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5 Best Methods To Get High-Quality Backlinks

Trends may come, and trends may go, but backlinks continue to reign as a ranking factor even in 2022. And our prediction is it is going to rank for the next few years too. In that case, instead of opting for random methods for generating backlinks, have you thought about building good backlinks, which are high-quality backlinks?


If you haven’t given the same a thought, it is only a matter of time before you will be considering the same. The competition out there is ferocious, and the faster you solve the issue with backlinks, the better for you. And remember, there is no way you can compromise with quality when it comes to anything with your content.

What Are The Best Methods To Get High-Quality Backlinks In 2022?

Now that you know how backlinks are the most essential ranking factors, understand the better links you use on your site, the better your site’s ranking abilities. However, getting hold of premium-quality backlinks can be more challenging than you imagined, especially for startups and small businesses.


Scroll down and find out the top methods of getting high-quality backlinks in 2022!

1. Qualitative Guest Posting

There is no denying that guest posting is perhaps one of the best ways not just to build great backlinks but also to increase traffic on your site. Yes, it’s one of the oldest methods of building backlinks, but Google still seems to be in love with guest blogging, making it safe for the ones worrying about penalties.


What you can do is prioritize websites with great organic ranking and a large group of relevant audiences. Since such sites have already established authority on search engine pages, it’s better for guest bloggers to get their authentic content published in a place where there is an audience to see it.


2. Analyze Competition

If you don’t analyze your competition, there is no way you can succeed in the challenging game of search engine algorithms. Find out who are your top competitors – if you are locally based then prioritize your local competition, but if you are based globally, then it’s best to analyze your global competition.


Check out the links your competition is using, the quality of the backlinks, the sites collaborating, and the link. If you have a fair idea about the organic backlink strategy that is successfully being implemented by your competition, then you can optimize the same strategy with more efficient improvement.


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3. Use HARO

One of the most significant methods of earning high-quality backlinks is with the help of this recently discovered process known as HARO. For those who have never heard the word HARO before, it stands for “Help A Reporter Out” – under this, you can connect a journalist to your source content while allowing you to opt for coverage from media for your brand.


You can easily join as one source. Once you have become a source, you will come across several stories awaiting a source. You simply need to,

  • Find any relevant content or story
  • Create a pitch
  • Submit the pitch


Once your pitch has been approved, a live link for your website will be visible. It might sound tricky, but the process is solid for obtaining high-quality backlinks from websites with authority.


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4. Take Help From Broken Link Building

If you plan on using the broken link-building processes, you will find out that it’s just an effective technique but also a pretty scalable one for putting live links in place of dead ones. In several situations, we have seen the dead links are not removed, and the page keeps showing ‘404 error code.’


Why not approach these websites and ask them if you can help them replace the broken links? Sounds smart, right? There are several tools available online for the same purpose, but Ahref is one of the most effective ones. Simply type out the website URL and get hold of all the broken links associated with the same.


5. Monitor Brand Mentions That Are Unlinked

Did you know that all your brand’s mentions can improve your ranking on search engine result pages? These brand mentions can prove to be much more effective for you than you ever knew. This is because these mentions can very easily be transformed into qualitative backlinks. You simply need to find all your brand mentions.


This can be done in several ways. For instance, you can opt to do it manually with the help of search operators on Google or with the help of tools like BrandMentions, Ahref, SocialBU, and Brand24.


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And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea about how to build qualitative backlinks, you need to focus on putting these methods to use. This is because what’s the point of publishing content consistently on your website without getting any attention from powerful search engines like Google.


If your content is not ranking on Google, then how will you reach your potential target audience? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments below!

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