Top 8 Freelance Content Writing Websites To Make Money

Do you have writing skills and looking for a freelance content writing websites? Yes? then, you landed at right place.

In this post, you will see Top 8 best freelance content writing websites for Making Money as a freelancer.

Starting as a freelancer brings all rejoice of freedom to work and manage, drive your own professional life, as you are the Boss being a freelancer.

The trend of freelance content writing is growing worldwide day by day with the need for content writers to grow equally. 

If you are a student of the college or someone who has time to make money with writing skills on freelance websites, then read the complete detailed guide start to end ,to kick start as content writer right now.

Don’t worry! we also teach you how to become a content writer.:) 

Freelance Content Writing Websites

People Per Hour

Millions of freelancers are working on PeoplePerHour. Do you know that About 2.9 Million freelancers are working on it? Yes!, you Read right about registration numbers of freelancers on this freelance content writing jobs website.

You can charge your fee on per hour basis. Example: 10$/Hour or even more:) 

So, How to become a content writer from home on PeoplePerHour? 

Don’t worry!. Here is How you can get this opportunity. Firstly you need to Sign up for an account as a content writer.

Note: first, create an account then choose your work category. 

Simple steps to create an account on People Per Hour: 

Step 1: Go to the Homepage of the official website.

 Step 2: Click on the Signup button(you can found it on the top right-hand side corner)

Step 3: Choose “I Want To Work As A Freelancer.”

 Step 4: Sign up with Facebook or with your best E-mail.

 Step 5: Now, Fill your profile details and Enjoy working as a Content writer. 

Let us know about Next Website:) 


The name of this is directly showing that this website is for you. But How? 

Let us know about content writing internships on the Freelancer website. Here you can easily register as a content writer and start completing projects, which means start making more money.

They have worked in 1350 categories and 47 Million professionals on demand. The only need is to become intelligent and start working on freelance content writing jobs with gig buyers. 

So, How can you do Content writing Job from home on Freelancer? 

If you visit this website, then select the “I want to work” button, which is always on the Homepage. And create a Freelancer account by following the below steps. 

Step 1: Click on “I want to work.”

 Step 2: Sign up with your Facebook account or with an e-mail account.

 Step 3: Verify your E-mail address.

 Step 4: Fill the payment method ( choose PayPal or Visa, Rupay, etc. card).

 Step 5: Search Content writing in the search tab (it shows you all available work in the writing category).

 Step 6: select a gig and bid on it and start making money with content writing jobs online. 



BloggingElite - upwork

Upwork is an awesome platform for a beginner content writer and also for freelance content writing jobs.

But we highly recommend you to choose it if you have pensions because at Upwork you need to send proposals to gig creates(buyer’s).

Sometimes, you get an opportunity to work with your submission, but actually, it can’t happen the same everything. 

Upwork has a lot of people who want to hire good writers. Steps to Work on Upwork: 

Step 1: Create your account and profile

 Step 2: Find the project of writing.

 Step 3: Bid on the project (by sending your proposal)

Step 4: Get Hired by the project owner

 Step 5: Get paid on time when you complete the project. 



BloggingElite - Paypercontent

It’s time to write on digital paper. But what is Paper

 It is a trusted website for freelance content writers. The name of this platform also described their business.

They officially mention that they are looking for intelligent home-based Content writers—the content writer who can write about everything on anything. 

But they want to hire good writers who create quality content and who are intelligent with freelance content writing jobs. 

How to Get Hired on in simple steps: 

Step 1: Click on the navigation menu, then click on “For Freelance Writers.”

Step 2: Select your category

 Step 3: Apply as an article writer or as a blog writer or as a copywriter.

 Step 4: Sign up and create an account. 

Step 5: Get Hired by them.



BloggingElite - WorknHire

Work N Hire is the best website for those Peoples. Who wants to hire a professional or also for those who are searching for work.

They have a simple and easy to use interface. You only need to create an account and start researching for a job or a project. 

Creating an account is very easy on it. At the end of this website list, we show you how to become a content writer to get content writing jobs online

How Work N Hire Work? 

The working process of this website is straightforward. Please check all the process steps In the below section. 

● Firstly, sign up and create your profile. 

● Get Hired: if you have the best proposal and have a reason why the client hires you, 

then you hired by your client. 

● Complete all the work with quality. 

● Get paid$: yeah! I think this step you like most:) 

Steps to create an account on it: 

Step 1: Go to the Homepage.

 Step 2: Click on the “Find Work” menu.

 Step 3: sign up and create an account using an e-mail address.

Step 4: find work and get hired. 



BloggingElite - Truelancer

Truelancer website has a network of 1 Million freelancers right now. Grow your income by doing freelancing on Truelancer.

It is an excellent platform for employers and freelancers. Hiring and finding a job is very, very easy on this website. They worked on more than 25000+ Service gigs. 

Turn your free time into money making time by doing content writing internships. Steps to find a job on Truelancer: 

Step 1: On menu navigation, you will find the “Find Job” option.

Step 2: Click on it and choose “Work” button and tap on it.

Step 3: Create your freelancer profile.

Step 4: Find Writing jobs(gigs) 

Step 5: Get hired + Complete project + Get paid. 


BloggingElite - Guru

Guru is the biggest platform for freelancers and employers—still, $250 Million paid to freelancers on this platform, Which is pretty much colossal amount.

On Guru, you can find a lot of services and also opportunities to work. 

On Guru, you have a great chance to get hired by the top-notch employer, who paid you your asking fixed price. 

So what are you looking for now? Start your freelance career on this Top 8 Websites for making money with freelance content writing

Step by Step on How to create an account on GURU: 

Step 1: Sign up for the GURU account.

 Step 2: Click on the “Find Job” feature.

 Step 3: Search Content writing.

 Step 4: Select your favourite job post

 Step 5: Get hired + Complete work + Get paid:) 


BloggingElite - Screenshot 2020 05 05 at 12.05.21 PM e1588660606672

On Fiverr, you can find a massive service categories to work as a freelancer to work. 

On Fiverr, You have all sought of categories,We need to pick as per our speciality,Here we will select Content Writing as our category.

You can register a Buyer or the Seller.

If you are offering any services, you can register as a seller or if you want any services you can opt for Buyer.

Good thing here is ,You can have option later to switch between Buyer and Seller,So no to worry on this.

So what are you looking for now? Start your freelance career on this Top 8 Websites for making money with freelance content writing

Step by Step on How to create an account on Fiverr: 

Step 1: Sign up for the Fiverr account as  Seller.

 Step 2: Can explore the client requests coming.

 Step 3: Search Content writing.

 Step 4: Select Customer request ,which matches to your speciality and Apply.

 Step 5: Get hired + Complete work + Get paid:) 

How to Become A Content Writer?

The art of copywriting and content writing is excellent because it shows your feelings, your knowledge and gives you growth, etc. If you want to become a content writer to get content writer jobs, then all you need to learn writing skills. 

Here is how: 

Write daily and be creative in writing anything and everything. We highly recommend you write a new topic but start with your favourite topics.

It is because when you start writing with your favourite on topics, then it will boost your writing speed, give you more knowledge, and automatically a carouse of writing. 

So follow our above steps to become a content writer with more skills like content writing and copywriting. 

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