to come home covered in mud. He enjoyed getting washed up under warm water to get the mud off of him. Mikki was adventurous, but in the end, at just over a year old, his adventurousness turned out to be the end of him. He was hit by a car, and it so completely destroyed me that I wanted to die…”


What a random answer! Right? Well, that’s exactly what we were trying to tell you, Quora is meant for the community, run by the same community. So naturally, marketing experts couldn’t stay away from this innovative platform. So soon, Quora was transformed into a marketing hub, too, often used as a corporate social network by marketing professionals. With the rise of affiliate marketing, the question that started bothering marketers was,


“Is Quora A Good Platform For Affiliate Marketing?”


Let’s find out!

Exploring Quora As An Affiliate Marketing Platform:

Before we proceed, just so you know, the following will happen if you take Quora for granted as an affiliate marketer.

  1. If you post any affiliate links directly in your posts, it’s not allowed by the platform.
  2. Any answer that contains affiliate linking is considered to be spammy and consequently deleted.
  3. In fact, Quora frequently suspends, and even bans user accounts that post affiliate links directly.


But having said that, it is also true that Quora can be used for affiliate marketing. As long as you are promoting your affiliate links indirectly, you can easily use the platform as an affiliate. For instance, you can always redirect your audience to a landing page of sorts or any other place for that matter which contains your affiliate links.


In fact, Quora can prove beneficial in your affiliate career. Wondering how? Simply scroll down to find out how!

Quora’s Blessings On Affiliate Marketing:

Before starting your affiliate career on Quora, it is essential you find out the benefits of the same. So without wasting any further time, let’s find out the benefits of using Quora for affiliate marketing!


There are two major benefits of using Quora for affiliate marketing. These benefits are as follows,

Quora Boosts Organic Traffic:

When a platform like Quora keeps growing, your traffic keeps growing organically. Every single day, more and more questions are featured on Quora, and these keep popping up on search rankings in Google. The best part? You simply need to write a useful, good-quality answer just once so that you can keep getting traffic from the same source in future.


With time, your answer will start receiving upvotes from your followers. Every single time someone upvotes your answer, your content will pop up on the feed of the upvoter. This basically means that exposure to your answers will keep multiplying. However, not all questions will earn you exposure, but some will – you just have to find the most beneficial questions.

Quora Helps Users To Develop Authority And Become Experts:

As an affiliate, you obviously want to develop authority and emerge as an expert in your respective niche. This is where Quora can really help you emerge as a leader with both authority and expertise. Think about it. The whole question-answer structure of the platform only provides you the space to solve the problems of people.


Naturally, when you are an expert in giving real-life solutions to people’s day-to-day issues, your followers will increase. When your followers increase, your reach will also increase. Thus, Quora will help you increase your personal brand by multiplying the number of your followers and increasing your reach in the process.

A Guide To Enjoying Quora’s Website: How? 

As a new affiliate, you are wondering how to begin your affiliate journey on Quora. The first question to plague you in this context is, ‘what is the first step in the marketing research process?’ Well, there’s no marketing research process in this case. Just follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be all set to go!

  1. Generating Traffic With An Optimized Profile 

This is only normal. If you want to make a lasting impression on your Quora community, the only way to go about this is by making your account strong and optimized. When we say optimized, we are talking about certain factors like whether your profile looks visually pleasing or whether your profile has all the necessary information.


Thus, work towards creating an account that’s strong and optimized for better growth on Quora.

  1. Look For Popular Questions In Your Niche 

As mentioned above, not all questions are going to perform well, but some definitely will! And you have to exactly find those particular questions. You need to answer questions that are actually affecting people and try to provide solutions for the same. It’s best if you stick to your niche in this case!


Thus, look for questions in your niche that have the potential to perform well in the long run, especially for the Quora community.

  1. Give Excellent Answers 

The key to success on Quora is giving excellent answers to questions in your niche. And you might not believe it, but search engine optimization is a real thing, and Quora very much accepts SEO-optimized content. While creating answers, you need to keep a few simple points in mind,

  • Try to always give value-oriented answers
  • It’s best to utilize good formatting
  • Add visuals and use visual texts
  • Incorporate humor and passion


Thus, you need to write relatable answers that your community can interact with, and the more authentic you keep things, the better for you!

Frequently Answered Questions: 

  1. Which Platform Is Best For Affiliate Marketing?

The best platforms for affiliate marketing in 2022 are as follows,

  • Clickbank,
  • Digistore 24,
  • Jvzoo,
  • Bluehost affiliate, and
  • Hostgator affiliate.
  1. Which Platform Is Best For Affiliate Marketing?

There is not one, but several platforms available online that are considered to be best for affiliate marketing. These platforms are as follows,

  • ShareASale,
  • Awin,
  • Amazon Associates,
  • CJ Affiliate, and
  • Rakuten Marketing.
  1. Who Is The Richest Affiliate Marketer?

Currently, Pat Flynn is one of the richest affiliates in the entire world. His affiliate marketing career became so successful that nearly 80% of his actual income is dependent on his status as a successful affiliate!

  1. Which Niche Is Best For Affiliate Marketing?

The best and most profitable affiliate marketing niches are as follows,

  • Health and wellness – weight gain/loss, Yoga, nutrition, diets, organic, and the like.
  • Money – cryptocurrency, debt settlements, investments, and the like.
  • Hobby – travel, betting, photography, sports, and the like.
  1. Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

No marketing job is easy. You are marketing a product or service, and if people don’t like your marketing skills, there is no way you can succeed. Thus, affiliate marketing involves work just like any other form of marketing. Just like Rome was not built in a single day, your affiliate marketing career will not become successful overnight.

Quora And Affliate Marekting: A Match Made In Heaven

If you are not using Quora for your affiliate marketing career, you are making a huge mistake. This is because, as an affiliate, you must always be on the lookout for new opportunities and spaces that can be used for promoting affiliate links. Yes, there are several sites out there that specifically deal with affiliate marketing.


However, those sites are like niche sites. So why not take advantage of other platforms that are not so restricted in their purpose? This is where social media comes into play. And if social media can come into play, why not Quora? As a marketeer, you must always be ready for a journey of exploration!


Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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