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Truelancer Review:Detailed Review-What’s Special?

Are you new to the freelancing space? And looking to kick start your freelancing career?

Truelancer Review in this post will bring more enthusiasm and encouragement, important to take advantage of freelancing, away from highly competitive platforms like Fiverr.

If you are already adding some money to your wallet, the Truelancer review will show you new possibilities to level up your freelancing career.

In this post, we are going to discover the untouched facts of Truelancer, as part of a detailed review from freelancer view and useful tips for the clients, who want to hire the best match for your requirement.

What is Truelancer? is one of the best platforms for searching online jobs as a freelancer and even professionals and make money with quality projects by the employers or clients,Truelancer running operations from 2 locations, one from the US and another from the Capital of India, Delhi. is another platform, which is a marketplace for sellers of services and buyers, besides topper in the freelancing industry like Fiverr and Upwork.This platform is free to use for freelancers and is simple as job seekers want to find jobs and employers want to find the best talent.

How Truelancer Works? follows the standard process same as other top-notch freelancing sites like Fiverr.

  • Client Posting a Job
  • Freelancer Applying for related works with bids
  • The client will award the project and pay.
  • Freelancer will complete the task and get paid
  • Review the Work

Then what is special at you will get to know soon as we go through more.

Review From Freelancer View


Each step of freelancing has its importance, in this section, will focus on the freelancer view, how you can sign up and start getting freelancer projects.


Eligibility to Work at Truelancer

Working as a freelancer in doesn’t require any special eligibility, anyone can sign up for free, but when you are applying for the job as a freelancer, you must have a related skill set.

Example: If you are applying for content writing jobs, make sure you have the required skill to deliver quality work, having the required skill can be the eligibility for the jobs you are applying for.

Quick Note: If you want to write content on your own, then Grammarly will make your content more engaging and error free, use this exclusive link to try for free.

While applying, do remembers you are applying to build a strong freelancing career, not a one-time job, if you misinterpret your skills, it may result in poor quality and bad reviews.

Even with 99 good reviews and 1 bad review, the client who wants to hire, to know more about you, can do check on the review.

To apply for the jobs you are eligible for with the required skills and deliver quality work, is the formula for a successful freelancing career.

How to Sign up at Truelancer?

Sign up is a straightforward process, to provide required details like name, email and strong password, once all done, verify your email and confirm. ta-da, you are now a member of

If you don’t want such a lengthy process of signup, you can use your Gmail or Facebook for instant sign up, you option an option to use your already existing account.

So signup at Truelancer is a quick process, which is free and does not have much hassle of any approvals.

How you are all set for executing a 3 -Step process.

  • Get Hired
  • Complete Work and Delivery Quality Work
  • Get Paid.

Categories at Truelancer

Which category your skillset falls under at You would have finalized you’re category.

Important Note: Stick to one skillset and provide the best services at the initial stages, more jobs will come your way without much hard work.

Truelancer Supports all skill set as their competitor like Fiverr.

Some of the main categories include:

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Blog Writer
  • SEO Expert
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Mobile App Design and Development

These are the primary categories, under which, multiple other subcategories exist, which can suit your skill, don’t miss out to pick the right category.

Membership Plans and Fees

Freelancers will have multiple options of members, which you don’t see with a competitor like Fiverr.

Truelancer Offers 4 Membership Plans like:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Plus

Free Membership Plan

The free plan is suitable for freelancers, who are just starting with freelancers, though you have limited options of applying to jobs, being a started these are well enough.

With this Plan You get;

  • Service Fee of 10%
  • Max Project Value you can Bid is $75
  • Can send 20 Proposal per month,
  • Can have max skills of 10
  • TO display your portfolio, you have 10 Slots.
  • You will not have access to prime Projects.
  • Priority Support not available with this Free plan.

Basic Membership Plan

The basic plan is suitable for freelancers who have basic experience as a freelancer and using Truelancer for the first time and if you want more chances of getting a project with more proposals, which charges $5 per month

With this Plan You get;

  • Service Fee of 10%
  • Max Project Value you can Bid is $375
  • Can send 50 Proposals per month.
  • Can have max skills of 30
  • To display your portfolio, you have 25Slots.
  • You will not have access to prime Projects.
  • Priority Support not available with this Basic plan.

Pro Membership Plan

Pro membership plan is a recommended plan by Truelancer, which gives more scope of getting more opportunity and can be used for better growth as a freelancer, which charges $10 per month

  • With this Plan You get;
  • Service Fee of 8%
  • All projects you can bid.
  • Can send 100 Proposals per month.
  • Can have max skills of 50
  • To display your portfolio, you have 80 Slots.
  •  Access to prime Projects.
  • Priority Support

Plus Membership Plan

Plus is a premium plan by Truelancer, which is recommended for full-time freelancers and agencies to take most of the opportunities available with matching skills.

With this Plan You get;

  • Service Fee of 8%
  • All projects you can bid.
  • Can send 150 Proposals per month.
  • Can have max skills of 100
  • To display your portfolio, you have 100 Slots.
  •  Access to prime Projects.
  • Priority Support

Earning Potential at Truelancer

At Truelancer, earning potential is unlimited, but the membership plan will take control of your earnings means that, based on the proposals you send, your chance of earning potential increases.

If you choose the Free plan, you have a limited number of proposals to send, so less chance of getting the project, which means more proposals, more chance of earning more.

Payout Modes

On successful completion, every freelancer wants to get paid, which is the final goal for the work we do, to reach more global audience, Truelancer used 2 payment modes.

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer to the Bank.

More payout Options can be implemented based on the requests from different countries, so make sure you have seamless payment from Truelancer in the country you are residing.

You have the option to choose any of the payment modes, at your convenience.

Party starts faster with PayPal as a payment option as it will be quick when compared to Wire Transfer, if PayPal is available in your country, do opt for the same.

How to interpret your skills?

Till now, you got a chance to know the basics about Truelancer and understood all our process is legit and you can go ahead and put your hard work to get s project assigned.

Is that so easy? soon as applying project will be assigned?

Na Na, not so easy, before applying think from the employer’s perspective, why a client should hire you? what made you separate from other freelancers for the same job?

Thinking in such a way helps to show your skills special compared to other freelancers.

What are some focus points to make yourself, getting more chances of assigning the project? Let us see some.

Prove your Identity Of the work Sample you Submit

While applying most of the freelancers do mistake is, the proposal with having some greetings, how you can fulfill the job and advantages of working with a freelancer and attach some articles of content if it is a content writing job.

If freelancing is attaching content, how a client can authenticate, that the attached content is yours? Here is one of the important points which makes you different from other freelancers.

I am taking here as an example for a content writer job.

How To Show Content, which is By you?

1.You can publish quality content on free Guest Posting Sites like, Medium, and many more.

2.Start your blog or website and post regular content, which can be used as a portfolio.

Don’t worry, starting a blog these days is as low as $2.95/month, If you can use this exclusive link (usually $4/95/month)

3.Pick the best trending topic to write and publish your content, showing the content on a trending topic will add more weightage to the proposal you send for any position.

You can use SEMrush which is one the best SEO/Research tool, you can do some basic research on topics and keywords. Use this Free Trail Link, you can use for free, which saves you $100+

Add More Weightage To your Freelancing Profile

Endorsement by any known person will give the extra benefit of proving yourself and the quality of work.

Make sure you attach in your proposal and profile any endorsement from people you got, it is not mandatory, but good to have only.





Review From Client View

Will all the detailed steps and guides for freelancers, it is also important to know from the client view or the employer view. Myself being employer cum freelancer, it is challenging to hire quality freelancers these days because of high competition.

Employer work is not as easy as picking a freelancer who applied for the job, as choosing some freelancing randomly will only end of waste of money and time, need to be keen on hiring freelancers with proper guidelines for your requirements.

1.Employer work starts with posting, requirement with the clear requirement.

2.One requirement is public; the freelancer will check the requirement and submit a proposal.

3.As an employer your hiring work starts by:

  • Review Proposals
  • Check the bidding pricing on the proposals.
  • Check the work sample of the freelancer
  • Check authenticity of the work samples.
  • Finalize some profiles.
  • Interviewing the shortlisted profiles.
  • Hire the best suitable profile after your interview process.
  • Monitor regular work from freelancer
  • Once work submitted, take some days to review the work
  • Release payment, once satisfied with the delivery.

A very lengthy process, don’t worry Truelancer just heard you and implemented a Truelancer Prime plan for Clients, all the above works are done by the Truelancer team.

With Prime Plan;

  • You will get support in sourcing profiles.
  • Access to the top freelancers and hand-picked profiles based on Truelancer internal surveys.
  • Prime Manager will take care of all these activities.

However, to save your time you can hire the Truelancer Prime team for a set service charge, you can contact Truelancer support for a quote based on the work.

More About Truelancer

How safe are payments at Truelancer?

Payment at Truelancer is safe as per the third-party reviews, there are no payment-related issues reported. Truelancer holds your money safe and releases it once the project complete and the client is happy with the work.

Support Model


Support models are very crucial for the freelancer platform, as support comes across disputes, Issues on payment. Truelancer has a dedicated support team and available 24/7 to solve your queries.

Truelancer Platforms

Nowadays all task needs to be complete on the go, even you are at an office or you are traveling, keeping this requirement, Truelancer have a web application, Android Mobile Application, and iOS Phones.

So, now using Truelancer is as easy as carrying a phone during any of your transit

Pros of Truelancer


  • Truelancer is one the largest freelance platform with a competitor as Fiverr.
  • Freelance has multiple plans at Truelancer for a wide range of workers.
  • Application available on all the platforms, which is a great way to work on the application

Cons Of Truelancer

  • Service fees are 8 to 10% for all plans.

Truelancer Alternatives

Fiverr vs Truelancer

Fiverr is the Top freelancer platform now, besides Upwork. Fiverr is offering digital services of more than 300 categories, helping freelancers for almost 11 years.

Experience the best freelancer market, and explore more at Fiverr, besides using Truelancer.


With multiple freelancer platforms out there in the market, Truelancer also takes the best place, which is the platform for freelancers and employers to work.

I hope this Truelancer Review has covered all flavours to make freelancing space better from freelancer view and client view also.

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