Top 10 Marketplaces Sell Blog and Websites 

TOP 10 Marketplaces to sell your blogs and websites 

Are you a Blog and Website Owner and Looking for Best marketplaces to sell your blogs and websites to make high profits, then you are in the right place. 

Every Online business entrepreneur wants to make high profits by selling their Blogs, products online with the help of marketplaces. 

In this article, you are going to know about Top 10 Marketplaces to sell your blogs and websites and make a good amount of profit. 

Let us know How? 


BloggingElite - Flippa

​Flippa was founded in 2009, and still, it sold 250,000 online businesses worldwide.

It is a market place to sell and buy online businesses. You can easily sell your Blog or Website on Flippa by following our step by step guide. 

Here, ​We are giving below some tips which you can follow and market your site or blog on Flippa. 

Open your browser and type, and after that, you will go to the home page, and on the top right-hand side, you will see the option of starting the selling button. Click on it and select your category after that. 

After this, you will be asked in the first step, “what are you selling? Choose One”. In this, you will be given four options. You have to select the first option, and after that, you have to follow the second step, and in this step, you will be given the opportunity of “Entering Your URL.” Now, you enter the URL of your blog site and click on the Continue button. 3 step: Sign up and Register as a seller and Enjoy selling! 


#2.Trendy Avinash

BloggingElite - Motion Invest

If your site is making revenue of 50 dollars per month, then don’t worry because, at motion invest, you can easily create a good amount of money by selling your website. MotionInvest is the best selling and buying platform for every new and old aged blog. 

We give 2nd rand to it our Article because, at motion invest, the Fee is 0% to sell the website to high ache buyers. Yes, they do not charge any brokerage fees. ​This marketplace is only taken 3-5 days to market your site with buyers. 

They will need some four things from you before the selling process, which is 

➔ 1. Website URL

 ➔ 2. access to your google analytics

 ➔ 3. Monthly profit reports (its profit, not revenue) ➔ 4. Proof of monthly income 


BloggingElite - Latonas

If you have a content site or eCommerce site, then LATINO is best for you. Here you can simply list your area(category) by selecting different listing options. Example of browser listing options: content site, e-commerce site, lead generation, only business, etc. 

In there “Sell your businesses” option you will found three categories to sell 

  1. 1) An eCommerce business 
  2. 2) Amazon FBA business 
  3. 3) Saas Business. 

They provide professional business brokers, Situations with zero pressure, Exit strategy consulting, and many more facilities. 



BloggingElite - Empire Flipper

It is a trending and famous marketplace in selling the buying website industry. Empire Flippers have a massive network of buyers. There sale success rate is around 93% (which is pretty amazing). 

They officially mention that they typically list a blog or website taking the report of 6-12 months of net profit and multiply net profit with 20X-60X +, but wise depending on different factors. 

If your Website making net profit of 1000$ then { 1000$x20 = 20,000$ }

 Note: 20x minimum if we we take 60X then you make = { 1000$x60 = 60,000$ } So what are you looking for? sell now! 🙂 



BloggingElite - Trustiu

Trustiu is a digital marketplace where you can sell or buy digital properties with our own asking price. Their marketplace is famous for selling or bu Websites and Youtube Channels. 

They only have simple basic requirements to sell your website. Conditions like your data must be reliable and accurate, which you send them, and the owner of the property is the rightful owner of that company or property in which you represent them. 



BloggingElite - Exchange Marketplace

The exchange market is also known as the best platform to sell eCommerce websites and other online business websites. On the right top corner, you will found sell business tag. List you Store on the fastest growing Exchange marketplace and fill your account with high profits.:) 

How does it work?

 In there selling procedure, they have four following steps. 

1.Create a private and public listing 

2.Listing shown on an exchange 

 3. Buyers Contact you 

4. Secure and Safe Transfer 



BloggingElite - Free Market

  • At FreeMarket, you can list your blog or website with 0% listing fees(which is pretty good). But they charge the lowest commission rates on the transaction process. On the Homepage, they have a “​Post Your Domain Or Website” Navigation button. Click on it and sign up or log in with your Facebook account. After it lists your business and sells it! 

When you choose to list, then you need some documentation or requirement like the financial state of the property(which you are going to sell). Also, need some reports and proofs of traffic and allover statement( it is because they attract more buyers for your listing item). 

Note: ​Listing fees are 0% 🙂


BloggingElite - Website Broker

It is one of the oldest and most established marketplaces to sell or trade your own web properties. Website Broker was founded in 1997. They also featured sellers site in lest slide bar makes a quick sale. 

The pros of this PlatformPlatform are that it is the oldest and trusted. They provide a simple process and a straightforward system to follow. You only need to fill some basic information on your website to sell . They list your digital property on their homepage front selling list. 

Click on the below link to know more about them:) 



BloggingElite - Buy Business

BuyBusiness​ ​is an advertising marketplace for business. They charge no commission fees, no hidden charges, but they charge per month subscription fees to list your online business or website on their website. 

They have a massive buyer network, and if you visit their homepage, then on the top corner, they show live buyer online numbers. Example: [1019 Buyers online now] 

BuyBuisness have three monthly subscription plan for advertising your business on their Platform. 

  1. Standard ad 
  2. Featured ad 
  3. Spotlight ad 


BloggingElite - FE International

It is a broker website where you can sell your online business on your asking price, and they test your reports and give you the right price to make a deal with buyers. It is a trusted Marketplace, and it also featured on Forbes, Times Harvard Business School. 

On the main page, they also featured their client’s testimonials, their team members, and the Working process of their whole system. 

The total success rate of their platform sales is 94.1%, over 800+ business sales, and also have a professional staff. 


 So what are you looking for?

 Sell your blog or website on these Top marketplaces which we described in this Article 🙂 

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