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Amazing Tips For Niche Research For A Successful Blog

Kick Start with a Profitable Niche Research.

Finding a great and profitable niche is not like a magic wand or to make it overnight.

Top Shopping site Amazon, Top trends displaying tool Google trend, or it can be with social media. There are multiple ways to look for them.

For me, I can take advantage of the online marketplace to kick start in this digital world.

Picking a researched Niche is very important to make the niche profitable for an entrepreneur, here will put some thoughts on how to find a niche of yours.

Guide to pick a profitable niche for blogging

1. Perform Research for a Profitable niche.

The reason to perform Research here is as we already understood Picking a Perfect profitable blog is not like a magic wand to do overnight.

It is that important to do Research which is core to any blog and to make a blog profitable, 

Picking niche should be based on your interests, and parallelly should sync with the market demands.

  • Don’t pick a niche based on your interest, it can give your negative results.
  • Don’t pick a niche without finding the possibility of earning. Picking a niche without market possibility is not the right direction to choose.

So, how to choose the right profitable niche?

I am adding below the best tips to follow while doing niche research for blogging.

 #1.1 Idea Generation

Take note of possible interests or ideas for blogging. While performing Research, Add all in a note in your mobile.

  • What you like most on a day to day life.
  • What you do most during idle times.
  • Any previous experience of the business of your or your friends/relatives.
  • What are your dream business you think off?

Now takedown in a note in your mobile .all the ideas you come across for a couple of days.Which can be segmented quickly to finalize a niche.

#1.2 Pick the top 5 niche ideas.

Its time to segment the ideas, pick top 5 niche ideas out of the list.

View the niche as a business and pick a top business you enjoy most thing this business will last long for your life.

So here is the importance of picking, which you  like and enjoy thinking about that idea, You should like more and more when you think about that same, else will loose interest to continue.

Now ,we listed down five niche ideas out of our interests.

#1.3 Time for profit Analysis

Closing nearer, time for financial check, how much potential of earning the selected five niche ideas  have? It can be done online based on the chosen niche.

You can do online by performing competitor research, or by reading top-rated blogs on the same industry.

There is a chance some bloggers will share income possibilities, Which is the perfect opportunity to understand.

For all Five Niche ideas finalised, Perform the below-mentioned checklist, which is going to filter down to our target niche.

#1.4 Find keywords related to your niche:

Start searching with broad niche, and words linked to the niche.

For example, let’s take a mattress blog; you could search for “foam mattress,” “coil mattress,” “mattress toppers,” and “mattress protectors.”

With these search terms, we are looking for some results. Search for the blogs or websites, which are focussing on mattress and mattress related articles and online business with the niche mattress.

If results are showing some competition, then you are a step forward.

Competition shows the market is showing the possibility of profits

If you don’t see any competitors or less information, Then that niche market is not a profitable niche, which is very rare.

#1.5 Keyword Research with tools.

The best tool to start keyword research for free is Google Adwords Keyword Planner. With signing up, you can use the keyword research tool without any charges or card addition.

Now, as we took example as a mattress, we will search based on the keywords.

If the search results are hitting 10 to 12 k mark of searches per month for the main keyword and touching 30 to 40k searching with a search volume of all the keywords, then you are on the right track, which is ideal for doing a profitable business based on the niche.

1.Open Adwords, Signup if not done yet.

And Click on tools, then you can See Keyword Planner.


And once you enter keyword into the Search box in the Keyword planner,you can see the search volume.

Which clearly states that Competition is there means earning potential is available.

Here we are seeing Keyword ideas available for our keyword and average monthly searches for the related  keywords.

2: Research at Amazon:

Amazon is another excellent free research option for keywords.When we search for a mattress, there are a massive list of items on the mattress and related products.


Now we moved to the recommended keyword research complete guide, which are easy to rank faster.

3: Affiliate Sites as Source:

Now browse for affiliate marketing sites that are popular like Clickbank. Clickbank specializes in the information of ebook.

Besides this, there are too many affiliate sites there globally.

If many products available in the market, then the niche is eligible to be taken to the next level.

As this stage, you are in a position to decide which products are available and profitable in the market and the niche we selected.

If products in the Market are high, If doing affiliate marketing, then picking niche with the high quantity of products is an ideal niche,

Out of our five finalized niche, check which niche qualified till now. It will be a great idea to sell others products, which will not have the hassle of maintaining stores and inventory and all.

If seeing competition means, Market has more scope for being niche profitable

#1.6 Focus on the Profitability in the Niche

With my experience, I see many people don’t Blog as a hobby. A lot of them do not maintain their websites as people are busy looking after family and related activities.

-Consistency and Patience is key.

Here another question to yourself, Starting Blog as a hobby or as a money machine.

Start as a hobby, which will become a money machine.

What Factors affect a blog to become profitable

-What is the possibility of attracting advertisers in your niche market?

-What are affiliate programs available in the niche market?

-What about the other bloggers, income status from the blogs.

As an assumption, You working hard to generating articles continuously, but not making any revenue, what will be the situation, So love the concept of blogging, not the money.

#1.7 Affiliate space for your Niche

While doing niche research, also keep a note whether products available in affiliate networks.

To identify whether the website participates in affiliate is to check any products linking to leading sites, You can see this at the footer of the website or  search for Disclaimer, as Disclaimer is essential and mandatory for any affiliate sites.

If bloggers are generating revenue in the niche which you are targetting, then there is an opportunity for profits.

Keenly observe how top sites are attracting visitors to land in their affiliate sites.

Writing is an art; different people write. Differently, some users prefer to read your article than others, which can generat good traffic resulting in revenue.

#1.8 Now spy on a competitor.

There are tools which help in doing niche research 


Top-Rated Tool Included SEMrush, besides doing niche research, Tool has proper scope to do keyword research, blog post idea generation, Competitors spying.

Research competitors to see what keywords they are ranking.

Longtail Pro is another tool, which helps in niche research, keyword research to pull out the best keywords of your selected niche.

Google Keyword Planner is another tool, which helps in doing keyword research, which is free.

Google trends is useful to identify the trends of the products you want to sell, which help in determining whether the keyword is seasonal or year long sales.

Google Trends is another free website, which helps in a niche that has products, and the trend is healthy.

As it is already proving, this process will take time to get the best niche finalized.

Usage of tools will help you to perform the research with in-depth analysis easy.

As I concluded the four niche tools for doing research.

For identifying competitors in your niche and determine which is more profitable, and understand how they are structuring the content and what are marketing strategies used by competitors

Buzzsumo: This Tool generates competitor analysis on how many shares done in social media by giving competitors websites as input.

Semrush: This Tool helps to get the competitor details and provide a list of top keywords driving traffic to thier site. We can get data about monthly volume for any provided keyword in your niche.

MOZ: this Tool itself ranks websites using thier ranking algorithm.With ranking from 0 to 100. The higher the MOZ rank is the most popular in the Market. MOZ gets data of individual pages also beside the full website.

Ahref: one of the Famous Tool for providing data on the competitor website and give metrics on provided websites or keywords. I can understand how niche is profitable using these tools.

Spending time on niche research is valuable. By using the right tools. This work is going to help you make a decision quickly.

Look into Forums in your Niche

Browsing through the forums is one of the best possible ways to understand your niche

Forums typically designed for discussion online. Which is used for interacting each other related to the niche

You can find the forums about your niche by searching as “niche +forums” on google. Our example, “mattress + Forum.”


#1.8 Quora: A Top Tool for Content Marketing

Quora is another niche idea generation tool; It became so popular what most of the people asking questions depending on Quora.

It is termed as Wikipedia for Questions an answers, helping niche researchers to provide more ideas of niche beside giving the option to write your content and publish on the relevant questions.

How to use Quora for Niche research 

Quora will be showing all the related questions which you showed interest during sign up. Or you can follow based on your interests.


Will go through, how we can use the quora for doing some research.

Need to make you are following the topic which is related to your niche of near to your niche. So that, trending updates or news on your niche will be notified.

As we are following our niche, People who are asking questions on the niche will be notified. If you are providing useful content or answer, You have more chances to move high on popularity.

If you are following Writers related to your niche, Possibility to get educated and understand what types of niches to pick.

Besides doing research, you can also use Quora for Brand Awareness by updating your website links in the profile and places where you write.

So ,Quora is a mix of rich source for doing multiple activities with Niche research, Keyword research and Brand Awareness.Start exploring now.

Yah! We reached finally which niche to pick based on the study we had till now.

Wrap Up!

I am sure this article helped you, As I wanted to add all the possible chances to do niche research and make the final idea of niche.I hope you liked this.Please share and support me for the efforts putting, which can help all the visitors.Thanks

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