7 Ways to Choose a Perfect Domain To Rank Higher

7 Ways to Choose a Perfect Domain

Choosing a perfect domain for your website is essential as it reflects your first impression on the viewers.

Deciding a domain is as tricky as deciding clothes to wear in an event or party; it looks easy, but actually, it’s not.

A domain is one thing that can make your business flourish or get wrapped up because its the part of your business at some point.

So if you are going to choose a domain for your website, then you should spend not days but hours to think of the perfect one as making any wrong choice can break a business.

Therefore, choosing an ideal domain should be the concern of every website owner, and this becomes more important for those who are going to serve commercial purposes.

Some tips and the right ways can help you in choosing one perfect domain for you.

Here we are going to tell you seven ways which can be helpful to you while making any decision related to your domain.

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#1. Keeping it short 

The shorter the domain, the more chances of hits on your website, plus it is easy to remember and understand.

Most of the successful companies occupy a pattern of the domain name with less than 18 characters.

So you can also follow the same model, and following this simple rule, which is keeping short in length and meaningful, can help you.

Example of few successful companies domains are

  1. www.apple.com
  2. www.facebook.com
  3. www.samsung.com

There is another way you can choose while deciding a domain. There are industry-relevant extensions available while choosing your domain extension.

The type of your industry can become your extension, for example, “.store,” “.online,” “.site,” etc.   

#2. Prevention from using Special Characters

Try not using abbreviations of your website name in the domain as it can confuse people and can make it hard for them to remember that.

Using hyphens misspelled words, and numbers can cause the same thing, so one should try avoiding that.

For example, www.trainglefive.com would be a better domain than www.triangle-5.com.

#3. Radio Test

The radio test assessment is a technique to determine how compatible your domain is to spell out.

It helps in assessing the complexity of your domain and identify how difficult it is to understand the domain name when spelled out loudly.

It helps you in determining that if you tell your domain to anyone in any event, then how probably it is going to be understandable by the audience.

Moreover, its time of voice searches, so it should be kept in a way that anyone who voice searches it can reach to it.

#4. Meaningful

By choosing a short name and passing a radio test is not enough for getting a perfect domain, but having meaning in that domain is also very important.

Whatever you name your domain, it should convey a purpose in it that can help you than giving a name that has no meaning in it.

It allows others to remember the name quickly, and on the other hand, it will express a sense of who you are and what service you are providing.

For example, if you have any technology-related company that is going to make its website and suppose the name of the company is Dive In Technology.

Then you can have a domain with an extension related to your industry, which is technology, thus “.tech” can be used with the name of your domain.

Now the name of the company is Dive In, so you can make a domain named “www.divein.tech.” 

Now, this domain reflects the name of your company, Dive In which has a contextual meaning that the company gives you detailed information, 

And the extension which is used in the domain is indicating your industry, which is about technology.

We can help you in building the right domain that is most relevant in every aspect. 

#5. Domain Availability 

Another step to get ahead is to check whether your domain is available or occupied by someone else.

And you must also be trying to promote your company via different social media platforms, so it is vital to check whether the domain is available there as well because you would never want to be in a legal battle with anybody else.

So before closing the calls on your final domain, do check it for availability because only then can you step ahead in the process.

#6. The legality of the Domain

Now the next step is to ensure that the domain which you have chosen and have searched for it on various platforms to confirm its availability is available legally also.

Many domains have copyright and have trademark issues. But you would want a domain which is free from any legal disputes so that you don’t end up fighting any legal battle against any big firm or company.

We will suggest you do proper research on it and, if possible, do conduct iron a global level, so in future, if you have any plans to extend further, then you can ensure yourself in a safe position and hence a safer future.

#7. Domain Extension

When you finalized choosing a domain, the next thing which you have to decide is to select a perfect extension because it differentiates your position and genre in the online platforms.

There are many popular domain extensions available for a very long time; for example, the use of .com, .co, .in, .net, and.biz is already widely used by a lot of companies.

But thanks to the new generation exertion, which can distinguish your company character just by reading it.

Now you can use .store if you have any eCommerce company, .tech if you have a technology company, for media business you can go for .press and various others.

So the main thing here is that you should use these new extensions to give your domain a classified character.

So, I hope with the help of 6 points; you can select a perfect domain for your company or website.

It’s an easy process but needs caution and patience as your business depends on it in any of the manners. 

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