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Why is custom Shopify development Important for your Ecommerce Business?


As we all know, eCommerce has changed the business scenario and has a significant impact on today’s global business landscape. Sellers are now showcasing their products online instead of in brick-and-mortar stores. As a result, there is a requirement to build eCommerce stores that represents a perfect blend between functionality and aesthetics. So to create the same, you need to hire a top-notch eCommerce development company that delivers a scalable eCommerce solution and adapts to the changing industry trends.


You can find various eCommerce platforms available in the market to fulfill your requirements and help you to build your eCommerce store. But choosing a reliable platform that suits your needs and accomplishes your goals is one of the major factors to take into consideration. But if you search the market, you can see that more and more companies prefer using the Shopify framework for their online business. After examining the several eCommerce platforms, we came up with Shopify and thought of discussing how Shopify can be the best platform for your online business. One of the main reasons behind using this platform is that it allows both small and large-scale organizations to scale their custom websites. It lets companies use various channels to reach out to their audience.


In this post, we’re going to discuss why custom Shopify development is crucial for your eCommerce business and why we cannot ignore this. But before that, let’s know more about Shopify and then proceed ahead. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Shopify Platform

Among all the eCommerce platforms, Shopify is one of the most popular and leading platforms that small businesses use to build online stores and sell products online on websites or through social media platforms. It provides advanced functionality with a plugin-style platform that allows you to download, customize, and install the website depending on your needs. Apart from improving sales and social media promotion, Shopify also offers business reporting, inventory management, and accounting.


Do you know that Shopify offers an incredible library of applications and third-party extensions? Yes, you heard it right! If you prefer working with Shopify, you can have access to hundreds of libraries, applications, and third-party extensions that will help you upraise your online store to the next level.


You’ll be surprised to know that Shopify provides an easy way to launch an online store without hassling servers and development expenses. The company also sells point-of-sale software that startups and small businesses can use in their brick-and-mortar stores.


Despite this, Shopify supports more than 200 payment options and has its own gateway which is termed Shopify payments. You can integrate any other payment option or else use Shopify payments which is a great choice. It is on hand 24/7 to propose a generous hand if you ever see yourself in a sticky situation.


Shopify has a wide variety of professional themes to build your online store with and that too is customizable so that you can modify it according to your desire and match your brand. We can say that it is a winner when it comes to sales-focused businesses that need easy-to-use and automated eCommerce solutions for their business.

Why is custom Shopify development Important for your Ecommerce Business?

1. Ease of use

One of the main reasons behind the adoption of Shopify is that it is easy to set up and use this platform even if you are not an expert in this field. Using the Shopify development services of a trustworthy and renowned service provider, you can go live within a short period of time without any hassle. It is a scalable solution that readily supports multiple devices and has a precise and easy-to-use interface. Even if you are a fresher in this field, you can still easily set up an online store within a few minutes.


The editor that comes with Shopify is really easy to use and runs smoothly. While going through the designing phase, users can take guidance from prompts to make sure that they have an optimized website targeted at their audience. We can say that Shopify is an ideal platform and a great alternative for those who are looking for a complete solution with no technicalities related to hosting and development of the online store. You can have more than 100 professional desktop and future-ready storefront themes to choose from. So there is no lack of templates, you can choose a theme and customize it to match your brand and build a site that looks great as well as provides an excellent user experience.

2. Powerful marketing tools

As we mentioned before, Shopify is a complete platform and a one-stop-shop solution for eCommerce businesses that have the marketing edge too. The basic version of Shopify offers SEO features with advanced eCommerce analytics which makes your online store make more sales and increase revenue. Also, it offers more advanced marketing tools such as targeted email marketing, custom gift cards, discount coupons, and much more.


You can use these marketing tools to expand your online business and get access to the Shopify App Store which can help you with every aspect of your business. Not every eCommerce platform offers such powerful and incredible marketing tools, so this is one of the main reasons why businesses and web developers tend to choose Shopify development services for their online stores.

3. Excellent customer support

If you are a startup and planning to build an online store using Shopify then you are using Shopify primarily to run your store. Now you want to attract customers to your store, then Shopify has the best customer experience. The customer service of Shopify is great, all thanks to their team members who are experienced enough in various fields. This represents that you’ll get excellent support beyond the technical stuff that helps you to expand your eCommerce business, manage it, and run smoothly.


When you are choosing the content management system, make sure to assess the support options that come with the platform. Customer support helps businesses to prevent system downtime by acting as an extension of the company without using any additional resources. The users in your store can access the 24/7 customer support service from Shopify across various platforms such as Twitter, email, chat, or over the phone.

4. Adequate marketing features

We know that the requirement of any content management system is the availability of marketing features and tools to improve conversions. Shopify marketing is an effective technique to promote your online eCommerce store and products via online marketing platforms such as advertising campaigns and email. Using this strategy, businesses can build their brand, retain more clients, boost revenue, and increase customer loyalty. It makes sure that your website is responding well to the customers and offers a smooth experience across multiple devices.


The themes that come with Shopify development are mobile responsive. It has a built-in shopping cart that looks amazing on various devices. If developers choose to work with Shopify then they can create multiple payment options and integrate them with a chosen payment gateway. Sellers or marketers can also pamper their customers by offering them gift vouchers and providing them with a discount on some products without any hassle. This can increase sales and attract more audiences to your online store.

5. Easy payment

Payments are important to every online business, as it is one of the major factors to make a sale. We can say that it is a challenge for an online retailer to integrate a secure payment gateway. Shopify is one of the best and most simple eCommerce platforms that not only provides excellent marketing tools and strategies but also makes it simple for store owners to set up the payment gateway in a few steps. While running an online store, having a smooth payment gateway integrated into it is crucial for both businesses and customers. You’ll be surprised to know that Shopify allows you to integrate any payment gateway in your online store and it also supports the Stripe payment option to make transactions smooth without paying any additional fees.


Shopify payment gateway plays a vital role in managing and organizing online payments making it more easier and seamless for the customers as well as business owners. It undertakes several other tasks such as performing AVS checks, processing money, and validating the client’s account on a regular basis. You might not be aware that Shopify has a country-specific payment gateway that allows you to track your user’s geographical location and based on that it gives them the option of the payment portal used in that specific country. All these can be done easily if you choose the Shopify eCommerce platform for your online business.

6. SEO-friendly

Shopify is an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform that comes with all the basic features. The out-of-the-box SEO features that Shopify offers make it important to make it search-engine friendly to attract more traffic to the site. You will find numerous built-in SEO features, functionalities, and applications that effectively get your page indexed and ranked on Google. We know that SEO is completely dependent on keywords, that’s why it takes more than just sprinkling some keywords into your website content and making it rank higher than ever before.


After building your online store, it is important to make it search-engine friendly. For every online store, it is essential that the store is easily accessible to users and it allows them to search for the products that they are looking for. The excellent SEO features allow your users to search the product easily without wasting their time as Shopify is said to be the most easy-to-SEO eCommerce platform now. Not only this, but Shopify also supports SEO parameters like meta tags and custom title tags which are necessary for every eCommerce store.

7. Security and reliability

Security is the main concern for every business when it comes to building an online store. But you are not required to worry if you are working with Shopify. Shopify is highly secure as it is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. This is another great reason why developers and businesses prefer using Shopify for their online business. Your business deals with financial and personal information about the customers, so there must be high-end security on every end of the platform. This eCommerce platform offers it all by taking care of maintenance and upgrades.


Compared to all other eCommerce platforms, Shopify is the most secure and reliable platform that is very serious about hosting your online store securely and invests a significant amount of money and effort to certify your solution. The overall rating of Shopify is great. Businesses and developers highly prefer using Shopify to develop their online store using various built-in features, tools, strategies, and tons of applications. An eCommerce app developed using Shopify allows customers to shop anytime, from any location across the globe.

Bottom Line

So that’s it for the post. In closing, we would like to mention that the eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid speed and the immense competition among the players is also expanding. After reading this post, you can say that Shopify is the best platform for your online store. But just don’t hop on it, first, make sure what are your project requirements and analyze how and what type of eCommerce store you are planning to build. After all, you need to invest a good amount of time in choosing a reliable platform or take guidance from a top-notch eCommerce development company that can help you in choosing the right platform for your project depending on your requirements.


Here we discussed the main reasons why Shopify is gaining popularity and why developers tend to work with Shopify. It is a great platform for established as well as small businesses. Shopify offers everything that an eCommerce site requires such as flexibility, high-end security, reliability, efficiencies, great customer support, and whatnot. Businesses nowadays focus more on website design to attract more users, so it is necessary to design an optimized website using the capabilities of Shopify that can entice visitors and improve sales. Whether your business is small or large, you can still use Shopify to create websites and increase revenues. Lastly, we would like to say that Shopify is an ideal platform for eCommerce businesses that can be easily set up and allows the seller to sell products or services that need the tiniest configuration. For businesses who are planning to sell products in a few colors or sizes, then Shopify is a great option for them.


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