How To Delete Disabled Adsense Account Permanently:Step By Step Guide

When thinking about monetizing from your website or page the first tool that strikes our mind is Google Adsense. Isn’t it? But what exactly is Google Adsense? Many people set back thinking this is rocket science, but trust me it is easier as bread and butter.

But, for any reason, your Adsense account is disabled, and want to clean up your account by deleting the disabled Adsense account. I have a step-by-step guide to do the same in this article, read through the post, and delete disabled adsense account permanently.

Don’t worry if your adsense got disabled, learn the mistakes for the disabled reason and start using Google Adsense alternatives like

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is an application that is developed and run by Google. By using this web application the creators can easily reach out to their group of targeted audience. The advertisement can be done via the means of- video, text, online polls, images, text, and other interactive mediums.

The advertisements are sorted, administered, and maintained by the Google platform. Thus, Google AdSense makes the work of digital marketing more easy and convenient. There are many ways to monetize your website’s traffic, and the most common among these is Google Adsense.

These tools primarily work by advertising third-party products or services to your website traffic. However in case of any issue, one can delete disabled AdSense account

AdSense is a tool by Google that allows channel owners to manage the payment of revenue for ads displayed on their content. If you want to advertise with Google’s targeted advertisement system, you may enroll through Google Ads.

AdSense is one of the most popular programs that specializes in placing banners and responsive ads on websites and blogs that helps in monetizing.

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How does the Google AdSense account work?

 The Google Adsense applicant differs from other AdSense applications that are available in the market. The ads are directly served and administered by Google. The platform of Google plays the users for the advertisements that are displayed on the website or webpage.

The entire mechanism is based on “pay-per-click” methods. Where the amount is evaluated based on the number of clicks by the users on the ads or on the type of the ads.

The platform of Google AdSense gives users instant access to a huge source of advertiser demand. This implies that the users will be getting access to more relevant ads, and varied advertisements for the online content.

Adsense works on a very simple policy. You just have to create an AdSense account and insert a small amount of code into your website pages; that’s it, you are good to start.

Google will display ads on your page targeting your audience; it can either be relevant to the content of your website or as per the users’ previous searches.

When your website visitors will start clicking those ads, you will get paid for them. The policy that Google AdSense uses to pay their user is cost-per-click and revenue-sharing.

Hence, your main task will be to provide as many clicks to those ads as possible in order to earn a significant amount.

But, by no chance, you must try to cheat Google by artificially increasing the number of clicks. Do not promote your website visitors to click ads, and you should not click your own ads under any circumstances! Google uses a very accurate and complicated system to keep a check on click fraud. If by any chance, it notices some suspicious activity on your website, it will immediately disable your account.

Make Money With Google AdSense?

You can make a significant amount of money from Adsense if you follow a well-constructed and proper plan. Here are some tips to help you earn well from Adsense.

  • Read and adhere to Google’s rules: You must be aware of Google’s webmaster policies, as well as the AdSense program policy. The platform of Google follows strict rules and guidelines in case the terms are breached in any way or there any case of fraudulent activities it can ultimately lead to the suspension of the Google AdSense account.
  • Don’t click on your own ads or ask others to click on them: In order to Incentivize from AdSense, do not buy any Pay Per Click (PPC) space or use any program to drive traffic to your pages. These are against the policy of AdSense, and if recognized strict steps are taken by Google and even removes the Adsense account from the blogger. So, be sure to adhere to the terms and policies of AdSense.
  • Have great content your target market wants to read: Whether you use Adsense or any other monetizing tool, the primary factor that will help you earn value is your content. So, make sure you create positive and original content that people are looking for.
  • Use honest traffic-building marketing techniques: You can use search engine optimization (SEO) and article marketing to get effective and free traffic for your site. In the domain of digital marketing, a generous amount of traffic and leads can be generated by implementing techniques like- SEO, Youtube marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Facebook advertisements, and other such mechanisms.
  • Make sure your website/blog is optimized for mobile: A significant number of users visit websites on their mobile phones. So, make sure that you’re using responsive ads so that Google can send appropriate ad sizes for people viewing your site on mobile. Moreover, with the advancing world, it has been noticed that maximum people access the content from the mobile. There to make the content more reachable it is important that it is made mobile-friendly.
  • Max out your ad placement: As per Google AdSense, you can use three standard ad placements per page. So structure your page correctly to benefit from it at maximum. Always remember to make your page optimized and target-oriented. If this is not done the Google AdSense will not reach the targeted audience.
  • Have ads above the fold: This section of your page is viewable without scrolling; hence place the most relevant ad in this section. This advertisement can be reached by the audience more easily.
  • Have a leaderboard ad below your header/logo: Instead of putting an ad at the very top of the page; you can place it near your logo, where it can be readily visible. Also, this increases the chance of a “pay-per-click” provision for the advertisement placed.
  • In-content ads for visibility: Add advertisements within the article, as they will be visible to the reader during the course of going through the article, making the ads more visible. When the advertisements are organically placed within the content the interest of the audience will also be retained.
  • Monitor your results: Analyze your data with the help of feedback provided by Google, and understand what it has to say about your results so that you can make the necessary corrections and put your most efforts into getting the maximum results.
  • Read email from Google: Thoroughly check your emails from Google; it can be a prior warning for any of your tasks. They that Google does not accept. A failure to deal with Google’s complaints can even lead to termination of the program and removal of the Adsense account.

Why To Delete Disable Google Adsense Account?

For some unavoidable reasons or some technical complications or in case of legal disputes or in case the Google terms or policy is breached the existing Google AdSense account needs to be deleted or disabled temporarily.

Thus, at times owing to the requirement you might feel the need to delete a disabled Adsense account. In some cases where the terms of Google are breached and not followed, Google disables Adsense accounts. The account can also be disabled in case they figure out any invalid traffic in your account.

Also, Google AdSense policies do not allow more than one Adsense account for a person. If you had a Google Adsense account some years ago and forgot about it and created a new one, then you will receive a mail from Google Adsense Team that “You are already registered to Adsense, please close the account to continue with this one.” In that case, you will have to delete that account and then start with a new one.

Once the Google AdSense account is closed you will also not have access to the performance reports from the account.

Furthermore, if you have your YouTube account linked with the Google AdSense account then closing or disabling the account implies the fact that the revenue that is generated from the platform of YouTube will also stop.

Also, the Google AdSense platform checks the account every six months. In case a check has not been chased within six months of the last check then a stop payment will be placed on the check.

If this happens then on the account it will be shown- “Check Expired” and the earnings will be credited back and the details will appear on the Payment History page.

Close Adsense Accounts?

In case you want to disable your Google AdSense account then you need to follow the steps that have been provided below. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you to cancel or disable your Adsense account permanently. Just follow these nine steps to delete your Adsense account.

Step 1: The users in the first place have to open their web browser of choice and search for “Google My Account” on the Google search engine and select the first hyperlink that would be provided.

Step 2: In the next step the users have to sign in to their existing Google account, which they want to delete permanently. In case they have not logged in to the account then they need to sign back into their Google account.

Step 3: In the following step the users are requested to click on the “Payments and Subscriptions” button that is available on the left-hand side of your window.

Step 4: Under the “Payments and Subscriptions” tab, the option titled Manage Payment Methods” needs to be clicked by the users.

Step 5: If you have already added a payment method, go straight away to “Step 7”, or if you haven’t, add a payment method following the steps mentioned in “Step 6”.

Step 6: Now the users have to fill in all the card details and address information. They then have to proceed further by clicking on the “Save” button.

Step 7: After adding your payment details, you then have to go to the settings tab that is provided on the left-hand side.

Step 8: In the settings tab, scroll down, and you will see “Payments profile status” click on “Close Payments Profile” and proceed further.

Step 9: Choose the reason why you want to close your payment profile and click on the “Continue” button.

However, after deactivating the Google AdSense account, the user can easily reactivate the same account. The code however will cease to work and it is essential that the code of the advertisement is further removed from all the pages.

Furthermore, in case you have a search engine associated with that particular account then the search will continue to act but the advertisements will no longer be associated with that account. To start earning revenue again it is important that a new Google AdSense account is created.

Points to consider before you delete the disabled Adsense account

  • If you are using Google Adsense Ads code on your website, remove that before deleting or disabling the Adsense account.
  • If you have given someone permission to access your Adsense account, remove the user before you delete your Adsense account, as they won’t be able to access your Adsense account after you delete your Adsense account.
  • If your account balance is greater than the cancellation threshold, get your payment first; after that, cancel your Adsense account.
  • Make sure that you have a backup of all your necessary and important records. You can also download all the record files in CSV format for convenience.
  • You have received the final payment from the Google AdSense account that you’re closing down. To get the final payments the following key points need to be remembered-
  • The address is verified.
  • There are no payment holds in that Google AdSense account.
  • The account that you are making a payment request needs to have a balance that has a greater cancellation threshold. Google will not make any payments for any earned balance that does not reach this threshold amount.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Adsense


  • You can earn thousands of dollars from Google Adsense every month.
  • Adding Google AdSense to your website is easy.
  • You don’t have to get anyone’s approval to begin making money from Google’s click ads.
  • Unlike other platforms, Google AdSense shows only the relevant advertisements to the customers.
  • Google AdSense allows for a greater scope of customising the features to make it more easy and convenient for the users.
  • Getting access to the Google AdSense platform is easier. To access the platform one does not have to go through the complicated codes.

Disadvantages :

  • Google’s AdSense Pay Per Click program is designed in such a way that you get paid a very small percentage; for that, you can try alternate ad income like and Ezoic.
  • They don’t tell you the percentage of the click revenue you receive. If you guess, it would be around 5% or even less.
  • They don’t tell about which advertiser Ads are being clicked on, so it becomes very hard to understand how to focus the content in order to make more money.
  • One of the key disadvantages of using AdSense is that the user will get the payment only after they earn a minimum of $100.
  • Furthermore, using Google AdSense forbids you from using any other advertisement account or network.
  • Google has the last say in case of any discrepancy the account can be suspended by Google.

You can cancel, disable your Adsense account and start a new website with better hosting that will enable you to earn more.

Google Adsense Alternatives

While talking about pay-per-click advertising for publishers, the first tool that will pop anyone’s head will be Google Adsense simply because it is the most used tool.  But Google AdSense has its own limitations, The user can thus opt for other AdSense tools to make their job more easy and convenient. The most popular Adsense tools are-

  • Adversal
  • Amazon Associates Program
  • Taboola Native Advertising
  • PopAds
  • Propeller Ads
  • Adcash
  • Infolinks


  • Carbon Ads
  • Revcontent Native Advertising
  • Google AdExchange

Tools like or ezoic are very popular amongst users. There is a brief description of the two tools-– offers a pay-per-click advertising program for publishers that takes advantage of the Yahoo and Bing network. The biggest advantage of over Google AdSense is its high revenue per thousand impression rate (RPM).

In, the targeting is done via the means of keyword search terms thereby adding more revenue to the contextual ads and prompts more clicks.

The main features of  are as follows-

  • Contextual ads: offers contextually targeted ads, i.e., if a website shares fashion blogs, the visitors of the website will see ads related to fashion. This feature shows relevant ads based on the publisher’s site/app.
  • Native ads: is structured in a way that shows native contextual ads. The native ads match the design and layout of the site and help the user to differentiate non-intrusive ads.
  • Mobile responsive ads: For mobile, has a responsive feature by which the publishers can put up responsive ads that can resize according to the screen size of the mobile or tablet device.
  • Marketplace: The company works in collaboration with the second-largest contextual company to help the publishers reach the entire contextual global market. Thus, access to an enormous marketplace would mean more competition and thereby more revenue.
  • Forbidden content: prevents adult, illegal, tobacco, alcohol, ammunition, violence, gambling, profane, discriminatory, and offensive content.

Here is a step-by-step guide for registering yourself with

Step 1: Visit the website of from your search engine.

Step 2: Add the name of your website and your email address and then click on the button “Continue With Signup”.

Step 3: Type in your name and the captcha code. Then click on the “Submit for Approval” button.

The application process takes a few minutes. After the creation of the account, it might require four to five business days for approval.


Ezoic, on the other hand, is a Google AdSense Certified Partner, and hence comes with additional benefits to all the publishers. One of the most crucial benefits is, it gives access to all the AdSense Certified Partner Program. The Ezoic system can use the data from your existing AdSense account to optimize the tests.

The main features of the ezoic platform have been listed below-

  • Big Data Analytics: Big data analytics by ezoic helps harvest all internal data and provide internal metrics with context and reasoning. This helps to track the audience, traffic, and behavior of the page.
  • Machine Learning: Ezoic uses ad tester, site speed accelerator, and layout features, and machine learning to improve user experience and ad profitability.
  • Site Speed Accelerator: Ezoic uses a singular tool to clean up CSS and JS that optimizes images for better loading without affecting the appearance of the site.
  • AMP Converter: It can convert any mobile page into an Accelerated Mobile Pages format for better testing and ad monetization.

Here is a step by step guide to help you create an Ezoic account-

Step 1: The user is requested to open the Ezoic website on your search engine.

Step 2: The following details and credentials need to be added to the account before proceeding further-

  • Your Website Name
  • Email ID
  • Password
  • Location of your business
  • The type of site you have ( Information/ blog/ Tool or Company/ Business Site)

Step 3: In the final step, the user has to click on the “Create Ezoic Account” button.

Now you know that there are many ways to earn income from a website or blog. If, by any chance, your Adsense account got disabled and you had to delete your disabled Adsense account, do not feel disheartened as you can start afresh with other and more beneficial tools such as, Ezoic, etc.

Wrap Up

The user thus as per their convenience can delete disabled adsense account permanently and opt for the best Google Adsense alternatives, which can generate income similar to the adsense revenue.

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