Top 8 SEO WordPress SEO Ranking Plugin in Google

If you want to speed up and boost the SEO ranking of your website, you should try using best SEO WordPress Plugin.

Try to look out for SEO plugins. Moreover, Using SEO plugins is one of the many strategies to look for.

There are a lot of SEO plugins available in the market, but you should find the one that’s best for your WordPress website.

Top SEO WordPress plugins

#1.Yoast SEO

BloggingElite - yoast

When looking for an SEO plugin, you will find a lot of options. However, it is most likely that you will find Yoast SEO on top of them. This is because Yoast SEO happens to be the most popular SEO WordPress plugin.

Their following features make Yoast SEO the best plugin to start with:

● Readability checks 

● Tools for page analysis

● XML Sitemaps

● Tools to check for duplicate content on the page

● No Ads, Free 24/7 support, insights for contents and redirect manager(Premium versions only)

Other than features related to the site, Yoast SEO provides a meta SEO box on all pages and posts, wherein you can update post meta, set custom SEO titles, and slug in SEO.

#2.All in One SEO Pack

BloggingElite - allinone

Since Yoast SEO is too popular, you might look for other plugins for SEO ranking. In that case, you can try All in One SEO Pack. This plugin does justice to its name and provides easy solutions to many SEO related challenges. 

The best features of this plugin include:

● XML Sitemaps

● Auto Optimization of titles

● Auto Meta tag generation

● Allows override of settings

In short, the All in One SEO Pack allows you just the right amount of control you want, be it more or be it less. You can take more responsibilities through the advanced features of this plugin as you gain more experience in this field.

#3.Rank Math

Rank Math is probably the most efficient when it comes to SEO plugins for SEO ranking. It’s like a swiss army knife. It comes with every feature you need to take control of your on-site SEO, irrespective of the type of content.

A lot of people find it difficult to choose among these top three plugins, especially when it comes to Yoast Vs. Rank Math

The features that help Rank Math stand out from the other plugins in the league are:

● XML Sitemaps

● Twitter and Facebook Card previews

● Integration with Google Search Console

● Rich Snippets

● 404 Monitoring

● Redirection


BloggingElite - seopress

Another all in one yet simple WordPress SEO plugin to increase SEO ranking is SEOPress. Even the free version of this plugin is white labeled and doesn’t have a single footprint.

It also includes all the features you need from an SEO plugin like XML and HTML sitemaps, redirects, open graph and twitter cards, meta description, etc. And to top it all, the content analysis helps the user to create better SEO posts.

Moreover, it comes with two types of setups, an easier one for the beginners and advanced controls for experienced ones.

But the main reason why people sometimes use SEOPress over other top SEO plugins is that the premium version is a lot cheaper than them and yet provides similar features.

The premium features of SEOPress include:

● Majestic integrated backlinks

● 404 monitoring

● Redirection

● Easy Digital Download optimization

● Google Structured Data Types

#5.SEMrush: SEO Writing Assistant

BloggingElite - semrush writing

Though this plugin is not as widely used as some of the other plugins available, it still is one of the top choices to consider. If you want to use a plugin hat not many take advantage of, you can consider SEMrush: SEO Writing Assistant.

The SEMrush Writing Assistant can improve your SEO content too and has one of the best online toolkits for search engine optimization. 

An account with SEMRush is needed for this plugin to work. If you don’t already have one, you can register for free. However, free accounts only get access to just one template. If you need more, you can go for the premium plan.

Some of the best features of SEMrush are as follows:

● It not only can analyze your content for you and tell you how SEO friendly it is with scores but also show you suggestions on how to improve your content for better optimization.

● This plugin also allows you to add target keywords based on which you receive recommendations.

#6.Seo Squirrly

BloggingElite - seostratergy

This plugin is designed for those who are not that accustomed to SEO. It comes with a live SEO assistant feature wherein you just need to provide the keyword you are trying to rank in your article, and as you write, green light and pop up suggestions get activated in real-time.

It’s almost like someone explaining to you how to work the keyword into the article.

Features that make Seo Squirrly the right choice include:

● If you are shifting to Seo Squirrly from an old plugin, it retains all the settings from the previous setup.

● Squirrly includes content reports that provide the writer with additional insight into the SEO based on what they have written.

● Squirrly also comes with this amazing tool that allows you to analyze other content on the same topic. This not only helps you improve your content but also find ways to outrank them. This tool also monitors your progress on a weekly basis.

● Squirrly also has a range of other inbuilt tools that makes it the best plugin for people who are not SEO experts.

These tools include a Strategy assistant, a Settings assistant to help fix the SEO settings, a Blogging assistant to help write rich content without leaving the WordPress dashboard, and a Keyword Research assistant to keep record keywords and suggest better keyword opportunities.

#7.The SEO Framework

If you are looking for a plugin that is lighter than Yoast and All in One SEO Pack, The SEO Framework is the one for you. 

The features that can improve your SEO ranking are as follows:

● When integrated with WordPress, the interface blends in a way as if it is supposed to be there. 

● This plugin also comes with a coloured scale that tells you how to optimize each article for the search engines.

And to take advantage of this feature, you just need to move your cursor over the SEO column bars and Voila! They will provide you notes on how you can use a certain page.

● The SEO Framework doesn’t charge you a single penny. And to top it all, while you are working with this plugin, you can be sure not to be disturbed by any kind of ads or up sells.

However, the SEO Framework is best suited for small enterprises. 


SEOquake is available as a browser add on for top browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and more. 

This SEO plugin can provide you SEO related information from any website you want, including parameters like last updated, Alexa rank, etc. 

The features of this plugin make it one of the most downloaded add-ons by SEO experts. One of which is the SEOquake toolbar, wherein you can see all similar kinds of data search results by just typing a keyword.

This can also be downloaded CSV format and comes in handy when you are looking for different keywords.

Wrap Up!

Search Engine Optimization can be complicated if you don’t have the right plugins with you. So have a look at these top 7 SEO plugins and find the right one for your WordPress. This list has something for everyone.

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