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Top 4 Instant Online Business Ideas

Creating an online business doesn’t need to be a huge hassle. There are many ideas that can be created in just a day. With just a little bit of set-up you can start selling your services, products or expertise in no time at all.

So creating an online business can be easy but which idea is going to be right for you? Well that’s where we can help. Here we look at a few options to get you started.

The best online business ideas


E-commerce is essentially the term for selling anything online. If you have a talent for making something, this is where you can shine. This could be anything you can think of such as ceramics, perfume or candles.

There are a few options on how to do this with one of them being to create your own websites with a hosting service such as WordPress. They have a few great E-commerce plugins which can allow you to start selling straight away.

Another option is to you an online store such as Shopify. This can be a little easier to set up but it doesn’t allow you to create much of a brand or online presence. It can be ideal for those who aren’t confident about making a website.

Become a freelancer

Another way to instantly start making money is by utilizing your skills as a freelancer. There are websites such as where jobs are constantly picked asking for a wide range of different skills.

It could be that you’re a budding writer, a graphic designer or perhaps a social media expert. You can register yourself straight away and start applying for jobs. Aside from this, you can start to build a presence for yourself with your own website and on social media.

While online businesses are great, you should also think about marketing yourself offline with tools such as free business cards. It’s also a good idea to use flyers and tell family/friends about your new venture.

Online courses 

For those with an expert skill, you can think about creating an online course through a provider such as Teachable. This is great for those who have a serious depth of knowledge in a subject and want to use it to their own monetary advantage.

An example of this could be if you know how to code, you are a customer service maestro or perhaps you want to teach people how to paint. Whatever it is, you can make plenty of money from it. You can create your first course in a day and then start to gain interest from it. It can take time for it to become popular but if the quality is high, you’ll get plenty of sales.

Affiliate marketing

Another brilliant way to gain money online instantly is from affiliate marketing. This is where you promote someone else’s product and you get commission from it. The most popular way to do that is through Amazon’s affiliate program but there are others available which you can easily search for.

So how can you earn these commissions? Well there are quite a few ways of earning from an affiliate link. One of the most popular ways is through a blog where you can, for example, write a review of a product then link to it.

You can also link to products through social media or perhaps links on a YouTube video. There are many ways you can do it and it can be a great source of income. Anywhere that you get plenty of visitors is a great place for some affiliate marketing.

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