Top 10 Tips To Get Clients as a Freelancer

Working as a freelancer is undoubtedly an exciting task. Imagine working while being your own boss. 

Isn’t it exciting? As a freelancer, you can earn much better than working in a full-time job. You can make unlimitedly and also you can learn unlimitedly. Along with this, you get freedom by being your own boss.

There are so many perks for a freelancer like you can enjoy a flexible work time. Also, you can work according to your personal choice. 

Working as a freelancer is no doubt a great idea, but this doesn’t mean that you quit the job and start working on your own when you don’t even have a stable client.

It would help ,if you try doing freelancing while you continue your regular job ,because finding a steady client for beginners might be a difficult task, and people sometimes get demotivated due to it.Incase anything like this happens, you can hop on to your regular job, for your bread and butter. 

On the other hand, who are students or are not yet having a job or are planning to pursue freelancing as your regular work, you guys have to put in a lot of hard work to get stable clients.

Just having excellent writing skills is not enough here. You have to be your business handler, and for that excellent analytical skills, communication skills and business skills are required as prerequisite skills.

You and only you are the people who are going to handle everything at the very beginning so it can be very hectic for you. Still, you should not give up on this point because if you cope up with the situations in the beginning, then you can have a stable working protocol later on.

So, here we are going to tell you about some ways with which you can get stable clients while you work as a freelancer.


As a freelancer references for you will play a very vital role to grow and to find more clients. For this, you have to ask for referrals from your clients, either current or the former.

If you have put handwork in the task and if a client is satisfied with your work, then it is guaranteed that he/she will make referrals if you ask of them.

So the thing you have to do is, do your work in such a manner that the client gets impressed and can give your referrals which will eventually help you in growing your client base.

2. Website or blog 

Having your website is something which a lot of freelancers lack on their side. Many studies and research indicate that the clients do look for your work samples and your portfolio before assigning work to you. 

Thus, having a website can be beneficial for your business. It would help if you made websites designed beautifully, having all the skills and necessary details of you there on the site. You should update your work occasionally on your website, which can make your actions credible.

You can also opt for a blog page if you don’t want to buy a domain and mess up with the website thing and all. In your blog, you can have a strong portfolio of your previous work which can help in bringing more traffic on your blog.

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3. Sending emails 

As a freelancer, you should spare some of your time to send emails to the clients who you think as potential clients. You need to have the email addresses of such clients, and then you should try sending 15 to 30 emails per day to advertise and promote your business

It will not take much of your time, and the other benefit is that it doesn’t charge you.

4. Building relations 

Growing the client base is the primary target of every freelancer as it is the only thing which will give you work and income of your choice.

 For this, you should be building  relations with your customers by reaching out to them and telling them about any new product or service which you are providing with coupons or deals

It would help if you tried doing this not only with your regular or loyal clients but also with other clients as well because you don’t know who needs you at what time.

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5. Networking 

Networking is there in the market for a very long time. It is being proved practically working every time because when you meet someone in person and tell them about your business, the effect of your promotion is more compared to other methods.

You can try organising some meetings, or whenever you attend any event, you should be ready with your business cards.

6. Social Media Marketing 

Social media is not just for chatting and interaction nowadays. Still, the online businesses and many other freelancers are seeing it as an opportunity to promote their work via a digital platform to hit more number of visits on their website or blogs.

You need to select the platforms which you are going to manage for your business platforms and then regularly update it and maintain it.

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7. Providing detailed information 

As a freelancer, you should be worried about the marketing strategies and how to influence the people so that they can turn into your clients. 

Then, you must be having a blog where you should write about your business or service or product in a particular way so that no leave remains unturned and the reader gets a fair idea of what you want to display.

You should also ensure to write it on your own, in your way only.

8. Advertising

For a freelancer who wishes to grow must be aware of this type of advertising method, word-of-mouth advertising. This method is used by everyone to promote their business, nothing wrong in doing your promotion in front of your friends and family.

Instead, it could help you a lot. Even if you get a chance to work with any of your family members or a friend then you should try working with them because money is money and experience is experienced doesn’t matter where it comes from. 

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9. Social Media Advertisements 

The social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook etc. help you in advertising and promoting your business through these apps.

It would help if you built up a vast portfolio and profile so that the views get influenced by your work and get willing to work with you.

These promotions are not usually free, but at that cost, they also work well and promote you in the demography of your field.

10. Co-working 

Co-working with any person or company is also an effective way.

Nowadays, as this can help you get a client from another side as well as you don’t have to work for them regularly but occasionally plus in return, you will get good results for yourself.


Freelancers are one of the significant portions of the working-class nowadays, and this field is often providing many benefits as well, which makes it suitable for many of you out there.

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Being a freelancer, growing your business can be very hard for some, but using some tactics and tips can help a lot. Like everyone else there you want to grow, and that’s where these tricks can help you out.

These were some efforts done by us to make sure you grow in your business and have a well settled and stable company. 

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